"Now all you have to do is sign your name here," the slim finger pointed to the bottom of the page. A blank line below that of one Draco Lucius Malfoy's signature.

Harry slowly picked up the quill and dipped it into the inkbottle that was just next to it. More slowly and carefully then he had ever done before, Harry signed his name in the appropriate spot. He didn't need to read the document; he already knew what it said. In fact he had had it memorized the first night he had received it via owl mail. It went like this:

This document is for one Draco Lucius Malfoy, son of Lucius Abraxas Malfoy and Narcissa Druella Black Malfoy and Harry James Potter, son of James Harold Potter and Lilly Jennifer Evans Potter. Both parties agreeing to the following conditions for their Union;

In Case of Separation

1. That each is to keep the possessions and/or money in which they came into the marriage with.
2. That any possessions and/or money that comes in after said marriage will be divided equally among the two.
3. If neither of them is willing to part with combined things then it shall go to any child of their union.
4. Mr. Potter is to provide an heir for both the Malfoy and Potter lines.
5. Neither party is to cause intentional harm onto the other are the marriage and this document in void and the offended party gets everything.
6. Any child of this union are to be held in joint-custody of both parents, unless abuse of any sort is seen in the child/children.
7. That the child/children are to have limited contact with the Muggle world.

Agreed Upon Conditions

1. That Mr. Potter is required to attend two social events a month.
2. Mr. Potter is allowed out of the above agreement if ill or too far along if pregnant.
3. Mr. Potter is to behave appropriately when in public.
4. Mr. Malfoy is to behave appropriately no matter where he is.
5. Mr. Malfoy is not to insult/or harm any of Mr. Potter's friends without provocation.
6. That Mr. Potter must carry the Malfoy heir.
7. That if Mr. Potter so chooses can have an heir for the Potter line.
8. That both parties are to remain faithful.
9. That if both parties were to reach an untimely end that their child/children would go to Severus Snape
10. That their child/children should have limited contact with the Muggle world.

These things have been agreed upon by both parties and both are aware of the consequences if any of the above is broken shall be the loss of everything they own with no compensation and loss of any child/children.

Official Witness: Alec McOrden

Witness: Severus Tobias Snape

First Party: Draco Lucius Malfoy

Second Party:
Harry James Potter

The document was now complete. Before Harry could even process what he had just done another official looking parchment was placed down in front of him. This one was the one that he dreaded the most. This one was the one that would tie Harry to one of the top five people that he hated. From the moment he signed this he would be tied for two years to Draco.

Knowing this though, Harry didn't even hesitate to sign his name in the appropriate spot. This was after all what he had wanted. This is what they had both wanted. The man, the official that Malfoy had brought to officiate over both procedures, Mr. McOrden was talking again.

"...now that the papers have been signed I now pronounce you bonded. In order to seal the bond a kiss is required, so if you two would please."

Harry looked up at his new husband. The blond looked just like he had at the end of the war though without all the dirt and blood covering him. A scar across his left eye marring the otherwise pale and attractive face. That eye was now blind, but due to simple spell it didn't look any different than his right one. His blond hair no longer gelled back instead was pulled back into a strict ponytail. He was taller than Harry by several inches and still dressed immaculately in the best wizard robes.

Right now though there was a smirk planted across his face. Harry took that as his happy face. Harry had taken to translating Malfoy. Having come to the conclusion that Malfoy was just speaking and acting in a different language and all Harry had to do was translate him and he wouldn't feel the need to kill the blond every ten minutes.

Malfoy's hand reached up and took hold of Harry's chin. His gray eyes focusing on Harry's deep emerald ones as he moved closer and closer till their lips touched. It was soft and tender unlike what Harry had thought it would be like. Harry's eyes closed and he briefly leaned into the kiss. His eyes however snapped back open when teeth clamped down onto his bottom lip. With a laugh Malfoy pulled back from the now bleeding lip.

Harry would have whimpered at the pain in his lips if Malfoy wouldn't have mocked him for it. Instead he just wiped his lip using his sleeve. Harry didn't say anything he just followed Malfoy out of the room and into what was to be their new future together. The copies of the documents that they had just signed tucked safely into Malfoy's robes. He was walking along side Snape. They were talking quietly, Harry couldn't hear what they were saying, but he really didn't care all that much to try and listen in.