I present to you Burger Shop - part 2

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Burger Shop- Part 2


"Sweets? SWEETS?! You expect us to believe that kid gets drunk because his body can't tolerate a lot of sugar?"

Fuji nodded. Shishido twitched.

"What the hell is wrong with Seigaku?!"

"Shishido-san. It's fine, I'm ok."

"No, you're not Choutarou. Now answer me. If he gets drunk, why the hell does he kiss and glomp random people in a 5m radius."

"That happens even when you're drunk." Inui stated. Shishido just glared.

"Just answer the question!"

"I don't know. Maybe he lacks love life?"


It all makes sense. Everyone thought. Except Ryoma who was currently ordering food.

So everyone went back to what they were doing.

"Hello? Anyone going to untie me?"

"No can do Fuji-sempai."

"Why not?"

"Because when you're free, you'll start a bloody massacre and kill everyone in your path - which is not good." Momo reasoned.

Fuji thought for a moment.

"Ya I guess so."

"Fuji, I thought you said Rikkaidai was coming."

"They are Tezuka, be patient. Are you expecting someone?"


"Liar." the tensai smiled his infamous smile.

"What's taking them so damn long? Do they need a cue to enter or something!?" Gakuto complained.

"And that's our cue."

Rikkaidai came in. Yukimura and his ever glowing presence, Sanada and his stone-face that could even match Tezuka's, Niou and the ever willing Yagyuu, Marui and his bubblegum, Jackal, and Renji with the ever traumatized Kirihara.

"What happened to Kabaji? Wasn't he blocking the door before?" Gakuto asked.

"He went to the bathroom." Oshitari answered.

"Wow..so he is HUMAN..."



"OMG! It's Marui!" Jirou bolted towards his idol the moment he saw him and tackled him to the ground.

"What the-"

"I love you!" he cooed, snuggling against Marui.

"Um.. sure?"




They greeted.

..And then another staring contest occurred. This time with flying electric sparks and glares.

I'm kidding.

"Tezuka, I've been meaning to ask you."

"What is it?"

"How old are you?"


"Ore-sama want's some fine lobster." He came in between the two.

"We're in a fast food restaurant Atobe, if you haven't noticed."

"Tezuka, Ore-sama is aware of that fact. Ore-sama just feels like eating fine lobster now."


"You three go and bond now. Shuusuke and I will probably join later." Yukimura said while making his way to the sadist slash tensai.


"Shuusuke, great to see you."

"Mmm, same."

"Interesting..do you know that you look really -"

"-fuckable. Yes, I know. Thanks."

"I was going to say adorable but that works too."

The two sadist laughed, which scared the hell out of everyone. Laughing sadists were never a really good thing.




The pair exchanged glints from their glasses. Ya.. freaky.

"Renji, would you explaining that?" Inui pointed towards a shivering/twitching Kirihara.

"It was YOU wasn't it?!" Kirihara pointed to Hiyoshi who just stared at him and walked away.

"He's just 97.5 percent paranoid."

"Ah I see.." Inui pushed his glasss up. "..99.9 percent chance you used a chair."

"100 percent chance you're right."



"What is it Niou-kun? And don't call me that!"

"I just thought of the most brilliant scheme ever!"

"And I don't want to hear it."

"Hiroshi-chan don't go! You have to help me! That's what lovers do!"

"Who said we were-"

"Please!" Niou gave his puppy eye look.

"Niou-kun. You do realize that doesn't work on me."

"Fine, I'll owe you. How's that?"

"Don't go there man! If you owe a favour you'll be drowning in despair I tell you. Look at me, I'm broke because of it!"

Niou stared at Jackal. "..um right.. so how about it Hiroshi?"

"Hmm, alright."

"It's your loss. Don't say I didn't warn you." Jackal left.


"Where did he come come from?"


"Where's Ryoma?" Momo asked suddenly.

"Fshuu..there." Kaidoh pointed towards a table full of burgers, fries and cupcakes.

"Wait, why are there cupcakes in a fast food restaurant?"

"Because they're giving free treats out today, obviously." Marui answered. He dragged Jirou (who was still clinging to him) to Ryoma's table and stuffed himself with cupcakes.


Ryoma had tackled Marui to the ground and started licking crumbs of his face. Jirou was too busy sleeping beside the sweet tooth to do anything and Marui couldn't move because Jirou was holding him too tight.

"Hey, get off of me."


"Fshuu ..." Kaidoh was correct. Ryoma has just eaten a huge amount of sweets from god knows where, and has now slip into a stage of subconsciousness where he won't stop, no- he can't stop until he showed affection to every regular in this room. Ryoma has gone high due to sweets and nothing can stop him. Behold the powers of spiked candy.

"Oishi! Why aren't you doing anything, nya?"

"What's the use? I'm tired of breaking up fights and whatnot. Can't I have a break?!"

Eiji frowned. Something was definitely wrong with his partner. "But Oishi! Ochibi-chan is-!"

"No Eiji, please! I need a break...and an ice-pack." So Oishi left for an ice-pack. Eiji decided to pull Ryoma off of the bubblegum player himself.

"Ochibi-chan! Get-off-of-him!" Eiji managed to pry Ryoma off of Marui, but the small tennis prodigy manage to do a 180 degree turn and ending up tackling the acrobat. He snuggled against the redhead then started purring. Yes, purring.

"Aw he's so cute!" Eiji began petting him. Tezuka picked Ryoma off. "Kikamaru. 10 laps."

"What? Why?!"

"For turning him into..a cat."

"How could you blame me Buchou!"


Eiji pouted but gave in. "Just wants Ochibi for himself.." He murmured before running out of the store.

"What was that?" Tezuka deadpanned, but the acrobat who had already left. By doing so, he was caught off guard. Which never happens.


But he was, so at that moment, Ryoma smirked and planted a kiss on the captain's lips. Tezuka dropped Ryoma due to the surprise.

"Yudan Sezu ni Ikou, Buchou." He smirked while he went for Atobe who was right behind his captain.

"What in-" Ryoma aimed at Atobe's face but he dodged it easily. "Ah? Ore-sama will not let just anyone kiss-mrmph!"Ya, he wasn't paying attention since he was boasting about himself, leaving him wide open for the boy. Egotism has it's disadvantages too.

Ryoma then came up to Sanada. The fuku-buchou raised an eyebrow. The prodigy tilted his head. Sanada stared. Ryoma gave him puppy eyes. No one can resist the puppy eyes. Sanada sighed as Ryoma took a quick peck on the lips for his victory.

The boy scanned the place for his next target. He saw Kaidoh and Momo bickering and grinned.

"Echizen? Wha-" He kissed Momo and gave a sweet hug to Kaidoh leaving them a bit stunned. Ryoma then banged both their heads together making their lips crash together and fall to the ground. Who knew he was so strong?

He went for Oshitari next and gave him a small kiss on the cheek. The older teen seem unaffected, but a bit confused. Gakuto was trying to push Ryoma's face away from him, but the boy got what he wanted.

"GET THE HELL OFF ME!" Shishido shouted at the top of his lungs.

"Don't wanna."

"OK, first you start glomping Choutarou, and now you try to KISS ME?! DID YOU LOSE YOUR MIND OR SOMETHING?!"

"Hm..maybe." Ryoma grinned. Shishido stared, horrified.

"S-Shishido-san!" It was now Choutarou's turn to pry the boy off his partner, his cheeks turning a faint hue of pink while doing so. "Shishido-san belongs only to me!"

Fuji and Yukimura was watching from the distance, amused.

Ryoma came up to the two. He pecked Yukimura on the cheek and bit down hard on Fuji's neck.

"Feisty, aren't you Ryoma?"

"Mada mada dane, sempai." Ryoma smirked and started making his way towards Kirihara - who was currently trying to strangle Hiyoshi.


Haha Ryoma's at it again. He's a total casanova.

Some questions were answered, some were not. More confusion pops up, but it'll be cleared ...someday, sometime.

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