This is just a little poem that I wrote after I saw The Invisible. I really like that movie now. Thanks K-Man for telling me about it. Otherwise, I'd have probably never seen it.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, especially not The Invisible.

This Invisible Feeling

Silent screams awaken me,

From this dream I've been living,

Thrusting me into cold reality.

Eyes wide open for the first time,

Seeing everything as it is,

Revealing the truth of this crime.

This feeling inside of me,

Telling me that you're still here,

Yearning to be set free.

Your voice ringing in my mind,

Screaming and begging for me,

To go back and rewind.

How I want to take it all back,

Every insult, every hit,

But I've gone too far off track.

Though I threw you into the darkness,

I swear on my eternal soul,

I will save you from the abyss.

So what do you think? Yes? No? Maybe? Well, either way, I hope you all liked it.