The Band


This is a random story, an idea that was flying around in my head that I thought should be written down. It's in Mike's POV. It's pretty random. I am not sure if it's funny or just crazy. You can decide! Sorry about my writing. I know I can't spell, and I stink at grammar and all the other ELA type things.



I was working, as I always do on Saturdays. You'd think, that a handsome popular boy, such as myself, would be out, hanging with all his less popular friends on a weekend, but then you would be wrong. I just had to be the heir to my dad's outdoor equipment store. Fun isn't it?

Well, I was getting ready to close up, when I noticed a bright pink (my favorite color) flyer sitting on the counter. It read

"Do You Have What It Takes to be in the Best Band of the Century? If you think you can compete with the best, show up at 1901 Vamp Ln., Forks, WA."

I was ecstatic! Now I finally have an excuse to show everyone my mad electric triangle skills!

Wait...1901 Vamp Ln., Forks? How come I have no clue where that is? Forks isn't that big of a town…


I showed up early the next morning, to check out the competition. Hopefully the band wanted an electric trianglist. I showed up, my spectacular intrument in hand, to a big, white-ish house, with a wrap around porch on the first floor. Figures an accomplished band would love to live here.

I was the first one there, but after a while a few more kids showed up. Eric Yorkie was next; he carried with him…a cello?

Jessica Stanley and Lauren Mallory showed up ten minutes after Eric. The each carried a sequin-covered tambourine and a bright pink microphone. I am not even going to aske about the show girl outfits...

"So, you guys here for the band auditions?" They nodded, probably as nervous as I was. Awkward silence followed, and then, when it seemed like no would ever talk again, Eric farted. Eww.

"So, does anyone know whose band this is anyway?"

"No Clue, but the flyer made them see like the Rolling Stones or something. I hope there good. Actually, they better be good! I blew of the spa for this!" Figures Lauren would be that superficial.

After that, a few more people showed up. Tyler Crowley, Mrs. Cope, the creepy janitor whose name escapes me, you get the idea.

The flyer didn't have a set time on it, and I began to wonder if the 'band of the century' would even be here. But, just as I was contemplating this, some loud noises started to come from the garage. The door started to slowly open, and smoke/fog starting coming out too. It was oddly blue tinted.

Then, something either died, or someone tried to sing. I am going to go with the former. Then, someone, who looked really familiar, came out.

He was really muscular, with a dark black curly mowhawk. Sanjaya? No, that wasn't him…Elivis? Nope, not him either...

He was wearing a black leather biker vest, and had two tattoo's on his right arm alone (the did look a little fragile though, crayon like almost)!

I was starting to tremble, but tried to resist. I didn't need this guy thinking I was afraid or anything, that would make a great first impression. I looked around, and Jessica and Lauren (as well as Ms. Cope) were almost drooling over this guy. I couldn't blame them... he was hott and in a band, what's not to like?

Oh Dang. I can't believe I just thought that.

I heard a low chuck come from the garage, and then two other rock star guys stepped out and into the open.

The first one, he was just shorter than the tattoo guy, but still probably half a foot taller then me. The guy behind him, was probably an inch shorter. The first guy was a honey blond, but I still think my hair is wayyy better.

The second guy, the shortest, had this weird colored hair it was…bronze? Oh no, I finally figured out whose house this is. And then, before I made the conscious decision, I took off running, ignoring my car, which I left behind.

I couldn't think of a reason for my behavior, but after I was running for a few miles (which is probably more than I have run in my entire life combined) I thought of one:

No need to show off my mad electric triangle skills. Cullen might get sad.


Does anyone want more? This was meant as a oneshot, but I am more than willing if you guys would like to read it…