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Chapter 1: The train ride

'Why the hell am I here again...?'

That was all that Sasuke could think as he sat down in a train carriage that lead to a school that he thought could only exist in his dreams; the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry a place where amazing things happened, Hogwarts. Sasuke still remembered the day Tsunade called him and Naruto to her office to give them their new mission personally.


Sasuke and Naruto both sat in the spacious office of the Hokage; they both had been waiting there for quite some time while Tsunade was reading a letter over and over again. Tsunade put the letter down and regarded the two shinobi in front of her with slight contempt. Both him and Naruto were ANBU now, although the Hokage was reluctant to let him become one. However being stuck in a room with Naruto for a few hours can change anyone's mind.

"This mission is very important; the failure could process in the total annihilation of the world as we know it," she began getting both of their attention.

Sasuke and Naruto waited for the busty Hokage to continue. Naruto was excited because a mission like this always gave him a thrill, which evidently could be seen on his tanned face. Sasuke's face was passive as always; sometimes Tsunade wondered if that face was pumped with Botox since he never seemed to smile.

"The mission objective is simple; you two have been assigned to guard a young man named Harry Potter. He is 15 years old, and attends Hogwarts a school of Witchcraft and Wizadry. Here is his picture."

"Witches Baa-chan?! I thought they didn't exist!" said Naruto almost jumping off his chair. Even Sasuke was slightly interested now. Tsunade just smiled smugly at the two and went on ignoring the 'Baa-chan' comment.

"Ah but they do, a few years back when I was younger I visited the Headmaster of that school and got an insight of it all..."

"Yea right, more like a hundred years ago right Sasu-?" his words were cut off as a paper weight hit his head. Naruto landed on the floor cowering in pain as he clutched his forehead where now an ugly bruise was forming.

Sasuke looked at the picture handed to him; he stared at it slightly bewildered. The picture looked old fashioned there was no colour to it but what surprised him the most was that it was moving. The people in the picture were waving out and a ring was drawn over one person, who Sasuke presumed to be this Harry boy. He looked ordinary enough, there seemed to be nothing special about him at all; but as Sasuke kept staring at this boy he started noticing that the happiness that the boy showed through his eyes was fake. Naruto grumbled and took the picture away from him and stared at it for a while as well.

"Oh cool it moves must be that magic stuff. But Baa-chan, what's so special about this kid, why do we have to protect him?"

"Don't call me that you brat, I was just getting to that! From what the Headmaster has told, there has been some sort of war going on between two sides; one of these sides was lead by a scrupulous Wizard who called himself Voldemort. From my understanding this Voldemort character killed a lot of people in cold blood and even got himself some powerful followers; and just when no-one seemed to be able to defeat him, an infant comes and vanquishes him. That child was Harry Potter. And now Voldemort is back to kill the poor kid, since he seems to be the only one who can stand up against him..."

Naruto and Sasuke both stared at the Hokage and then back at the picture; this kid, this weak little guy was that powerful...?

"You should both know by now not to judge a book by its cover. Well anyway since the picture isn't that good I've got a small description portfolio of him and his friends and possible enemies." She handed them both a binder. "You should both go back home and start packing, then you will come back here tomorrow to see how you're going to be transported to London, in England."

Naruto and Sasuke stood up clutching the binders close to them; they were about to leave through the door when Tsunade called them back.

"Wait a sec, you'll be going there before the new school year begins; this way you can start learning a few thing about the place, and remember, this is especially for you Naruto, keep to the mission objective, got it?!"

Then both nodded at the woman and left

---------end of flashback--------------

So this was how they ended up in some shabby place where a lot of people started screaming at their sudden appearance. Something about 'Death Eaters', and 'Attack'; it took a while for the people to calm down when they started realising that these 'Death Eaters' were doing nothing at all. To Sasuke's even greater annoyance it took there guide an hour to get to them; some man named 'Remus Lumpin' or something like that. Naruto said that he smelled a lot like wolf what ever that meant. They stayed there for two months getting used to the environment; where they first thought that the different language would be a problem however was quickly solved by magical Tattoo's which both of them enjoyed. (Or at least Sasuke showed his appreciation with an 'Hnh')

Both Sasuke and Naruto had to study basic spells so that they would not stand out that much in their new environment, and learn about Wizarding etiquette, and even learn about the school itself. (At which point Naruto asked to be killed) Now Sasuke was sitting on the Hogwarts express with the Mission portfolio dangling dangerously from his hand, while he stared aimlessly out of the window. Naruto's head was resting on his lap and he found himself strangely curling the blond strands between his fingers, this made the young man emit light purrs like a small kitten.

Yes, Sasuke liked Naruto; he felt that the fox vessel was the only one that truly understood him, cared for him, and became his first friend no matter how much he was pushed away. Naruto was special, and he felt happy just being around him, he was the only one who could make him smile.

His train of thought was soon derailed as a loud crash emitted from outside the compartment; he put Naruto's head down on the chair and peeked through the small window. Outside were two people their wands pointing at each other while there was a small amount of destruction around them. The wooden fittings were scorched; two huge people lay on the floor their faces horribly disfigured. One of the boys fighting had charcoal black hair, fair skin and blazing green eyes, but what was most noticeable on him was the lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead. Harry Potter.

The other one was slightly taller, his pose dignified but his sleek face scrunched together in a scowl, his hair was blond not the same shade like Naruto's own burning bright ones. But much closer to silver, his skin was even paler than Sasuke's. Sasuke remembered that boy; he saw his name mentioned in the portfolio. Draco Malfoy.

Both of the young wizards were getting ready to cast another spell at which Sasuke decided to take charge; before anyone got injured. He took out a few kunai's and attached a few ropes on there handles and set his ANBU mask on. He opened the compartment door and threw the kunai's in the air. Harry and Draco got startled at the dark flash that zoomed past them, knocking their hand so that their wands fell to the ground. The kunai's embedded into the wood constricting the two boys against either side of the wall.

Harry looked at the new figure, and gasped; he glared at Draco growling at the blond boy.

"What the hell is this Malfoy?! Couldn't win in a fair fight and so you had to go and call your Death Eater friends?"

"What; I have more sense then that Potty, and what kind of an idiot are you? That's no Death Eater just look at his mask."

"He is right about that Mister Potter."

"Then who the hell are you?" asked Harry trying to loosen the restraints. Sasuke just went over and picked up the wands that lay on the floor.

"Hey, what the fuck are you doing with my wand do, you know who I am?" screeched Draco at the unknown person. Sasuke turned to him, making Draco's breath hitch.

"I know exactly who you are Draco Malfoy, heir to the Malfoy fortune, son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. The son of a Death Eater who is now rotting in a cell in Azkaban..., do I need to go on?"

Draco just stared stunned at the man in front of him; Sasuke smirked under the mask, he enjoyed making people feel awkward and lost. It was so enjoying watching their faces scrunch up in disbelieve or confusion even better if they are scared.

"Who are you then?" asked Harry; the tall man turned to look at him, or at least that's what it looked like with the mask it was difficult to decipher. Sasuke gave a small bow and introduced himself.

"My name isn't that important, I'm simply here to guard the school on your Headmasters request; and I can understand why he wanted my help..."

"Okay, so you stopped the fight now let us go." But Draco's pleas were cut off as Sasuke moved to him very quickly and stopped just an inch from his face.

"I hardly think so, I would not be doing my job if I let you two just walk away..."

"What will you do with us..?" asked Harry his voice slightly quivering. Neither of them could see the smug smile that formed on his porcelain face.

Thank God for the mask.

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