Harry looked from Hermione and then Ron still debating on what he should say, if he should say anything. He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, making his hair appear worst than it already did.

"What is it Harry? You can tell us," Hermione said in a comforting voice, Ron nodded his head in agreement.

"I…well….I…It's just that," he gave a frustrated growl as the words didn't seem to come to him.

It would seem that the potion that he had been given earlier was starting to wear off. He still slightly calm, but the stronger emotions were starting to push their way forward.

"I think I've gone back in time," Harry finally managed after a few moments of trying to get his thoughts in order.

In response Hermione and Ron stared at him in shock. Harry didn't think that they believed him, or at least Hermione didn't. He could see that calculating look in her eyes. Like she was trying to figure out what the real problem was. It had annoyed Harry back than that she wouldn't just take his word for it, why did she always have to think that he was hiding something. Ron on the other, while he looked shocked and while he may not believe him either, he would stick by him. That was just the kind of friend he was.

"Why do you think that?" Hermione asked carefully.

Harry wanted to be angry at her treating him like he was fragile, he didn't like it. He hadn't liked it when Draco had done it after he had first found out that Harry was pregnant and he hadn't changed his mind about the matter since. Yet he tried to keep in mind what year he was and how he had acted during that time. Hermione and Ron had both been taking the brunt of Harry's frustration and grief over Sirius. So his friend was probably just trying not to provoke him. It made him sound horrible. Thinking this easily made his slight anger at her go away, besides she was talking to him in this time period how could he stay mad at her over such a small thing?

"Because I've already lived this. I was walking in Ma-my house and than I somehow ended up here at the dorms," Harry caught himself from saying Malfoy Manor. He didn't think that he was ready to spring that on his friends just yet. He had enough to handle trying to get them to understand this "I don't really remember what I was doing or what had caused me to end up here."

"You don't remember?" Ron asked.

"What year was it?" Hermione asked at the same time.

"No, it's rather strange. I remember I was going to go write a letter and then there was really nothing until I heard Hermione trying to wake me up. I was 24," Harry answered.

"Do you think somebody cursed you or maybe put something in your drink?" the girl asked.

Harry shrugged not knowing the answer. He felt like the memory was there, but it was just out of reach. When he tried to concentrate more on it, it just made his head hurt more and made his ears ring slightly. He wasn't going to push it; it would come back to him eventually.

"This doesn't make any sense. Are you sure Harry? Maybe somebody cursed you into believing that you are from the future," Hermione said.

"No, I'm from the future. I can prove it," Harry said.

"How?" Ron asked finally joining the conversation.

Harry tried to think about something anything from this year that would prove to his friends that he was telling the truth. He couldn't really recall anything though, he didn't even remember what his schedule had been like this year, let alone specific moments in them that would help. It took a few more minutes and a glance out the window before he was struck with some inspiration.

"When's the next quidditch game?" he asked, causing Ron to give him a strange look.

"It's in two weeks. Ravenclaw against the Slytherins. I can't believe you couldn't remember that, it's the first game of the year." Ron was looking at him complete disbelief.

Yes, Harry remembered that game. Ron and he had discussed the likely hood of Ravenclaw beating the ruthless Slytherins. Roger Davies was the Ravenclaws captain and he was rather good. However the Slytherins were not known for playing by the rules. This was when Crabbe and Goyle first played as beaters.

"Ravenclaw wins. They score 250, before Dr-Malfoy catches the snitch and brings the Slytherin total to 220." Harry tells them.

"Why would Malfoy catch the snitch if they were down?" Ron asked.

"Ravenclaw was playing better, if he had let it go on any longer they would have lost by a bigger margin. They beat Hufflepuff and just barely stayed in running for the cup. However, we creamedSlyterin in our match and knocked them out completely. Hufflepuff wins against us by ten points." Harry didn't like to think about that loss. He hadn't even played.

"We lost to Hufflepuff?"

"Ron really I don't think that should be your biggest concern right now," she says giving the boy a look.

"But Hermione it doesn't make any sense that we lost to them,"

Hermione shakes her head at the red heads thoughts. Their best friend was claiming to be from the future and he was worried about why Gryffindor had lost to Hufflepuff. She was sure that the two of them would be lost without her there to keep them on task.

"Harry maybe you should talk to Professor Dumbledore about this. I think he would know what to do," Hermione advised. If there was anybody who could make sense out of this it was the Headmaster.

Harry frowned at that. He really didn't like that idea. Even after all these years Harry had never forgiven the man for the way that he had controlled and manipulated him. That trust that Harry had felt for the man had died this very same year, despite the knowledge that the old man had started to share with him. There was just always something that Harry felt Dumbledore was keeping from him, and he could never get over that feeling.

"I think Hermione might be right, mate," Ron agreed, wanting to get back on the girls good side. He was rewarded with a small smile from her.

"You two don't believe me," Harry stated.

"It's not that we don't believe you, Harry. It's just a lot to try and understand," Hermione said quickly.

He didn't say anything to that, but instead looked at the wall in front of him. He desperately wanted Hermione to believe him. He wanted her to acknowledge this; it didn't even make all that much sense how much he wanted this. Maybe telling Dumbledore wouldn't be so bad, despite what he's done to Harry, the man was rather knowledgeable after having lived for so long.

"Can we just wait till after the game?" he finally consented.

Hermione and Ron exchanged looks and nodded, thinking that it sounded reasonable. After all they were both rather curious to see if the game turned out the way that Harry had said it would. It might actually be the first time that Hermione was eager to see a game.

"So what am I like in the future? Am I a famous quidditch star?" Ron asked excitedly.

"Ron!" Hermione practically shrieked.

"What? You're just as curious about your high end Ministry job that you probably landed as I am about my future," Ron said with a grin.

"That's beside the point, if Harry is really from the future he can't really risk changing it by telling us what happens," Hermione said.

Harry only listened to them as they argued back and forth about the matter. It was the thought that he had been playing with himself. Could he really change what had happened? If he started to change things, what if this time around he didn't defeat Voldemort. Just the thought of that battle had him shivering. He didn't want to relive that. If he could he wanted to just change a few things and skip ahead to his time to see what he had done.

"What if I don't like how the future had turned out?" Harry suddenly asked interrupting the two of them.

"But even so, if you do one thing differently it could affect everything. Things were meant to play out the way they did, that's why time travel is such a taboo thing Harry. We shouldn't try to change anything," she said.

"What if You Know Who won?" Ron suddenly blurted out, "And Harry here came back to make sure that didn't happen this time. Isn't that a good enough reason to change the past?" Ron demanded.

Hermione hesitated before answering. Harry could see the way she was thinking over what the right thing was. He could see the moment that she waivered on the matter.

"I guess that might be a reason to go back." She said slowly.

"See, so Harry what am I doing in the future?"

Buried alongside your family was the answer that he said in his head. Harry didn't know how to answer that. How did one tell their best friend that they were dead in the future? That they had died in a war that had taken their entire family. That he had left behind a broken woman and a brother that could barely leave his house?

Before he could get out an answer the doors at the end of the hall burst open and in walked the one person that could probably ruin everything for him, Draco Malfoy.

Draco stared at the door in front of him for a long time. He didn't think that he could go in. Or that's what he would think if Severus wasn't standing behind him ready to throw him into the room if he didn't move soon. The man just didn't understand that Draco couldn't go in there. He couldn't see Harry like that again. It just wasn't natural to see him so still.

"Draco I have better things to do than stand outside Potter's room," Severus said in a bored tone.

"Malfoy," was all that Draco said to that.

"Excuse me?"

"His name is Potter-Malfoy. If you should drop anything it should be Potter. He's mine," Draco explained.

"In any case go into that room,"

"No, I won't. There isn't any change. Me being in there won't effect anything. Now stop bothering me," Draco growled and stomped down the hall. He didn't even look back when Severus called him a coward.

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