Sorry this is late

Sorry this is late. You know how hard it is to create a none ghost character that controls food. Anywho, on with the Fanfic.

It was eight at night when the delivery van for Casper High pulled up to the delivery area. There were only two people there; the delivery guy and Miss Ishiyama the school principle, or so they though. As the food for the schools new vegetarian menu was loaded off the van miss Ishiyama heard something move in the shadows. "Did you hear that?" She called to the delivery guy.

"Hear what?" he asked putting the last of the veggie burgers into the shipping area.

"Nothing," the asian educator replied. "I'm probably still tuned out from the summer, and it is late." But she was about to learn that it wasn't her imagination getting the better of her. As the delivery guy went back into the van for the next box, that's when it happened.

'SPLAT'! A hugh glob of gooey, brown stuff shot out of no where and hit the boxed that had already been unloaded. Causing them to topple into the mud below the delivery area. "WHAT THE HECK! Both witnesses cried as just then another blob came out of no where, went through the delivery vans window, and hit the accelerate.

Causing the van to drive off, smack into a large tree near the gate. The whole thing went up in flames, destroying the last of the food. "Who could have done this?" Ishiyama asked herself bleakly. When suddenly he question was answered. A dark, female voice yelled from the school roof, "the menu has been the same for over fifty years and NO ONE ID GOING TO CHANGE IT!!" Looking up, both witnesses saw a tall, rather athletic looking young woman with her hair fly away in the wind. What looked like a large gun was strapped to her back. Just then she grabbed the gun and pointed it at the two poor bystanders. "Got it?" Then laughing like a mad person she fired the gun at the. Then the next thing they knew, they were covered in that same weird brown stuff and the girl was gone. The delivery guy licked some of it. "Gravy?!"

(Line break)

The next morning at the Fenton household, Jack and Maddie Fenton were out once again, and Jazz was steaming. Not because they'd left early in the morning AGAIN! But because this time it was because they were hunting down the superhero that the media was calling 'the Phantom'. "I mean honestly," Jazz complained to her brother for the fourth time that morning while she rummaged through the cupboards. "Phantom's obviously just some media cope up created to spice up the normally grey news in this quiet little town."

"I mean honestly," she said as just then Danny's hand went intangible, causing the spoon he was holding to splatter into his bowl. "Like a human can honestly get super human ability's because of exposure to radiation or something."

"Uh yeah," said her brother breathing a sigh of relief as his hand went back to normal. Unbeknown to either of them, Cujo sniffing out some food had gotten himself trapped in Danny's backpack. "Well gotta got, bye," Danny called as he grabbed his bag and raced out the door. "Wait," Jazz though suddenly. "Danny in a rush to get to school?"

(Line Break)

Later at Casper High Danny was talking to Sam and Tucker. "I mean it, Jazz almost caught me using my powers this morning. What if she figures it out?"

"Danny be realistic," replied Sam. "Jazz doesn't even believe Phantom really exists. I doubt she's going to figure it out."

"I know, your right," Danny replied obviously relieved. "I guess I'm just getting paranoid."

Just then the three of them saw a large crowd around the school bulletin board. A lot of the people in it the three friends noticed were from the school environmental protection club. "What's going on?" Sam asked a girl with short, copper coloured hair. "Didn't you hear," the girl replied pointing to the school bulletin board. On it was a sheet about the new vegetarian menu. But a large sticker had been slapped on it saying 'cancelled due to delivery sabotage.'

"Delivery sabotage?" Tucker whispered loud enough four his friends to hear. What had happened?

Sorry for this chapters shortness. Truthfully I just wanted to set this episode up in this chapter. And before you ask yes Jazz will be eating her words before this episode is over.