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Okay, let's start with Seigaku first, kay?



In tennis the addict moves about a hard rectangle and seeks to ambush a fuzzy ball with a modified snow-shoe.
~Elliot Chaze

"Oi minna, look what I found out!" Momo cried out while running towards the tennis clubhouse.

Everyone turned to see Momo coming in with a sheet of paper in his hands.

"What is it Momo?" Inui asked, whipping out his notebook to see if this information was any use.

"Take a look at this!" Momo showed the piece of paper while everyone peered in to see the contents.

"Pairing Names? What's so special about that? Oishi and I are already know that we are dubbed the Golden Pair!" Eiji exclaimed while clutching his partner's arm. Oishi blushed but tried to remain calm.

"E-Eiji's right." Oishi said, stuttering anyways.

Fuji chuckled at the sight. "I don't think that's what it means Eiji."


The tensai took the sheet from Momo's hand and pointed at another pair. "You're also paired up with me even though we haven't even played doubles together yet. We're called the Dream Pair."

"Dream pair? That doesn't make any sense - nya." Eiji pondered a bit before glomping his best friend from behind. "But it's still a nice name, ne Fujiko?"

"Haha, sure is."

Feeling rejected, you can now imagine Oishi sitting in a corner, drawing imaginary circles on the floor with his finger...

Momo took the sheet back and read it. "Oh, it really does have names for each pairing."

"Fshhh.. what did you thought it was in the first place idiot?" Kaidoh hissed.

Momo turned the paper around and pointed at an ad that read 'All You can Eat Brugers! Today Only.'

"For your information MAMUSHI, this is what I was reading."

"You're more stupid than I thought."

"EH? What did you say, you BASTARD?!"

Before they could slaughter each other, Oishi came in between them and pushed them away - since that was his job and that's what he always did. Always.

"Get ahold of youself now." the vice captain commanded, which was ironic coming from Oishi who would blush everytime a certain red-head pops up.

"Wait, does that mean that sheet shows the names of pairing pairings as in LOVE PAIRINGS?!" Eiji shouted with glee. "Nya, sugoi! Who's paired up with who?" he asked, finally getting off the tensai.

Fuji took the sheet from Momo again and read through it. A moment later, stifled laughter was emitted from the sadistic tensai. Everyone took that as a cue to back away slowly, besides Ryoma who was approaching his sempai nonchalantly, and Tezuka who wasn' here at the moment. He was apprantly late. Suprising?

"Eh Fuji-sempai, what's so funny?" Ryoma asked peering over his sempai's shoulder.

"Hmm it's just that these names are so strange." Fuji replied with a smile. "See, looks like we're called the Thrill pair. I wonder why." Fuji opened his eyes, revealing blue crystal orbs and a sly smile.

Ryoma only smirked before tackling Fuji on the ground and kissed him fully on the lips. Everyone else just stared at the sight which was..suprising no, thrilling. Seriously, everyone was getting the vibe.

"That.. doesn't happen everyday." Momoshiro commented awkwardly.

Inui fake coughed. "Alright, moving on." The data man approached the Thrill pair and took the piece of paper with the pairing names, which Fuji released after geting tackled to the ground, and started reading it.

"Momo and Kaidoh-Rival Pair or in other words, Seigaku's Dog and Monkey pair." Inui read aloud. "Interesting.."

"..." Momo and Kaidoh looked at each other before freaking out.

"WHAT THE HELL??" they both said in unison.

"Look, you both even said that in unison - guess you really are a meant to be." Inui said while jotting that down in his notebook.




"FSHH! SAME GOES FOR – wait..what?"

"...I said IF!!"




"For obvious reasons." Inui answered. "Though, Kaidoh and I are also a pair. The Emerald Endurance Pair..."

Kaidoh immediately stopped what he was doing and stared at Inui who was smiling too evil for his own good, plus there was also a shiny glint coming from his glasses too. That was never a good sign. Kaidoh gulped before backing away.

Momo took back the paper from Inui, who was advancing towards Kaidoh, and started looking for his name on the sheet. "Ah-Un Pair-Ryoma/Momo." Momo sweatdropped at the name. Just because they used that for doubles it became a name for them. It was pretty lame. Very.

"Momo-sempai, that name is lame." Ryoma said boredly. Momo turned around to see the young freshman, guessing he had finished his business with Fuji. "But it's a nice way of putting it."

"Ah?" Momo looked at Ryoma quizzically.

"Un." Ryoma answered with a kiss.

"Hoi Hoi! Who else is on this list?" Eiji grabbed the sheet from Momo and started skimming through the page for his name. His eyes suddenly grew wide.

"NYA!! I'M NEVER GOING TO PAIR UP WITH THAT FREAK!!" the acrobat yelled and started throwing a fit when he saw his name next to his enemy. "NO WAY!!

"Eiji! What's wrong?" Oishi asked while coming towards his partner.

"Oishi! It's terrible! I got paired up with that stupid acrobat from Hyotei!" Eiji cried, hugging his partner for support.

"It can't be that bad now.." Oishi patted his partner reassuringly.

"We're called the ACROBAT PAIR!!"



Somewhere in another place, Gakuto sneezed.

"Dammit! Yuushi, I think I have a cold."


"Don't worry Eiji, I'll be here for you." Oishi said while hugging Eiji back.

"Nya, arigatou Oishi."

Taka, who was silently watching from the back all this time, picked up the paper that Oishi had dropped. He saw both his name in different pairs:

Childhood Friends pair-Akutsu/Kawamura

Kindness Pair- Taka/Fuji

Taka understood the childhood friends pair thing but kindness pair??

"Isn't that interesting Taka-san."

The number one powerhouse turned around to see Fuji with a smile plastered on. Everyone, who wasn't occupied with what they were doing backed away. Fuji, kind? Not a chance. If you knew him well, then you'll know it's not true.

"OH YEAH BABY! PLAY WITH ME! COME ON!!" Taka hollered out. Alright, who was the idiot who gave him the racket?

"Everyone, what are you doing? Get to practice now." Tezuka's vioce boomed through the room. Everyone turned to see Tezuka standing near the doorway. He looked tired and really disheveled.


"Hm Tezuka, why are you so late?" Fuji question while approaching Tezuka with a smile.

"I...had to run an errand."

"You're lying." Fuji said seductively while wrapping his hands around Tezuka's neck. Let's face it, no one can lie to Fuji Shusuke.

"Hn." Tezuka knew that a long time ago so all he could do was give a kiss. It was the only action he could take to keep the tensai quiet.

"They really are the Perfect Pair." Inui said while looking down on the sheet which he took from Taka. He then started writing who-knows what in his notebook. Probably something about a love square. "Or a love nanogon haha..."

"Inui-sempai, what are you talking about?"

"Nothing, Kaidoh."

"Ne buchou, why were you late." Ryoma asked since he was pretty curious to see why his captain looked disorganized. Looks like he finished his business with Momo too.

"Like I said, I was running an errand. Everyone, get to practice. NOW!" Tezuka commanded. He then began pushing the regulars out the doorway. He also pulled apart Oishi and Eiji who were still hugging for the past half hour or so.

Once everyone was out, he looked around and spotted Ryoma who was still there.

"Mada made dane, buchou." Ryoma said with a cocky grin.

"Echizen, get to practice."


Tezuka sighed before lightly kissing Ryoma on the forehead. (Another technique he had learned when he wanted someone to do something.)

"Go, now."

Slightly flushed, Ryoma nodded and headed out the doorway.

"That's the Pillar Pair for you." Inui said, jotting that down in his notebook. Tezuka twitched.

"500 laps."

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