I love you
By Captainkodak1


I don't write M class stories often. I do hope you enjoy this one. Kim Possible belongs to the Disney Company. The song belongs to DaBuzz.


Kim rolled over in bed stretching her arms, then she rolled over on her side. She thought of that old movie on the mouse ear channel she had watched as a child. One of her favorite songs was "Dreams are a wish come true." Well, her dreams had been answered as her wishes had come true. She knew that someday her prince would come and he did. Little did she know he would appear in a gangly blonde haired boy who had been her lifetime friend. He had come to her rescue as they were tied up in the Beuno Nacho warehouse. He didn't save her by heroic deeds but by words." Out there in here". Four simple words that opened her eyes and her soul. Kim reached out and turned on the light on the bedside table. The figure in bed next to her rolled over to face her. She let the sheet fall from her chest as she bent over to give him a kiss. As the kiss deepened she raised her left hand to cup his cheek. Her engagement ring and wedding ring glinting in the light. The wedding ring that she had worn less than twenty four hours now.

I put on the light
As you opened your eyes
Then I gave you a kiss
I´ve been waiting forever
For this to come true
Now I know that you´r burning
Inside my heart

Kim rolled on top of the man who was her world. They had traveled around the world several times and he was by her side all the time. But right now her world was the small space surrounding the two of them. She wrapped herself around Ron and his arms came up to pull her down onto him. They were in their own world. He was her world and she was his world. They became one world together as they shared and gave their love totally to the other. Their one world was a world of passion and ecstasy. Kim pushed herself up her hair hanging down around her head creating an auburn veil surrounding their faces. Her head flew back and her mouth came open as the two of them shouted and shuddered together as they reached the pinnacle of their love.

The world is too small
To express how I feel
You can always be s
I will be there to hold you
And night after night
We make the sweatest love
Cause we are one

Kim slid down into Ron's embrace, their hearts slowing, the breaths shallowing. She laid her head in that special spot on her shoulder. She flipped her sweat dampened hair over her shoulder as she snuggled down into his embrace. Her right hand traced designs in the dampness of the sweat on Ron's chest. She traced his chest muscles and gently caressed the hair on his chest. This man was hers and he was more man than anyone she had ever met. He was the total package for her, but most important was his soul, his heart. That was the most glorious part of him. He had his looks but that was not what she fell in love with. It was that beautiful wonderful soul that he gave to her even when she didn't know he was giving it to her. A small smile crossed her face when she thought his other attribute was not so bad either. In fact it was the perfect attribute for her, the perfect fit in her opinion. She had some secrets to share, all with the love that she could give.

I´ll tell my secrets for you
I´ll give you all that I have
Please don´t tell me we´re through
Cause I need you so bad
In everyway I can give, I want to save it for you
I want you closer than everything
I love you… I love you

Kim lay there as Ron slid into a light sleep. She gazed at him, marveling at how lucky she was. Her thoughts went back to high school. A deep shame came over her as she remembered the times. No matter how she acted, no matter which boy she was crushing on, Ron was there. Until the name that was never mentioned came into their lives. He seemed to know something was wrong but she was so wrapped in the food chain and how she and it filled that spot she cherished that she just pushed him away. He went to the Amazon for her while she went out on a date. He never failed in his support of her. Even when time after time she failed to support him. She sighed and dedicated herself and her soul to prove herself to be worthy of his love. Without him she didn't think she could survive in the world.

No matter what I said
No matter what I did
I will do what I can
To proove that I´m worthy
You are my god
Without you I´m falling In misery

The world. The world that they had saved time after time. THEY saved. Not Kim Possible, but the two of them together. She made sure that any news person knew that, and if they didn't report it that way. Well, there had been many a reporter who found out that Kim Possible had a temper. Together they saved the world, and together they had their own world, arm in arm, two hearts beating as one, two souls united together.

The world….

Ron's hand moved over and down her side. She purred as it stroked up and down her chest. His touch was so soft, and her body reacted to his touch, shivers of pleasure filled her as he continued to caress her. He rolled over on top of her and began to lay a string of kisses down her neck across her chest and back up to her opposite cheek. She nestled under him as he began to move. Her neck craned back as her body answered to his and they began to move in a rythtm of love. She raised her legs around him and put her arms around his neck and pulled him to her. Her eyes closed as the two of them returned to their world of love.

How can I say
I wanna be with you until the end of time When you are near
There is one thing that I want you to hear I love

Kim's breaths came faster and faster. She pulled him closer into her as she shuddered with waves of pleasure. The was their world, the two of them, forever, until the end of time. She turned her head slightly and whispered into his ear the one thing she could never say enough.



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