Chapter 1: The First Attack

The next day after the Dark Dragon was defeated, Jake headed to Rose house to talk to her. Fifteen minutes later, he is in front of her house and is about to knock when the door opened to reveal Rose standing there. "Oh, hey Rose. I was just heading over to talk to you about some things and wondered if you wouldn't mind going to breakfast with me?" Jake asked blushing.

"Sure Jake, that would be nice." Rose said taking Jakes arm as they walked down the street. "By the way, I am sorry for having you arrested and tricking you into believing that I would listen to you."

"That's cool Rose, I understand. Do your parents know about last night?" Jake asked curiously.

"I told them about my other life that supposedly never happened and told them about you and your powers." Rose said the last part slowly and flinching getting ready to be chewed out by Jake for telling her parents about him being a dragon.

"You told them about me!?" Jake said yelling out of shock and slight anger. "I can't believe you would tell them. Why did you tell them?"

"I can't lie to my parents, and besides, they know about the hunts-clan because I told them about myself. They didn't believe me anyway, so don't worry so much except that they think that I am becoming delusional or they think that I am messing around with them, I am not sure which. I'm sorry Jake, but I couldn't lie to them." Rose said explaining her side of the story to Jake.

"I'm sorry as well Rose, I overreacted." They continued walking not saying anything to each other until after they got back to the longs apartment. "Thanks for breakfast Jake; it was fun even though we didn't really talk at all." Rose said thanking Jake for breakfast.

"Hey Rose, I was just wondering, now that you remember everything, would you be able to come back to New York with me and my family?" Jake knew that she wouldn't be able to but he thought he would ask anyway.

"You know that isn't possible Jake. I have my family here and as much as I would love to go with you, my parents would never allow me to go with you. To them, you're some kid that makes up stories from being delusional." Rose said with a frown on her face.

"That is your fault they think that you know." Rose had a sheepish grin look on her face. "It's ok; I bet they wouldn't let you anyway. What do you say you allow me walk you home?" Rose nodded and they walked out of the building and down the street toward her house. They were about one hundred feet away from her house when two creatures ran by and started climbing the building. They went until they found a room with people in it and broke through the window. Rose knew that the room they went into is where her parents are. Jake immediately ran into an alleyway and transformed. Jake and Rose saw furniture be thrown around. They finally reached the window and saw both creatures attacking the Roses parents. Jake went into action and attacked the two creatures while Rose went to change into her uniform. When Rose returned to the fight, she saw Jake on the ground with the thing on top of him and the other creature was no where to be found. Rose quickly hit the creature off of Jake and cut it in half with her hunts-staff. Another creature then jumped into the window and was inches from cutting Rose in half but Jake grabbed it by the tail and threw it out the window. It jumped back in but this time Rose was ready and stabbed it in the gut. Jake then changed back to normal and both Rose and Jake finally got a good look around the room and saw this black thick blood everywhere.

Rose parents looked at the two with awe. "Rose, are you ok?" Rose mom asked worriedly. Rose nodded and then looked at Jake then back to them. Her mom noticed this and smiled. "You were telling the truth about him being a dragon and yourself. Your father and I are sorry we didn't believe you before." Both of Roses parents ran up to her and gave her a big hug.

"Mom, dad, I have a question. What would you say to allow me to go back to New York with Jake?"

Rose dad looked at his wife and she gave him a nod then looked back to Rose and answered. "Usually we would say no to you going somewhere that far away temporarily more or less forever but seeing that you will be in good hands with him, and then I think we can have an exception this time. Rose gave her parents a hug and a kiss and they both ran off back to the long apartment.

In Heatherfield, five girls were in the park talking about what they could do for the rest of their summer when a fold opened. The five walked through and found Yan Lin and the Oracle standing there waiting. "Guardians, you must all head to New York City. There has been a disturbance in Hong Kong and the source is coming from New York City. Don't worry about your parents; we have already taken care of that for you. You must find the one called Jake Long, now it is time to go." The oracle made a fold to New York City and the five went through, ready to take on there next adventure.

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