Hey. I am the biggest fan of Ally's World and was really surprised when I saw it so I decided to write a story straight away.

Ever since I was born, I was always the quiet kid. Even as a baby, I didn't cry much and I didn't talk until I was nearly four. My first word was 'Doggie'; dad always laughs when he tells that story. When I started nursery, I thought all the other kids were weird. Who wanted to get all that play dough in their fingernails? Who wanted to get sand in their eyes and down their pants? Who wanted to get hit by bricks that the rough boys threw. I preferred spending my time in the corner of a room, playing vets with the stuffed dogs and cats. I could play for hours and I would be gutted when it was time to go.

In reception, I met Freddie and he loved hamsters and dogs so we would often spend time drawing pictures of birds, snails and rabbits with dodgy crayons. As I got a little older, my drawings became better and I understood about animals better too. Then I started secondary school and I was still quiet. Luckily Freddie was in my form so I could still go around with him but he was more interested in girls, rather than animals.

I'm fourteen now, I'm in year nine and it's strange because I've got my SAT's this year and a whole lot of things are happening. Do you remember my family? Mum and dad are still together but no more children, thankfully. Grandma and Stanley are still together, living in that little flat still.

Linn is twenty-three and is still learning to be a dentist but she's nearly completed her course so she'll be able to stick her hands in people's mouth professionally soon, she lives in Edinburgh. She's met some guy up there, his name is Joey and she's madly in love with him. Good luck to him.

Rowan is twenty-one and is a fashion designer, as crazy as that may seem. She's not exactly famous but she does designs for movies and theatre shows and she's happy enough, she still lives at home. Alfie and her broke up for a while, then they got back together, and then broke up again and they're currently back together.

Ally is nineteen and she's doing literature in University, she wants to be a writer or a journalist and she still lives at home too. She's still with Billy and I think they might get married; they've been together since they were thirteen for goodness sake!

Ivy is nine and is still obsessed with pink, her favourite lesson is drama because she loves showing off and her least favourite lesson is science and obviously still lives at home. Plus she also hates beans, which is weird because she used to love them and eat them all the time.

All of our pets are still alive and Michael and Harry still live next door. Winslet had nearly died after choking on a shoelace but luckily, she survived. Fluffy nearly died too because he got in a bad fight but he survived too. Michael and Harry were going to move away but thought against it.

I don't really know what to write here. I've never been much of a writer, that was always Ally. It was dad's idea to write this, he said it might help me get over everything that happened with Lola and I. I know deep down that I'll never get over it; it'll be something that I'll remember for as long as I will live. Lola was the best and the worst thing that ever happened to me and writing it down in some diary won't help. I hate writing anyway. Diaries are for girls, girls who ride horses and read books about the country. I'm not a girl and I've never been on a horse in my life, although, I would love to, also I'm not much of a reader. I guess I can give it a try. Just to see how things work out.

I know! I've just had a BRILLIANT idea! Ally used to write those stories about our lives so that's what I'll do too! I'll write it like a story! Maybe Ally isn't the only one in the family who has the writing talent. Maybe when I'm done, I could send this to Lola's grandma and she can pass it on. It might interest her.

Well, where should I start?