(A/N Just when you all thought you'd escaped…

(A/N Just when you all thought you'd escaped…

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"Djaq... I love you. There's one thing that I want to do... I need to do... Djaq, will you make me the happiest man, in Heaven and on Earth, and... marry me?"

Djaq let out what could only be described as a squeak of surprise, and threw herself at him, forgetting his injuries for a moment. She held him tightly, and he held her, as she whispered in his ear, a single tear escaping her grasp, "Of course I will... I love you."

She hated herself for crying. This was supposed to be the happiest moment of her life. She had dreamed about someday marrying him for months... and yet, it seemed so wrong. It wasn't right, that he should die, when they were so happy... It wasn't fair.

His kiss silenced her thoughts. It was perfect...

And then the door opened, and Robin came barging in, beaming, Much and John behind him. Djaq and Will broke apart hurriedly, both blushing an intense shade of red.

"A wedding!"

John smiled, and merely nodded his blessing. Much seemed to be dancing around the camp.

"You were right, Master! They're getting married!"

Robin smirked, "Of course I was right... and Much, have you got any chicken? A wedding, after all, is a celebration!"

Much's jaw dropped, and a thick bead of drool appeared, winding it's way through his beard, "Ch—chicken? Yes! Chicken!"

Djaq smiled as one of Will's strong hands took hold of hers.

Robin stood himself in the middle of the camp, beside Will's bunk. John started to hum the wedding march, only a little out of tune, and Djaq smiled. But she ached inside.

"Do you, William Dan Scarlett of Locksley, take Djaq Al-Jabar of Acre as you lawfully wedded wife? To have, and to hold, from this day forward. For better, or for worse. For richer, for poorer. In sickness or in health. To love, and to cherish... 'til death do you part."

Will nodded, a lump in his throat, and repeated the word, smiling softly at Djaq. But his eyes betrayed the pain he felt. He wasn't going to make it...

Djaq didn't need Robin to tell her the words. She said them from memory, having dreamt about this moment, "I, Djaq Al-Jabar, take you, Will Scarlett, Outlaw and Carpenter, to be my lawfully wedded husband. I promise to love you, and to cherish you-- on earth... and especially in heaven." The tears fell freely now. They wouldn't be together in heaven... they would be forever separated, like they were going to be now, "For now, and forever, until death do us part."

She smiled down at her husband, through the tears, and bent down to kiss him passionately. She loved him...

Robin grinned, "You may kiss the bride..."

He did as instructed, and the kiss was beautifully sweet. It was an outpouring of all of the feelings for each other; mostly love, with compassion and grief combined.

Will broke the kiss abruptly as a wave of pain crashed over him, drowning him. He cried out, arching his back as the pain engulfed him, "We haven't much time, my love..."

Djaq shook her head stubbornly. What had she been thinking?! She was better than this! She was a trained physician, and she had allowed her feelings for Will to blind her. She was a fool! All this time, she could have been saving his life, and all she had done was sat here, and cried! Stupid girl…

"Robin!" The man jumped, startled, and looked towards her, "Fetch me a pail of water from the stream. Much, I want some cloth—clean, please! John, bring me my mediine chest. Allan—I mean… never mind. Now go!"

The Outlaws jumped to attention and ran off to do their instructed tasks, secretly grinning. This was the Djaq that they knew!

Djaq bent to kiss her husband on the forehead, and pressed some herbs to his lips. He looked momentarily surprised, before his eyes closed suddenly and he fell into a deep sleep. Which was what she needed. She covered his face with her blanket—she didn't want him distracting her as she worked.

The other Outlaws returned, and she immediately set to work. She took several deep breaths, steadying herself, and pulled her dagger forward, cleaning it thoroughly and heating it over the flames. Within minutes, the steel began to glow, and she pulled it out of the fire, leaving it for a moment to cool slightly. When it was ready, she steadied her hand and held the blade against his chest, pressing it into his skin. A single drop of blood welled and rolled down his chest, and she grimaced, but continued her work.

Much, who by this point looked queasy, made his excuses and left the camp, quickly followed by John and Robin. Djaq didn't mind—she preferred working alone, anyway. For hours, she worked while Will slept, doing what she did best.

Finally, hours later, Robin poked his head around the camp door, finding an exhausted-looking Djaq carefully sewing up Will's chest. He smiled, and entered, John and Much behind him. All looked relieved.

"Is he going to be alright?"

The physician nodded wearily, "I think so. But only if he rests. So leave!"

The Outlaws smiled and left the camp, knowing full well that Djaq's word was law, in this situation. She watched them leave, before turning back to Will. She pressed her lips to his and smiled softly, before standing and stretching her aching muscles. She felt as if she had been in an intense fight… one that had lasted for hours. Perhaps she had, in a way.

She turned and walked through the door, re-joining her friends.


Will recovers slowly. Before long, however, he's back with the gang, fighting once more, with his wife and friends by his side. The King returns, and peace reigns once more. The Sheriff and Gisbourne are hanged, and Will becomes a father. They are happy.

Years later, the gang come together once more.

Robin and Marian are married, and have several children. They arrive at the Scarletts' house early, hurried along, Djaq has no doubt, by Marian. Sheriff Much arrives next, with his wife, Lady Deannie, and their son, who eyes up Robin's oldest daughter. She blushes prettily in return.

They are betrothed, just as Robin and Marian once were.

Becky arrives, looking weary. Djaq doesn't blame her. She knows how cheeky and troublesome the twins are. Just like their father, Allan, who still often wears his cocky grin.

Luke talks to Elizabeth. He recently started courting her, and Djaq is happy for them.

John, who now has more grey than brown in his beard, comes last, with Alice and John. They complete the group once known as the Outlaws.

It's been ten years since Will nearly died.

Much else has changed. But the friendships forged in the forest have never died. Will holds the hand of his wife and smiles softly at her. He has one of the twins on his arm, and Djaq has the other. Their eldest stands nearby, her chocolately skin contrasting with her beautiful green eyes.

They laugh and they smile, and it's almost like old times. But it's not—it's so much better.

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