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Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING. the characters belong to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer. the story line comes from the bollywood movie: Kyun Ho Gaya Na.

Edwards POV:

Knock…Knock…Knock Knock Knock

Go Away! Let me finish my dream.

"Edward! Wake up! We have to go to the airport in two hours!"

And there went my perfectly good dream. I sat up in my bed oh so slowly taking all the time in the world to get out of bed. I don't get why we all had to go to the airport to greet one person. And we're taking TWO cars. I mean come on. I just want to stay home, sleep a little longer, and maybe go out sometime later.

By now I was showered, dressed, and ready to go. I really need to start taking longer to get ready…

"Edward! Come on! We're going to be late." Yelled my annoying older sister Alice from downstairs.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," I muttered. Which obviously she couldn't hear, so she just went on yelling.

"Eddie-poo come on! Eddy Teddy wakey wakey!" Of course that set off a round of laughter from my whole family. The loudest being Emmett, my other sister's husband, Rosalie's husband. Alice and Jasper (her husband) lived with us because Alice couldn't stand be taken away from her family, and because Jasper works in Fork's at his own law firm.

Rosalie and Emmett live in California, because the rain was too much for Rosalie. You'd think that she'd get used to it after living in it her whole life. They were here visiting. Well not really visiting, Rosalie was currently eight months pregnant and Esme wanted her daughter home for the birth of her first child. My dad, Carlisle, worked in the local Forks Hospital and my mom, Esme, was a stay home mom. She was an interior designer before she had kids.

I slowly made my way down the stairs to a very angry looking Alice and Rosalie. Alice was mad because I was being so slow, but Rosalie was mad because she was HUGE. Esme and Carlisle was calm and waiting by the door. Jasper and Emmett were waiting by their wives with amused looks on their faces.

As I reached the bottom of the staircase Alice stormed out the door with Rosalie waddling behind her. Esme gave me a stern look then followed out with Carlisle at her side. Jasper, Emmett, and I bust out laughing as soon as they were all out the door.

"I feel very sorry for you guy's," I spoke, "I only had to spend a little more than 20 years with each of them. You guys have to spend the rest of your lives with them."

"Hey, hey no insulting my wife, she's perfect when she's not pregnantly angry." Emmett said.

"Yea, and Alice is just pissed at you for being late." Jasper stated.

"Besides, they're our wives, we love them forever and then some." Emmett said.

"You know Edward I think it's time you got married too, I mean what are you 54?" Jasper laughed.

"I am 23 and there's nothing wrong with me not being married yet." I said as we walked out the door. "If I do get married someday, Esme's gonna pick who."

Jasper and Emmett both snorted as they got into the car that had their wives in it. Rosalie and Emmett in the front, Emmett driving and Jasper and Alice in the back. That left me to get into the car that held my parents, them in the front and me in the back. Then we all sped out of the driveway on our way to the airport.