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Harry stood staring, mouth agape at the boy in front of him; what had he done, what had Draco pledged his life to, and it was all Harry's fault

Draco stood stance ready for anything; a quick clash in the middle then back to there corners, Draco was running out of time. Draco's heart raced as magic coursed through his veins; a wizards body usually isn't put through such strain, Draco only had minutes if he was lucky. Draco ran forward using all his magic at once and in the volley of blows Harry's foot came out of nowhere, he missed but at the second blow after Draco let all his guards down letting Harry's foot collide square in his chest.

A flash of light surrounded him as Harry kneeled beside his body but Draco couldn't take anymore. Just let me die, where else would I be if not near him, a doomed fate since my birth what more could I want than to be a pet of the great Harry Potter. Harry was screaming at him to get up and to keep fighting but Draco had already surrendered and there was nothing he could do to stop the battle agreements. The blinding light, the movement in my bones, my body is changing, a deed to uphold, it feels like I am drifting away all the mass that keeps me here even my mind is no longer near, please be kind to me Harry I don't want to relive the past again.

Explosions and screams echoed over my head, bright flashes like fireworks were warning signs. The battle field was no place for me: scrawny, sickly and almost pure white: I was a dead on target. True to my own prediction a series of shots came at me and it was all I could do to roll into the ditch but I was not alone, my hiding place was also the grave of two unknown wizards; I bid my respects. My arm had taken a stray blow and now felt limp at my side, completely useless, my wand hand; it didn't matter we were told to use muggle weapons anyway, they wont be expecting a bullet through the chest but I'm no good with a gun my trusty kantana at my side. With one had I unsheathed her and she glimmered in the dieing sun, this would be my new arm; I slipped my wand into my pocket.

The fray had thickened during my rest in the ditch, so much for an easy getaway; I tied my arm behind my back, it had no use to me anyway, and then set off into the crowd of people. It was a suicide escape; our side had admitted defeat and left behind anyone they couldn't find. My sword had a heart of its own though and as I ran through the crowd it came down on anyone in my way; they were shocked and it took them a second to realize there men were still falling, with only one arm and my sword I had killed twenty men and had almost made it to the woods when a marksmen hit me from behind. They sent the fastest to chase me when I continued to run, blood spilling out of every gaping wound, every scratch ripped open and flooded over. I didn't make it that far but as I fell strong hands were there to catch me, they knew I was a child; my recklessness no doubt.

They were cruel to me, some of them, as they gagged me and took me to there head quarters; I had nothing to say, they didn't except that so without unmasking me I was thrust into a prison cell to be dealt with later. Later came too soon for me, pushed into a chair, bound with heavy restraints, injected with sedatives, then ripped of my mask; The pain was too much, there faces turned to pity, my condition not fit for any man but still they carried out there duty. They asked me to talk, I refused; I was held down and force-fed potion after potion all in the attempt to break me, none of this worked; they gave up and threw me back in my cell and I was left to rot for a month and a half.

Every once in awhile they would send someone down to ask me again and again to give up, and normally I would have, but something inside myself refused there pity, I could sneak out on my own. By the second week they forgot about me the food stopped coming, the water the week after and soon my body started to fight back; my injuries, infected, my bones, bruised at the slightest fall and then my weight dropped. It had been only three months in capture and I was already dieing, I was stupid not to at least attempt to give in to there demands I brought this upon myself. Then came the day when they remembered I was still down here and I wished they would soon forget me again. Two wizards chained me to a wall, they stripped me of my clothing and drenched my back in salt water; lashes. It only took two weeks for the whip to dig into my back, this didn't stop them, so they simply turned to beatings.

I reached my forth month and then attempted suicide, they found me too soon and healed me; I tried another five times and still I was alive. The beatings and whippings continued; I couldn't take much more, why was I so damn stubborn now. The night of my birthday was coming up, I wept like a child the night I remembered; I was whipped for making too much noise the morning after. Was there no man in Dumbledore's army that would spare me one night of comfort; for my entire time there I believed no one would show me kindness. They continued to starve me through out this period of time; so every night I would dig my fingernail through the skin around my wrist and drink in my own warm blood, it was thin as water and had lost its metallic flavor. That night I wept again; I realized I had no tears to shed, to this I cried out in despair.

My birthday came on the winds of a ruthless storm; the wind shook the old stones of my prison and splattered me through the bars of my only window, the men in cells beside mine cried in happiness for the relief but I simply let my head fall back on the cold stone. I had slept deep into the afternoon, the rain still berating the prison and when I woke a guard was standing above me, he looked familiar; he had red hair, tall and skinny and didn't look to happy to be down here with dirty infected prisoners. His eyes were wide, not from shock like so many others but from lack of sleep and his deep bags mirrored my own, his hands were thin and boney I retreated backwards into the wall when he knelt down to touch me. My sudden movement shocked him back a few paces himself, my bones cracked loudly the sound so sickening it sent a shiver up the guard's spine. He left only seconds later and I fell back into slumber; when I woke up I felt something warm embracing me along with an echo of sobs.

"What have they done to you, Dumbledore would never have wanted something like this! This is nothing but torment at its worst", it was the same red headed guard from before, at such a small distance I could recognize his scent, he smelt of a home, and of potion mix; this scent I remembered throughout the rest of my imprisonment. George Wheasly had become my evil angel and my first step towards recovery. I shifted my body and tried to face him, the small action caused him to reel back, then his eyes grew wide in anger and tears fell down his cheeks; he pulled me close to him, more than a hug, it was as if saying I promise I wont let you go, your not alone anymore. I could barely raise my hand to his cheek to wipe away the tears he had shed for me; instead of letting my hand fall George held it there with his own, it was so much larger than my own.

The next day George brought down water and food, I couldn't eat it; George poured the water into my mouth and I would try to swallow only to end up chocking on the little I had. Food was no better, with my throat so dry the pieces of bread would scratch against the back of my throat and cause it to bleed George was determined to feed me that day though. The boy brought the cup to his own lips then brought his lips to my own, I was caught breathless and the water trickled down my throat; in that one moment I could tell how determined George was in making me better, this was his honor as a Wheasly to help his fellow man, or that was the excuse he gave me after I was back on my feet.

The water helped little it seemed because as soon as I had gotten it down it felt like I had just eaten a twenty pound rock. I had no time to protest though as George brought more water to my lips and my dry throat craved the moisture; in the back of my mind though I wished his lips would never leave mine because every time he got more water I felt in my heart that he was never coming back. George soaked the bread in water before giving it to me to eat, the water helped me swallow the bread but keeping it down was almost impossible. At the first piece my stomach lurched in pain and I felt sick and woozy; George pulled me closer to his side and held me through my attempts to purge the food from my system, I wish I hadn't been a fucking bulimic before the summer. I couldn't take my body fighting its self it took too much energy that I didn't have; I fainted, my body fell into Georges arms and he never let go.

When I woke up the next morning though he was gone; I cried myself back to sleep. George didn't come for two weeks, in that time I kicked over the rest of the water and when the sun set I attempted suicide again, George was the one who saved me. I shunned him, refused to eat or drink but between the times he was with me and the times he disappeared I cried the pain in my stomach worsening; that night George didn't come back and for the first time in awhile I threw up, as the blood pooled around me and stuck coating my throat my tears fell into the pool making ripples only I could see. I fainted in that pool of blood and tears but woke up to George's warm embrace tears streaming down his own face as he screamed out he had been sent on a mission away. George started over again with me but this time every kiss became deeper than the first.

George slept in Draco's cell that night, the morning took hold with bitter sunshine and gusting winds, fall was coming and with fall came school. That was Draco's first question when George awoke that day. One month was his answer, Draco grew homesick, he would never be able to go to school, never be able to see the sun, never be able to see his friends; George had a plan. Soon night set upon the prison and George after a small absence returned to Draco with a first aid kit for his wounds. "Listen I have a simple plan on the one hope that you have a animal form that you can turn into," George looked at me and I nodded, " so you do have one, good what is it"?

"A fox", George looked at him with scrutiny but nodded his head anyway; Georges plan turned out to be as simple as he promised, Draco would turn into a fox and George would claim there was a pest downstairs, George would come get him as a fox and place a human doppelganger in its place. When they got out of the prison Draco would live with George, who would get him his things for school, including a new wand, and then when school came Draco and himself would go to Dumbledore and get him to grant Draco Safety. Everything sounded good on paper but Draco wasn't so sure he could hold his animagus for even a small amount of time; George on the other had was sure of his plan he whispered hushed words of comfort into the Draco's ear as he rocked the boy back and forth in his own strong arms to calm the young Malfoy.

The sun shone bright rays through Draco's window that day a silent signal that their plan was going to go well and that Draco was going to be free and he had George to thank for that after almost half a year in prison today would be the day he saw sunlight again. Hope filled Draco's heart as he let his animagus take over him; his body became long but his frame decreased in mass two bright white and red tails began sprouting from his tailbone, his nose became narrow and turned snout-like while his nails turned black, sharp, and anything that stood in his way. Draco scuttled over to the bars and welled his way through them, a few months ago this would have never worked he would still have been to fat, but now starved of life the bars couldn't even compare. In his happiness he scampered around the halls, over to cells of prisoners who called out, too much in a delirium to notice that he was a man just moments before, now all they wanted was to pet his soft fur and give them some company.

When the afternoon came a different guard came down aside from George Draco's heart nearly stopped, there was no one in his cell, they would be caught for sure. The young guard came right over to him though and knelt down holding out his hand, "Thank you for taking such good care of my pet, its nice for you to get at least a little affection once in awhile", it was directed towards the prisoner who had been petting Draco all day. Draco climbed warily onto the strangers hand and once he was on the man swiftly hid him under the robes he was wearing. "Shh don't worry I'm a friend a George's again he was sent on another mission outside of the base, he said you would freak out if no one came to get you so he sent me, I don't care what you've done or why your in here, these people are the Ministers men and don't follow Dumbledore's honor, the treatment they gave you is inexcusable I was happy to help."

The happy tone of the mans voice made him sound like a young schoolboy about to play a prank on a hated teacher, wait he recognized that voice it was the boy who had done the quiddich announcements. Draco felt safe again this boy was one of Georges friends, Draco could remember the two hanging around each other along with Georges twin Fred. "My name is Lee in case you don't remember, which one is your cell," Draco pointed his nose in the direction of his former cage with disgust, Lee laughed, "yea I would feel the same way," Lee created a form in a fetal position up against the wall, the figure didn't look that much like Draco as he himself thought but it was good enough.

Lee headed up the stairs and after a short talk with a wizard at a desk Lee exited out the door; Draco was finally free. Lee pulled him from beneath his robes and set him on the ground, "Enjoy walking around but stay in that form at lest till we get to George's house ok", Draco nodded happily as he darted from place to place enjoying the clean air and the warmth from the sun on his fur. George seemed to live in a small suburb because as Lee and him went on the lawns became manicured and bushes and tall flowers dotted the landscapes and Draco had to admit it was nice especially when a small butterfly came into his view; Draco gave up all human will and chassed after the winged insect trying determinedly to catch it in his small paws. Lee laughed at Draco's childish behavior a stab of sadness that even prison can turn a cold hearted snake into a curious cat. Draco eventually caught the small insect but as soon as he did he let it go, he felt bad because he had cheated, he had used his long tail for it to land on then curled his tail up slightly before putting his paws on the insect in triumph which caused Lee to actually fall over laughing enjoying Draco's company more and more.

George's house was on a street called quartz avenue, something even Draco could remember, and it was the only dark red house on the block; Draco was sure he could remember that. Right across the street was Fred's house which was bright blue, ok now it was really easy to remember; Lee headed over to Fred and Draco gave a whimper of insecurity, "Oh, don't worry so much Fred knows already your fine", Fred patted his lap and it must have been the animal instinct because Draco couldn't resist jumping up into it. Draco situated himself on Fred's leg that in turn began to happily scratch the Fox under his chin; Draco chirped happy to be receiving any sort of attention.

"Those prisons are nasty man, it took all the will I had to go down and even get him not to mention having to see all the others. Fred nodded, continuing to pet Malfoy's fur; even the mention of his prison only minutes free made the small animal stiff. Lee and Fred continued there conversation but Draco had grown tired fell asleep. A soft tapping woke him up what seemed like only minutes later; George's face was the first thing his eyes focused on. Draco yawned, George smiled just the image of Draco doing anything remotely human seemed funny to him especially in fox form. As Draco's eyes became more focused he noticed that the sky had darkened to an inky black; had he really been sleeping for that long?

George's house was nice: fairly large, bright paint, not to clean, looked like someone actually lived there, and it was warm. Draco yawned again stretching out his back now extremely comfortable and awake this house was everything the Malfoy manor wasn't. Draco leapt from George's arms and skid on the wood flooring and being unable to stop himself crashed right into a wall. Draco yelped in pain as his sore back hit the plaster and George rushed over to tend to him. Every time George tried to grab Draco the small fox leapt away afraid of his touch, " come here Draco I promise I wont hurt you, its ok I'll make it better", Draco refused to believe him and continued to advert George's capture. Eventually George caught him, much to Draco's discomfort and took him to the bathroom to look at his back, "ok Draco change back, come on if it hurts that bad you'll need treatment".

That seemed to be easier said then done because even when Draco focused all his magic he couldn't fully transform back. George looked frustrated, "Is this really the best you can do", Draco nodded defeated; it wasn't his fault, he was out of energy. Draco was nearly normal, aside from the tails and the ears and the claws; George didn't mind that much but it was going to be hell buying him clothes like this. George sighed, "Fine, strip off those rags and get in the tub, wash yourself and I'll be back after I find the first aid kit." Draco nodded and when George left him alone he stripped off his clothes and got in the tub.

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