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Same Old Song And Dance

"Naruto, school! Get up!" Iruka yelled up the stairs.

Naruto groaned and shifted in his bed, the blankets falling off the bed as he did so. He slammed his hand on the off button of his alarm clock, which he had been ignoring for the past fifteen minutes as it blared in his ear.

Naruto rolled out of his bed, promptly stubbing his toe on a guitar that was lying on the floor of his completely disorganized room. Though, if you were to ask Naruto about the state of organization in his bedroom, he would say he couldn't find anything when it was clean. Which, is true, but he can't really find much when it's a mess either. Really, Naruto was just kind of messy.

Naruto dressed himself in a black tee-shirt and loose ripped jeans. Running his fingers through his hair as he brushed his teeth, he declared himself ready for school. He ran down the stairs, tripping as he stepped on the ends of his overlong jeans. Naruto landed on his back at the end of the staircase. Iruka's feet in front of his face.

"It's your first day of school; couldn't you have done something with your hair?" Iruka asked, holding up Naruto's messenger bag and brown lunch bag.

Naruto grinned and stood up," You're wrong Iruka; it's one of my first days of school. I promise, next year, I'll brush it or something like that."

"Naruto? Shut up."

Naruto's grin widened and he slipped his sneakers on, preparing to walk out of the house when Iruka's voice stopped him.

"Naruto, what do I always tell you on your first day of school?"

"Um, have a nice day?" Naruto tried.

"Haha, no, I meant the 'I don't want to come up to that school because you made some kid cry or bleed' part." Iruka answered.

"Oh…right, that part."

"Yes, that part. Now, go to school."

Naruto smiled at his father and slung his book bag over his shoulder. The high school was closer to Naruto's house than the elementary school, so no bus this year. At fifteen years old, Naruto had shaggy blonde hair that was mostly untamed. His blue eyes were darker than the cerulean color he had sported when he was younger. But he was still short, damn it.

"Hey! Naruto, wait up!" A voice called.

"Hi, Kiba." Naruto said.

"Yeah, hi, so how was your summer?"

"Boring as all hell, everyone was out of town all summer!" Naruto exclaimed, turning around to walk backwards so he could look at Kiba while they spoke.

"Well, that sucks. Mine was awesome, the water park was sweet." Kiba smiled.

"Shut up-"Naruto was cut off as he backed into someone.

"Idiot." A stoic voice muttered, pushing the blonde boy back onto his feet.

"Hey, bastard, watch where you're walking." Naruto turned around to shout at Sasuke.

"I wasn't the one walking backwards." Sasuke sighed.

"Naruto, I'll see you in class or something," Kiba said, walking around the arguing pair.

"Well, you heard me talking, you could have moved out of the way." Naruto yelled.

Over the years, Naruto and Sasuke had developed an uneasy friendship that was more of a rivalry and usually ended with a fight, both of the verbal and physical nature. The two had many shared friends and were usually in classes together. Their friends knew that when the two of them began arguing, it would be a very, very long time before they stopped. There was no use trying to stop Sasuke and Naruto's fighting, as it usually ended in a telling off from both boys.

By the time Naruto and Sasuke had remembered that they needed to stop arguing and walk to school, they actually had to sprint to make it on time. But they came to school late anyways.

"Really, how can you show up to school late on the first day?" their teacher for the year berated Sasuke and Naruto outside of the classroom. Obviously, this woman, Kurenai Yuhi, was going to need a sabbatical if she became this freaked out by two of her students being late to class, particularly because Naruto and Sasuke tended to late more often than not.

"Sorry, Ms. Yuhi. Sorry." Both boys muttered.

Kurenai sighed. These two didn't even seem to care that they were late for school.

"Detention, today after school, for an hour. Be in my room at three o'clock or you can expect more detentions than you two have had, collectively, throughout your school careers. Which, I wager has been many." Kurenai said before pointing to the classroom door to indicate that they should get in class before she begins assigning those many, many detentions she had promised the boys.

Naruto and Sasuke walked in ahead of the teacher. Naruto made a face at Sasuke.

"Stop it before you get us in more trouble, idiot." Sasuke grumbled under his breath.

Naruto took a seat, and Sasuke took the only other available seat, which was coincidentally next to Naruto's. "I didn't get us in trouble; you're the one who started the argument."

"Only because you ran into me," Sasuke answered.

Naruto whispered harshly," I didn't run into you, I harmlessly bumped you and you overreacted like the big drama queen you are."

"I'm not a drama queen, you loser." Sasuke hissed back.

The two teens glared so hard at each other that sparks of electricity could almost be seen between them. But then, things like that only happen in anime. So, you could almost see it, but not really.

"Uzumaki, Uchiha! Principal's office, now!" Kurenai shouted.


"Dumb ass."

"Office, now!"

Naruto slapped a hand to his face, but followed the raven out of the classroom. Yeah, he and the Uchiha bastard were well acquainted with the principal and her office. Seems like they were in there every day of every year.


"Sit and do homework or read. I don't care, just don't talk." Kurenai said. It was the end of the day and the two boys had shown up in her classroom for their detention.

Naruto pouted a little and Sasuke rolled his eyes. Both sat as far away from each other as possible. Sasuke read a large book that undoubtedly had hundreds of pages filled with teeny, boring print. Naruto doodled in his notebook.

A phone began to ring, and Kurenai dug her cell phone out of her purse. She flipped it open and scanned what was probably a text before putting her phone away. She seemed a bit flustered.

Kurenai was grabbing her purse and jacket when she happened to look up and seemed to remember the two boys sitting in her classroom. Sasuke raised an eyebrow. Naruto was still pouting.

"Ah, um, you're dismissed, but you will both make up this detention at a later date. Now go home." Kurenai said, rushing out of the room herself.

Naruto turned to look at Sasuke, who shrugged at the blonde.

"So…you wanna go get something to eat?" Naruto asked the Uchiha, whose head dropped onto the desk a second later.


They were at a burger joint. And Sasuke was not enjoying it. Naruto was openly flirting, albeit very badly, with Sakura Haruno, who was making doe-eyes at Sasuke.

"So, Sakura, so ya wanna?" Naruto asked.

Sakura shook her head and looked at Naruto confusedly.

"Y'know…the movies on Friday?" Naruto responded.

"Oh…uh…no. So, Sasuke do you want to go to the movies," Sakura giggled." With me on Friday?"

"Hn. No." Sasuke said bluntly, grabbing Naruto's shoulder an dragging him out of the restaurant.

"Oi, bastard! What are you doing?"

"Saving you from humiliation and rejection." Sasuke answered.

"Stupid Uchiha, I wanted to stay. And I don't need saving, I'm not a girl." Naruto said, jerking his arm out of Sasuke's grasp.

"Obviously you do, or you wouldn't have constantly asked Haruno out." Sasuke said.

"I was wearing her down, she has to say yes eventually!" Naruto exclaimed.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed," Or she'll get a restraining order."

"What was that, Uchiha?" Naruto asked sharply, stepping closer Sasuke.

"I said, you're annoying." Sasuke answered, keeping his glare and voice even. He wasn't going to back down, hell no.

"No, I'm awesome. You're annoying." Naruto corrected Sasuke gruffly.


"Bastard!" Naruto said, then he did what both boys had been waiting for. He threw the first punch.

"Idiot." Sasuke said, punching back and kicking Naruto's legs out from under him.

Naruto blocked the punch, but he tumbled to the ground with a hundred-some pounds of Uchiha on top of him.

Ten minutes of wrestling and punching later, Sasuke finally had a panting and bleeding Naruto pinned to the ground. Sasuke wasn't much better, he knew his face would be more bruises than normal skin tomorrow and he had a few cuts on his chin and hands. Naruto's deep blue eyes drilled into Sasuke and Naruto had Sasuke pinned with his gaze. Sasuke leveled his own stare. Then in one simultaneous movement from both boys, their lips mashed together.

It wasn't a great kiss, or even a good kiss. There was too much teeth and not enough lips. Their tongues were in each others way and neither had much experience anyway. Their fight for dominance continued as power moved between the blonde and the raven. It wasn't a good kiss, but it was their kiss. Their first kiss, and that means something, right?

When they broke apart, gasping for air and panting more from the kiss than the earlier fighting, Naruto smiled.

"So, Sasuke, did you want me to take you to the movies on Friday?" Naruto grinned at his rival or friend or whatever.

"Moron," Sasuke said, and smothered the grin with another kiss. This one was better, and hey, practice makes perfect.

Naruto absently wondered what movie they were going to see on Friday.


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