Julie Taylor was in a mood that could only be called apocalyptic. There was a dark cloud the size of Mount Rushmore over her head and her eyes screamed, don't come near me or I'll kick your ass. Even the Coach knew not to move within a diameter of her. Her entry into the supermarket was purely intent driven, there was something she needed and there was no way someone was going to waylay her. Her walk was straight legged, long paced and extremely focussed on her task. Customers of the store moved out of the way like the parting of the Red Sea. She was unstoppable and everyone could sense it. She marched to the aisle and grabbed the box that she so sorely needed, turned around and ran straight into a man made wall of muscle.

"Juuu-leeee Tayyyylorrr, what are you doing with your fine self this day?" Julie's looked up into Smash's face with utter disdain, he obviously didn't read the signs very well. She sighed, someone that self-involved, why was she surprised. She was not going to pander to him rally girl-style, she wanted him gone and there was one sure way she knew how to achieve that.

Julie looked up into his dark, smiling face, she appreciated that he was a really attractive guy but the fact that he knew it put her off completely.

"My fine self needed to pick up some necessaries," she spoke really slow, real condescending and nodded the entire time. He obviously did not realise which aisle he was in. He didn't take his eyes off her, or should she say her breasts.

"Smash can be your necessary," he was talking in third person, who actually does that? He chuckled to himself, obviously thinking that his pun was side-splittingly funny. She just wanted to sucker punch him in the guts.

"I don't think so. Smash ain't all that cluey," she retorted the bite definitely back in her words. Customers floated past giving her a wide berth, Smash still oblivious to the undercurrents emitting from her.

"Well Ju-leee," her teeth grated together as he continued to say her name in that drawn out way "Smash is very cluey. Smash senses that Ju-leee wants him to take her out on the town," he cocked his head, beamed out a smile and looked for encouragement from passersby. It was then that he took in his environment. The brightly coloured, tiny boxes espousing different sizes and purposes. His gaze zipped back and forth as he took in the many feminine hygiene products on the shelves. His face flushed as he realised that she hadn't been kidding she really didn't want company. In fact looking at her with clearer eyes he realised she was standing with an open stance, her hands on her hips, her eyes shooting fire and a box in her hand. Julie watched with bitter amusement as Smash's realisation of where they were standing hit him full force.

"Well Smash, all Ju-leee feels like doing is crawling into bed, eating ice cream and bitching out any guy that comes with ten feet of her okay?" Julie could not have made it any clearer.

"Your bed or mine? Ice cream is always fun," she looked at him in utter disbelief. He had mentally shrugged off the implications of the aisle, the box in her hand and her foul mood. Coach had a lot of explaining to do, how do you coach such a dunderhead? He grinned at her, his bright white teeth almost blinding her. Now she was even more pissed off.

"No Smash, I would never, ever, consider going out with such an ignoramus as you. You see, Ju-leee," she condescendingly brought her hands to her chest to ensure he knew who she was talking about "is in the midst of a visit from a raging bitch called Aunt Flo," Smash's face moved slightly. He was obviously confused but the smile stayed up. "Ju-leee needs you to back the hell off and let me do my thing. Okay, Smash?" she took a step around him and a hand grabbed her upper arm. He just wouldn't give up, persistence wasn't always a good thing.

"So what time do you want Smash to pick you up?" she roared, not an exaggeration, all her frustrations let loose from her mouth as a roar. She pushed his arm off, threw the box of Tampax at his chest, swiped another off the shelf and stormed back down the aisle towards the ice cream freezer. Smash stood there watching her stalk away. He remembered the object that he caught on his chest and looked down, it was a Tampax box. He dropped it in surprise. Then the rush of stupidness hit him and he questioned where he'd left his brain. One thing was for sure though, Julie Taylor was one saucy minx when she was angry like that. Smash wanted her. He wanted her bad.

Smash always won. It was what he did. If Matt Saracen couldn't go all the way, he could. He knew how to get it done. On and off the field. So when he'd bumped into Julie Taylor, he brought it. Maybe it had ended on a sour note, being you know, accosted with a box of Poise panty liners or something like that.

Smash walked into the locker room, "Guess who's about to bang your chick," he said to Matt, looking all smug. He caught eyes with Riggins who was looking back at him with an expression that read, What the hell? Just about everybody was looking at Smash with that same expression. Smash decided to break the silence with a, "Me."

Matt, in one of those voices he had which contained a mix of humility, laugher and disgust, asked, "What chick?" Smash decided he might as well put him out of his misery, "Miss Juu-lee Taylor." he had a smirk plastered across his face.

"How much do you wanna bet I get her V-Card?" Smash asked, looking directly at Matt. Smash's glance moved to the side and he saw that Tim Riggins was laughing at him. Smash gestured at him saying, "I'd get it way before The Drunk."

"Oh really?" a random red head asked, with only a towel around his waste, "I got fifty on Riggs." Smash hadn't intended on some sort of gambling stake with him snatching up the coach's daughter's virginity.

"Well, I talked her up in the shampoo aisle," Smash said, improvising, because Shampoo was better then Tampax, "And she practically gave me a lap dance." He was glad Coach Taylor was in his office, man was he glad.

Matt was just standing there, wondering what to say, as Riggins asked, "What would be in it for me?" Smash laughed and happily described the terms of the bet he'd cooked up in the past ten minutes, "If you can get her virginity before me," and then Riggins laughed, "Why would I want to do that?" Taking the coach's daughter's virginity? Yeah, he could do without the gruelling punishment from the Coach.

"Well, if you can do it... I show up to class naked." Smash said, thinking this would be his gift to the world, "And if you don't, you show up to class naked." Smash had no idea why anybody wanted to see Tim's junk. Tim laughed at this, he couldn't help himself. "You're on." He didn't think about it until after he agreed. This was a no win situation.

Authors NoteThis is a joint effort, co-authored story by Lily and myself. We are posting under my profile but we are working on this together. Lily has been working under the profile name lillianthevalley and has a great stores if you'd like to check them out. We are having fun and hope you do too reading it! This is a truly cross-continental effort, Aussie and Canuck coming together for the benefit of all Tulie fans.