The Upside of Invisibility

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Those short, swift moments that Remus is absent are unnoticed. He's an expert at slipping away and slipping back. It's one of those advantages you gain when you're invisible.

He's not invisible to Lily though. She appears with her friends, giving him a sly smile that no one else sees.

His friends are with him at the table. Sirius is telling an amusing story. Remus disappears with the excuse that he left a book behind. The others don't miss him. Lily tells her friends that she's going on ahead to their destination. They'll come along at their own pace.

Outside the portrait of the Fat Lady, Lily finds Remus waiting for her. He takes her hand and leads her away around the corner for some privacy. It's not as though the Fat Lady would tell people, but who really knew what was said among the painted figures?

As soon as they're out of the Fat Lady's sight, they make sure no one else is coming. Remus turns his head to scan the hallway. When he turns back, he's pleasantly surprised to find Lily's lips on his. He pauses, then relaxes. He kisses back.

They've learned to multitask. While they kiss, they also listen for people approaching. Once Lily's companions are in earshot, they pull apart. Lily's friends round the corner.

"Thank you," Remus says, smiling.

"You're welcome," Lily answers with a smirk.

To the other girls, they are just finishing a pleasant conversation. No one gives them a second thought.

Lily leaves with her friends, and Remus watches them go. It's amazing, he thinks, how easy it is. No one notices. It's like no one pays attention. Remus's lips form a content smirk.

He returns to the Common Room, and he sits down with his friends. Now James is telling some story. It's like he wasn't even gone.

James really had no clue. Strangely, Remus feels no remorse.

There are definitely perks to being invisible.

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