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The grounds of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry were cast in a looming mid winter morning fog. Two boys occupied the grounds this morning and almost visible a few feet away were a couple standing close and screaming at one of the pair of boys. The words didn't seem to be getting across as both boys stood attention to one another never flinching or blinking, proving that neither would falter.

A raised arm signaling the beginning, and in a swift motion a cut to the wrist, to let the blood pour into a circle to bind them. The other takes it wearily making his actions slow and gentle, but as his blood makes the outline connecting the two semicircles to form a whole one, a light consumes them both turning the circle into a square, and the square into a cage.

"Make your demands now Potter!" the blond shouted over the defining roar of energy surrounding them.

"I don't understand what your asking." The raven haired boy's quizzical look caused a snicker from Malfoy. Though he found Potters stupidity a bit humorous, Draco found that it was at least fare to let the boy know what he was getting into.

"It's what you demand for me to do in the slight chance that I lose this battle, it can be whatever you want, and I do mean whatever your little mind desires, that is what makes this duel so dangerous, because lets say you want me dead, well if I lose… I would die. I will go first so you can get an example; if you lose you must leave me alone for as long as I detest your presence outside being confined next to you, say during classes or other forced actions."

Harry nodded, he understood but he didn't know what he would want Malfoy to do for him if he did win. "I would think about it a bit if I were you, be careful what you wish for." Malfoy cut in through Harry's thoughts.

Harry found himself scoffing; it was like Malfoy found him stupid, well Harry was going to prove him wrong. Harry suddenly had a hilarious image of Malfoy as ferret, only more human, only the ears and tail, white and fluffy that matched his hair which in itself in Harry's mind became a whiter color. In his image Draco was painfully scared, bruised, and painfully thin but to a beautiful state. The dark bruises struck out from the pale, almost white skin. Even Malfoy's hair would be changed, longer and messier; with one last detail he would be stark in his boxers tail laying limply and a chocker around his neck, one with a small bell made of lace and emerald jewels.

Draco looked impatient but Harry soon raised his hand and told his demands.

"You will belong to me in the image that I see you."

Draco stiffened, shock covering his face awhile Harry smiled looking cocky as if he finally had the upper hand.

Draco could refuse the demand and forfeit to only receive a simpler set demand. A Malfoy has more pride than that and Harry knew nothing of his strength. Draco would win, because if he didn't he would be Potters slave or worse, his pet.

"I accept your demand." And with those words the energy cage turned a bright red. The fight had begun and there was no way of knowing the outcome.

A few feet away Hermione and Ron stood huddled together the dew beginning to wet there clothes as they watched Harry's fight from afar. Ron wanted to get closer for all he could register from the fight were a couple of loud shouts and a couple of screams.

Back to the cage, Harry stood his ground, Draco was planning something or waiting for something and he for one was not going to miss it due to his normal radical fighting strategy.

Draco was becoming impatient waiting for his body to ready itself, and he could see that Potter wasn't just going to attack at a random moment they were watching each other waiting for the others move. The strength came all at once, Draco's heart felt light and his body needed to move.

Harry stared at his opponent warily; Malfoy seemed to be hyperventilating or something, well that's what it looked like from afar, then he stuck like a cobra without warning. A kick to the chest later, Harry lay on the ground looking upward to the panting face of Malfoy. Quickly Harry rolled gaining his posture and ran a couple feet before turning and taking a stance.

Every blow hurt, Draco knew he had to finish fast or he would be at Potters mercy, leaning forward Draco took off speed his ticket to success, no one was quicker than himself and it would stay like that forever. Draco felt his kick land in Potters hip setting him off so Draco would rebound to a behind kick to the lower back, smiling Draco took a few steps back returning to a stance to let Potter catch his breath.

A curse escaped Harry's lips as he lay in the dirt. Pushing his body up with his arm and leaning on his good hip Harry glared at Malfoy who was smiling gleefully. Harry couldn't understand, where did this all come from where did he learn this. It didn't mater Draco was going to get that smile knocked off his face.

Breathing hard, Draco waited as Potter got to his feet. Potter didn't get up though, instead he raised his hand and a burst of pink light came like a rocket in Draco's direction, who in response threw up his arms to protect himself from the unknown spell. Harry's spell stopped short held in midair then exploded into a thousand flower petals.

The petals formed a pink fog which enveloped Malfoy just as Harry wanted. After gaining his composure Harry stood and watched Draco stumble as he tried to fight off the intoxication spell.

Harry took his chance and ran towards Draco aiming a kick at his hip thinking that from Malfoy's attack this might be a weak point. However the blow didn't land Draco had moved out of the way just in time to miss the blow and the additional one Harry had tried. Even intoxicated Malfoy's reflexes were to keen.

Draco found himself backing up a bit trying to center his vision before he began to focus his power on Potter. Holding two fingers up to his forehead, and imagining the wind carrying his body away Draco caught Harry's gaze and disappeared into the breeze.

Harry stood shocked that Malfoy had really just melted away into the air, but he knew that it was just an allusion. Shifting Harry became face to face with the Malfoy who with blood shot eyes gripped Harry to the point that he was immobilized.

Draco's sharringan had come awkwardly, after meeting a young boy from a clan of its original owner; he had used his own blood trait and stole it. With Harry staring full on the full force of its power befell on Potter.

The world turned red, while Harry found himself attached to some kind off crucifix Malfoy's pale face speaking in garbled tone while he smirked and in an instant a sharp pain. Looking down a long sword was piercing Harry's abdomen his breath shook and gave away Harry's cool demeanor "What is this Draco?" Harry gasped through another pang of agony.

Draco laughed at Harry "This Potter is the hell I told you I was going to put you through because as I warned you before I am no normal wizard!" Another gasp from Harry and Draco felt something inside himself that hurt, but he couldn't lose, he wouldn't kill him, which would be like his father, no he would just win and be done with it.

Harry suddenly laughed breaking Draco from his thoughts, "Well I'm sorry to disappoint you but I was taught a little more than the others and Reamus explained to me the way to break out of genjutsu." Draco glared at Harry for even knowing the word "Yes Draco I know what you can do, your tie to the ninja culture, even your Asian heritage, that doesn't surprise me, though your power does.

The color of reality came back to normal as the jutsu broke, but Draco was quicker and as Harry gained his composure Malfoy had fled back to hiding. Harry snickered having kept Malfoy at run for such a long time, but time was running out the sun was coming up, and today was Saturday and if any students caught them fighting it would turn into a spectacle. That was the last thing the boy's needed at the moment with there bad records they would be stuck in detention for days.

The silence was comforting for Draco who needed to focus to get to the level he wanted without harming himself. "Just a bit more." He mumbled to himself as the feeling in his legs go numb and the pressure in his head became painful. Draco felt the bright purple aura surround him as he let his jutsu break catching a view of Harry. Drawing in a deep breath he ascended, reaching his target he landed blow after blow in a continuous string, Harry had been caught off guard and that would be his downfall. Harry caught on quick though and when Draco was blinded Harry landed a killing blow.

Harry watched as Draco flew across the field landing hard on the dirt. Expecting him to get up Harry took his stance, but after a few minutes Harry could hear Draco's haggard gasps for air. Gingerly Harry inched toward his opponent kneeling down beside him. Harry had missed his target and the blow landed square in his chest, he had broken there unspoken rule of never hitting each other there. "I'm sorry Draco I know I promised but it was an accident." Harry waited for a response but none had come just Malfoy's softening breathing. Harry kneeled like that for a few minutes waiting for Draco to recover but that never happened "Harry, I lost… I'm yours just as demanded" Draco whispered defeat in his voice.

Draco's surrender triggered the cage, breaking open and decreasing in diameter until it only surrounded Draco. Then the light became unbearable, Harry reeled back a few feet shielding his eyes. When it dimmed a scene of his memory played on Draco's body. When the green rings that had immobilized Draco finished there course, Harry was left with exactly what he wanted an abused ferret-boy that was collared and leashed just for Harry.

Ron and Hermione came walking towards Harry looking over the damage that they had done to each other. Ron after seeing Draco broke into hysterical laughter while Hermione worried herself over Harry's wounds. Gaining his breath Ron gasped out "Harry, man is that what you wished for?" And all Harry could do was nod and Ron responded with joking Harry's sexual orientation.

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