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Warnings: Slash

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Chapter 1

Harry turned wearily away from the sea of dead and mourning people in the Great Hall. The body count was just so high, and Harry's mind was still spinning with what had just transpired. It was a staggering weight in his thoughts. All he wanted to do was lay down somewhere and sleep for days and forget about all this ugliness. There was something else he felt he had to do first, however. Snape's memories were still swirling through his thoughts, and with them thoughts of the man himself. The Half Blood Prince.

Harry's mind latched onto the title and onto the book from his previous year at Hogwarts. He remembered how protective he was of that book, how fond he was of it. It had been as if it was a little piece of the mysterious prince himself. And if Harry was truly honest with himself, he had been more than a little fond of the Half Blood Prince. Thoughts of that combined with the memories Snape had given him, creating a confusing mess of emotions in Harry's mind. He only knew one thing for sure about Snape at that moment and it was that he couldn't leave the man's body to rot in the Shrieking Shack, or worse yet to be discovered later on by someone and treated with disdain because he was a Death Eater.

So instead of allowing himself to rest like he so desperately wanted to, he wearily set out across the grounds of Hogwarts toward the Whomping Willow. Hermione called out to him, but he waved her off, telling her to stay and comfort Ron and the rest of the Weasley's. The willow flailed its branches half-heartedly, a large crack running down one of its main branches and several others littering the ground around it, collateral damage from the fight that had just ensued. Harry picked one up to prod the knot with, and the tree froze. He picked his way carefully down the tunnel, almost fearing that someone else might be hiding down there or in the shack. He finally rose up through the trap door only to freeze in shock.

Snape's body was missing.

After a moment of standing still in shock, Harry pulled himself fully into the room. There was blood on the floor where Snape had once lain. There were no footprints, nor anything that looked like Snape might have been dragged away. Harry took a step closer to see if the blood would yield any other clues, but stopped and looked down when he heard the clink of glass. Two small glass vials lay at his feet, next to the blood Potion vials? There was a residue of some sort of liquid in them.

Could Snape have survived somehow? Harry picked up the vials to look closer at them. They were labeled in the spidery writing that Harry recognized all to well from the scathing remarks written on his potion essays. One was a blood-replenishing potion and the other was labeled anti venom - Nagini. That settled it in Harry's mind. Snape must have been able to survive the bite somehow.

"Point me - Severus Snape." Harry whispered to his wand. It spun lazily on his palm for a few moments before pointing in a northern direction. Harry sighed to himself. He felt like he had to go after Snape. He could still be wounded, and Harry didn't want anyone else to find him. He had saved Harry's life too many times for Harry to let him end up in Azkaban. He sent his patronus off with a message to Hermione saying that he had something to do and he didn't know when he would be back. He hoped no one would be too worried about him.

Not too long after Harry started out, he realized it was a stupid idea. He had no idea how far away Snape was, the man could have apparated to another country for all he knew. And here Harry was starting out after him with no idea how far he had to go, no supplies, while still wounded and exhausted from the recent battle. Harry sighed and decided apparating might help him get there faster. He would apparate to the farthest point he could see to, check the point me spell, and apparate again.

Finally, at the point of complete exhaustion when he was about to go back to Hogwarts, he checked his point me spell again and it pointed in the complete opposite direction. Snape was somewhere nearby now. Harry set out walking, his wand balanced on his palm. It wasn't long before he was approaching a small cabin hidden in a cove of trees. The cabin looked completely abandoned and as if a brisk wind could send it toppling to the ground. His wand was pointing straight at it however.

Harry carefully approached the cabin. He had no idea how lucid Snape might be, or even if he was alone. He was cursing himself more and more for rushing into things like the stupid Griffindor Snape always accused him of being. He reached the door of the small cabin without anything happening, and stood still for a moment before slowly pushing it open. Inside the cabin it was very dark, the windows covered with something that blocked out all sunlight.

Harry lit his wand with a whispered spell and slowly walked into the cabin. In the corner there was a bed with a lump of a figure on it, and Harry realized it must be Snape. Standing at the side of the bed, Harry could see fresh blood staining it. The wound from the snake bite had yet to close up, and Harry flinched away from the torn up flesh. Snape wasn't moving, wasn't breathing. Harry was afraid he was dead, tears he never expected beginning to wet his eyes.

Harry reached out a slightly shaking hand to make sure Snape was really dead this time, but before he could even blink the man shot up with superhuman speed, grabbing Harry's hand and pulling him down into a bruising grip. Harry caught sight of angry red eyes before he was completely restrained and something sharp sunk into his neck. Harry whimpered at the pain, tears falling freely as his already badly abused body protested this new pain.

"Snape." He managed to gasp out. "Stop. Please stop." He realized now that Snape was a vampire and the red eyes meant he was in a bloodlust. Something in Harry's pleading seemed to get through to him however as he paused for a moment, seeming to realize something. The older man pulled away with a jerk, and Harry screamed as the fangs were ripped roughly from his neck, tearing the flesh. He stumbled backward and fell, pressing a hand against his neck to stop the bleeding. Snape was staring down at him in horror, but that look quickly changed to one of fury.

"You imbecile! What in Merlin's name were you thinking by following me? I could have killed you Potter!" He shouted. Harry was a bit sidetracked by Snape's neck, however. Before his very eyes the wound was starting to close up.

"You're a vampire." Harry said, still shocked. His eyes rolled back in his head and he slumped on the floor as he finally passed out from the mixture of blood loss, exhaustion, and shock.

When Harry woke up the pain in his neck was mostly gone, as were his other lingering aches and pains from the battle with Voldemort. As he became more lucid, he realized he was in a rather warm and soft bed rather than a hard floor where he had passed out. A bit of sunlight was filtering in through a window in the strange room. He didn't recognize it as any house he had ever been in before.

Harry carefully got out of the bed, still a bit dizzy from blood loss. He realized he was clean and wearing clothes that weren't his. There was an open door in the room that offered Harry a glimpse of a bathroom, and he walked into it. He examined his neck in the mirror, wincing a bit at what he saw. There was a large bruise covering the side of his neck along with two scars where the fangs had pierced him. So it hadn't been a dream.

Harry went back to the bedroom and through the other door which led to a darkened hallway. There was a door across from his that was open, and he peeked in to find a library. A little bit down the hall was a closed door, and Harry carefully opened it. It was pitch black inside, heavy curtains covering the windows. Harry lit his wand with a whispered lumos and located a bed covered in more of the heavy black drapery.

Carefully closing the door behind him, Harry slowly approached the bed. He held his breath as he pulled the drapes back, almost fearing that Snape would spring up at him despite knowing that vampires were not very active during daylight at all. Snape was indeed spread out on the bed, pale as death and almost seeming to glow in the light from Harry's wand. Harry reached out a trembling hand to touch the man. He pulled his hand quickly back from the cold and clammy flesh, however.

Harry quickly retreated to the library to gather his thoughts. Snape was alive. Sort of. He was a Vampire. He had attacked Harry, but he hadn't killed him. Why? Because Harry had begged him not to? Or for some other reason? He was in a strange place with Snape now. Snape had apparently healed him and taken care of him. Why? Thoughts swirled through Harry's mind for hours, bringing many more questions and very few answers. As the sun started to set Harry decided to return to Snape's room to hopefully get some answers out of him before he could disappear.

Harry quietly entered the room again, hoping that Snape wasn't stirring yet. Harry took a moment to truly look at Snape again as he waited for the sun to fully set. He looked younger, closer to his real age than he had looked before. His skin was paler than it had ever been, but his lips were still slightly pink. There was a small scar on his neck where Nagini had bit him, but the wound was fully healed. Snape's eyes snapped open, startling Harry. Before he could react he was in the same grip as before, one hand held tightly, pulling him closer to the vampire whose fangs were mere millimeters away from his neck, the other hand twisted in his hair, pulling his head back.

"Potter." Snape growled. "Give me one good reason not to drain you right now."

"I...I don't have one." Harry said nervously. He couldn't really think of any reason that would stop Snape if he truly wanted to kill him. Sharp fangs slid into his neck again and Harry bit his lip to keep from screaming. He couldn't stop the tears however, just like the last time. The bruising made it even more painful, if possible. With his free hand he reached out to Snape, pulling on his hair.

"Please stop." Harry choked out. Snape paused and easily slid his fangs out of the flesh, rather than the jerking, tearing motion of before. A cold hand reached up to press hard on Harry's neck, stemming the flow of blood. Cold black eyes regarded Harry for a moment, a hint of red in their depths slowly fading.

"Why did you follow me Potter?" Snape asked, glaring down at the crying boy.

"I had gone back to the Shrieking Shack to give you a proper burial, but your body wasn't there. I just . . . I wanted to make sure you were still alive and that you didn't need help." Harry said quietly.

"Why?" Snape asked with the same dark sneer.

"I don't know." Harry answered. Snape narrowed his eyes and looked at Harry for a moment. Silence stretched over the two for a few moments, making Harry even more uncomfortable.

"You should leave now Potter." Snape said suddenly, standing from the bed and letting go of Harry. He stumbled a bit at the sudden loss of the restraining hands.

"What if I don't want to?" Harry asked defiantly, determination glittering in his eyes.

"Fine Potter, by all means, sit around here and wait for the day I finally can't stop myself from draining you dry." Snape said with more than a bit of sarcasm.

"You've stopped both times I asked you to." Harry said quietly.

"That doesn't mean I always will Potter." Snape growled. "I've just gone through the change. I don't have full control over my powers yet."

"You just changed? You weren't a vampire before?" Harry asked, surprised.

"No Potter. I was infected a long time ago, but I was still alive. When I died in the Shrieking Shack the vampire blood took over and changed me." Snape said. Harry was silent for a moment, digesting this new piece of information and trying to think of a way to convince Snape to let him stay

"Wouldn't having a steady donor help your powers stabilize quicker?" Harry asked, trying to recall everything he had learned about vampires in Defense Against the Dark Arts.

"What are you getting at Potter?" Snape asked, eyes narrowed.

"I could stay here and be your blood donor. If you feed from me every day, you won't go into a bloodlust and you won't kill me. That way you can stay hidden instead of having to hunt, and the ministry won't send you to Azkaban." Harry said.

"Foolish boy, you have no idea what you're trying to get yourself into." Snape sneered.

"Yes I do Professor. I know exactly what it feels like to be bitten, and I also know that you stop when I ask you to." Harry said.

"Yes, and you cry like a little girl whenever I bite you." Snape said with a sneer. Harry glared at him, but didn't argue the point. Snape sighed and took a minute to ponder the situation. If Harry stayed here as his donor, it would be mush easier to keep an eye on him. If he could keep him safe from himself that was. Harry would also be a powerful bargaining chip if the ministry ever did catch wind of him. If he had a fully established blood bond with the boy he could stay out of Azkaban most likely. With a donor bond Harry would become more or less his property and he would have every right to demand for Harry to remain with him in Azkaban. Most likely they wouldn't want to do that to their Golden Boy and he would never be put into the prison.

"Do you realize you are asking to form a blood bond with me Potter? A bond that you can never break unless I chose to end it? Do you realize that you are asking to become my property, Potter?" Snape asked darkly, gripping Harry's face by the chin and forcing the boy to look up at him. "If you form this donor bond with me, you forfeit all control. I make every decision for you. You become dependent upon me and my whims. If I choose to, I can drain every last drop of blood from your body and leave you for dead and no one can press any charges upon me. If I become bored with you I can break the bond, most likely breaking your fragile little mind in the process. I hold your life in my hands. Do you understand all of that, Potter?"

"Yes Sir." Harry said, refusing to let his fear show and especially refusing to begin crying again. Snape would never do that to him, he told himself. Would he? He was just trying to scare him out of this. Wasn't he?

"And do you still want to go through with this?" Snape asked.

"Yes." Harry answered without hesitation. The thought of having a bond, even an unbalanced one, appealed to Harry. It would be some stability in his life, something he could depend on. It would be the closest thing he had to a relative besides the Dursley's. And the thought of giving over control, of no longer having to be the leader, the savior, seemed quite nice actually. For the first time in his life there would be someone there to take care of him.

Snape read these thoughts as they flitted through Harry's expressive green eyes. He shifted his hand from Harry's chin to the back of his head, his grip becoming much more gentle. He pulled Harry's head back and sunk his fangs into the warm flesh once more, practically cradling the boy as he fed. It wasn't as painful as before, though Harry could just barely keep from crying.

As he drank Snape could practically feel Harry's emotions bleeding out of his body along with the precious red fluid. They were almost overwhelming in their intensity. There was an extreme loneliness, almost physically painful in its intensity. There was a deep longing in the boy, longing for a family, for someone to be there for him and take care of him. It was that longing that reached out and began to form the bond between them.

"No more." Harry whispered. "I can't give any more." He was having a hard time keeping his eyes open and his knees were starting to buckle. Snape slowly slid his fangs out, summoning a vial of blood replenishing potion. He tipped it down Harry's throat before returning to the still bleeding wound, carefully licking away the blood until the wound sealed itself. Harry gasped at the feeling, his eyes drooping shut as he slowly fell into a deep sleep.

"No longer, Harry." Snape whispered to the unconscious boy. "You don't have to be alone any longer."

Snape laid the boy out on the bed, placing another blood replenishing potion on the small table beside it with a note ordering him to drink them. He examined the wound on his neck before spreading a salve over it. He had been a bit rough on the boy the first time he had bitten, but it had been instinct that caused him to bite and surprise that caused him to stop. Finally he covered Harry with the blankets and left him to sleep off the blood loss.