K this is a new story i am trying out. I haven't written in a very long time so in a way this is my first FF.

Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING. the characters belong to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer. the story line comes from the bollywood movie: Kyun Ho Gaya Na.

Bella POV:

"Come on dad, it's not like I'm leaving forever. Just a few weeks." I don't get why dad was worrying so much. But then again he's always been like this, ever since mom died. I am all he has left besides his friends like the Cullen's. "The Cullen's aren't going to kill me dad. I will be fine. In fact more than fine. I treat their house like my own; I'll annoy them as much as I annoy you! I promise." That got a laugh out of him.

"I know you will be fine honey but I… I'll miss you."

"Aw dad, your such a softy."

"Listen, once you get to the Cullen's make sure you call me, your Uncle Billy might stop by too."

"Oh god, Uncle Billy! He's like ten times worse than you are. He'll probably end up doing a background check on the whole family. Anyway I have to finish packing I do have a place to catch tomorrow morning. Night dad!" I said as the rushed back to my room to finish packing for my very interesting trip.

Not! I have been taking online courses at the University of Washington. But in order to give my finals I have to actually go to the campus in Port Angeles. So I was going to live with my dads' friend Carlisle Cullen and his family. I vaguely remember visiting them when I was younger. He has two daughters and a son. Rosalie, Alice, and Edward. Both his daughters are married now I think. Rosalie's wedding was two years ago I think; she's three or four years older than me. Alice just got married last year; we had gotten the card but were unable to attend. She's the same age as me too, 22. But I don't see anything wrong with getting married at 21, if you can find someone you really love then why not marry them. I remember when we had gone to visit them a looong time ago Alice and me always used to play together. She always wanted to play dress up or dress up her Barbie's and put on a fashion show.

Edward always seemed like the quiet one, I suppose if you grow up with two loud and fashion obsessed sisters that does that to you. Every time I saw him he would be in a piano lesson or practicing the piano. I used to admire him for his talent, he was really good. His finger move flawlessly over the keys, every note was beautiful. His music was beautiful. It was funny when he would get frustrated because his hands would ball up into fists and he would press them against his forehead while slamming his elbows on top of the keys making a loud blast of not so beautiful music. I wonder if he still plays…

"Bella? Are you still up?" Charlie's voice pulled my out of my reverie. "You better get some sleep you have to get up extra early in the morning!"

"'K dad!" I yelled back. I pulled my suitcase off my bed, change into my pjs, brushed my hair and teeth in the tiny hall bathroom that I unfortunately had to share with Charlie, turned out the light and went to sleep. Dreaming about a young green eyed child playing the piano all night long…

Short yes. But let me know if you like it or not, and if I should continue. Oh and for those who are wondering Bella and Charlie live in some city in California, I haven't decided what city yet though.