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Bella's P.O.V.

"BELLA!" Alice screeched from down stairs.

"Yes, Alice?" I spoke with a normal tone of voice, I knew she would be able to hear me. Stupid vampire hearing.

"Do you mind going through Edwards things today, I have my whole closet to sort through." She was standing next to me by now.

"Sure. I'm just packing everything?"

"Yep...Unless it's obviously trash that is." She said laughing. "Which, I must say, some of Edward's things are trash."

"Excuse you, Alice." Edward shouted from the garage where he was helping Rosalie with his new car, of course, he just had to buy a new one.

"What ever, Eddie. I have a closet that is going to take all day and probably the rest of the night to clean and pack. I have to go." Alice said the second part to me.

"Ok, bye Alice." I said as she walked towards the stairs.

I looked at Edwards room, trying to figure out where to start, the closet or his CD's?

"The CD's, Bella!" Alice said from her room.

Ok, so it's decided, the CD's. I started taking them out of the stand and putting them boxes that Alice brought up. I was doing my best to keep them in order, so Edward didnt have to rearange them at the new house.

I think I was finally warming up to the fact of getting married. But only to Edward. I pulled out a CD of a band that I had never heard of and a piece of paper fell out from under it. I knew it was wrong to snoop in Edwards room, but I couldn't help myself. I unfolded the paper, it was a poem:

My North Star

Spent alot of time wandering, aimlessly from port to port. Looking for what
I did not know, searching for that one thing. Never really knowing, truth
from all the rest. A lifetime has past, and here I am still searching.
Looking for my Northstar, my one constant, my true north. And all the time,
you were right here with me. Believeing me, telling me, everything would be
alright. Never once a painfull word, wiping tears and holding hands. Keeping
me straight, on a true course. My Northstar, my shining star you are.

I started crying. I wonder when he wrote that. It was so cute though. I love Edward so much. I deffinatly can't wait to be married to him now.

"Bella?" Edward's voice came from behind me. He sounded worried, "Are you alright?" He said, when I didn't say anything. I didnt have composure enough to say anything. I felt his cold arms wrap around me and lift me up. He moved us over to the bed and asked again "Whats wrong, love?"

"Nothing is wrong," I said, still holding the poem. He noticed it and took it from my hand. With one glance at the paper, he knew what I had been reading, and subsequently, why I was crying.

I sat in his arms for a pretty long time, but no matter how long I was there, it was not nearly long enough, not an eternity.

"You guys need to finish packing. You're going to put our departure off by a day or two if you don't get to moving." Gosh, Alice could ruin a moment, couldn't she? I thought to myself.

"Come on, Love. I'll let you finish the CD's and I'll do the closet and everything else, I have alot of CD's and I can move faster than you," he said, I glared at him and he smiled my crooked smile. I wouldn't have been able to stay mad long anyways.

OK, that's it, I only ever do one-shots anyways.

That poem is mine, my dad wrote it for me.

I know, a poem from a dad to a daughter is not the same as one from Edward to Bella.

Don't steal my poem please!


Esme Cullen