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"Happy Graduation!" Everyone shouted when Troy removed his hands away from Gabriella's eyes.

Gabriella's mouth dropped in awe as she looked out into the backyard. There were white lights everywhere lighting up everything and there was a large banner that read Congratulations Class of 2008! Taylor and Chad, Zeke and Sharpay, Jason and Kelsi, and Ryan and Martha were smiling happily and their parents, including Ms. Montez, were all excitedly talking amongst themselves by their seats. Mr. Matsui and Ms. Darbus were standing by the banner in excitement.

"Are you ready to graduate?" Taylor asked in excitement.

"Yeah!" Gabriella said with a nod.

"So are we!" Kelsi said excitedly.

"What do you mean?" Gabriella asked with a smile.

"Well, you can't graduate alone. So we're doing it again with you!" Sharpay explained.

"Yeah, it's going to be how it was before." Jason added.

"We even get to listen to Mr. Matsui's speech again." Martha said.

"I thought we were skipping that." Chad said with wide eyes.

"Of course not, silly." Sharpay said as she patted him on the shoulder.

"That was so boring!" Chad said.

"Dude, let it go." Zeke said with a nod.

"We should get started then." Ryan said with a smile.

"Ready?" Troy whispered to Gabriella when they sat down in their seats.

Gabriella smiled with a nod and took Troy's hand in hers as Mr. Matsui started his speech.

"It's nice to see all of you again. I thought I got rid of you, but I guess you can never be too sure." He started, getting a laugh from the parents and a few 'we'll be here forever's' from Chad and Zeke. "So as I said before…" Mr. Matsui started his speech and Chad slid down his chair in boredom. Troy smiled at Gabriella as she giggled softly and squeezed her hand lightly, listening to the speech this time, rather than missing it because he was worried about Gabriella. "Now we'll have Taylor talk to us for a while." Mr. Matsui said as he sat down in a chair next to Ms. Darbus and Taylor stood up and walked in front of the crowd.

"We've been through a lot, class of 2008." She started smiling at Gabriella as she said the speech she said on graduation, changing it up a little bit adding memories that were made within the group senior year. Like the time Zeke almost burnt down the life management room because he was distracted by Sharpay and Mr. Matsui almost killed him or when Jason aced his math test. Everyone laughed and remembered the same memories with sparkles in everyone's eyes and smiles clear on their face.

After Taylor said her speech Mr. Matsui started calling everyone up to receive their diplomas.

"Zeke Baylor."

"Troy Bolton."

"Yeah, Troy!" Gabriella hooted with a smile.

"Jason Cross."

"Martha Cox."

"Chad Danforth."

"Ryan Evans."

"Sharpay Evans."

Sharpay excitedly stood up and fanned her face as she started to tear up.

"This is the best day ever!" She said as everyone laughed.

"Kelsi Neilson."

"And last, but not least, Gabriella Montez." Mr. Matsui said with a smile.

"Yeah, Gabi!" Taylor and Sharpay said together as they stood up and clapped excitedly.

Gabriella laughed and hugged Troy before she walked over to Mr. Matsui. Everyone was clapping and the parents were crying in joy as they watched Gabriella receive her diploma. As everyone settled down and the ceremony ended, the parents started to take pictures of everyone together and then they left, leaving the kids to talk amongst their selves and enjoying being back together again.

As the group sat on the patio chairs on Troy's deck, Troy looked at Chad and Chad nodded secretly. Troy stood up and looked at Gabriella.

"Do you want to go for a walk?" Troy asked Gabriella.

"I'd love to." Gabriella said with a smile as she took Troy's hand and headed to the back gate.

When the group watched them disappear through the gate, Taylor instantly looked at Chad.

"What's going on?" She asked in a sing song voice.

"Nothing…" Chad said.

"Yeah, nothing's going on." Zeke said.

"Yeah Troy isn't giving Gabriella a necklace or anything." Jason said.

"Dude!" Zeke and Chad said together.

"Awe… that's so cute… why don't I get a necklace." Taylor said to Chad.

"Because you don't like necklaces." Chad said with a smirk.

"It's the thought that counts." Taylor mumbled.

"I know, that's why I got you a bracelet." Chad said as he dangled a sparkling bracelet in front of her.

Taylor smiled and hugged Chad excitedly.

Sharpay eyed Zeke.

"Earrings right." Zeke said as he handed Sharpay a box with pink studs in it.

"Oh my gosh! I got you a blender but I couldn't bring it here." Sharpay said as she hugged him and Zeke gasped as he hugged her tighter.

Kelsi looked at Jason, not expecting anything. Jason pulled out a medium sized box from under his chair, opening it, reveling a purple hat and placed it gently on her head.

"Aw, you shouldn't have…" Kelsi said as she gave Jason a peek on the check.

Ryan looked at Martha awkwardly.

"Don't worry we're just friends… I'll take a hug though." Martha said with a laugh.

"I can do that." Ryan said giving her a hug.

Troy and Gabriella were walking down the street, enjoying the stars in the dark sky and each other's company.

"I hope you liked the surprise." Troy said as he walked next to Gabriella, hand in hand.

"I did… thank you so much, it meant a lot." Gabriella said as she smiled at Troy.

"Oh, and before I forget, I need to give you your graduation gift." Troy said as he rummaged through his pocket.

"You don't need to give me anything you've given me enough." Gabriella said.

"Well, I'm giving you more." Troy said with a smile.

Troy pulled out a necklace from his pocket, and slowly swayed the diamond necklace in front of her. Gabriella's eyes widened as she pointed at the necklace, making Troy laugh at her loss of words.

"Troy, I can't take this… its diamonds." Gabriella whispered the word diamonds.

"I know… and you gave me Lakers' tickets." Troy said with a smile.

"Oh my god, Troy, I don't even know what to wear with that." Gabriella said in disbelief.

"Sharpay can help you with that." Troy said stopping her next statement as he kissed her.

They shared a passionate kiss, deepening it as they wrapped their arms around each other and smiled before pulling away. Troy put the necklace on Gabriella, and she looked down at it, smiling happily.

"Oh my god." Gabriella whispered as she kissed him once more and headed to the backyard once again.

Everyone went home after a while of celebrating, leaving with their partner and diplomas.

Later in the week, the first day of summer when everyone was actually relaxed and not worried about anything, the group of friends were standing in Troy's kitchen, smiling happily as they held their college envelopes.

"Here we come, University of Albuquerque." Chad said as he pumped his fist in the air.

"Well, let's hope you got in." Taylor said sarcastically, hoping that she'd be going to the University of Albuquerque too.

"Okay, on the count of three we'll open the letters together." Gabriella said.

"One." Troy said slowly.

"Two!" Sharpay sang.

"Three." Everyone said together as they ripped their envelopes open and excitedly removed the letter, reading them quietly.

"Yes! I got in!" Chad said excitedly.

Taylor looked up from her letter and gave Gabriella a worried look, who gave her the same one back.

"Me too!" Sharpay and Ryan said together excitedly.

"We all did!" Martha said excitedly.

"Yes!" Jason shouted as he twirled Kelsi around as he hugged her.

"This is so exciting!" Chad said as he looked at Gabriella and Taylor. "Wait, why aren't you excited?" He asked as he saw their frowns.

"We're not going to the University." Taylor said as she looked at Gabriella's paper and then at her own.

"Funny, Taylor, let me see your paper." Chad said with a laugh as he took her paper and Gabriella's then slowly looked at them. "You got accepted to Yale!" Chad shouted.

"What?!" The group shouted back.

"You didn't even apply to that school!" Sharpay said angrily.

"Umm…" Taylor started. "We kind of did in eleventh grade." She answered.

"What?!" They shouted again.

"We didn't think we'd make it." Gabriella explained.

"Well, of course you'd make it! You're you!" Jason answered.

"What are you going to do?" Zeke asked.

Gabriella looked up from her letter and over to Troy, where he stood with a worried look on his face. Gabriella touched her necklace on her neck and looked at Taylor who had tears in her eyes.

"We're going to Yale." Gabriella said quietly as she looked at the group of shocked and hurt friends.

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