Sorry, I don't think I'll be continuing this story.

I apologize but right now I'm reading it and I'm only on Chapter Six and…I have said "What the hell?!" so many times in the past five minutes than I would say in a week.

Seriously, it's horrible. There are so many flaws in this story. I was very careless, especially how rushed everything was. I always knew I rushed things, that was a major problem I had, but I had no clue it was that bad! And then they went from Alaska to New Jersey! I mean…WOW! I am shocked that I even had people still reading this! That is just…wow. I am seriously laughing at myself right now. And Edward was careless. Yeah RIGHT! As if he'd ever be careless, not when Bella is concerned!

I would stop here, but I'm having too much fun criticizing my own writing. Its fun! Edward heard her thoughts. Seriously? That was dumb. And random. Damn, another stupid part. Marie and Bella were just talking about Bella's husband…but didn't realize that Edward was her husband…even after they kissed in front of her…again, wow!

I'm sitting here reading this saying to myself "Damn, she's a fuckin' idiot." About myself, of course! Hehe. "What the hell?!" Marie WAS a normal vamp, now she's vegetarian…the next day! That's ridiculous!

This story won't be continued. It's on a seriously permanent hiatus. I started reading this in hopes of continuing it tonight, but I am, for lack of better words, disgusted with my atrocious writing. Honestly, I am. If anyone wants to take on the rest of this story, feel free to, just PM me. I feel horrible about leaving all of you like this and it's really just that I got out of the habit of updating this regularly and stopped altogether and now, after so long, I just…am shocked.

I am so, so, so sorry to any and all fans who are still reading this story to this point.

I might start a new fanfic, but I will more than likely stick to oneshots. I seem to do much better with those.

I love you all, so very much! :]]


If anyone really wants to know what was going to happen with Marie and Aro…they were going to fall in love. Like love at first sight. And then Marie would leave with Aro, and they wouldn't see either one of them again. It was going to be a Happily-Ever-After.

Lots of love,