Ashley and Amber were still trapped at Buxaplenty Manor waiting to know what the Pixies are gonna do to them. Suddenly Remy Buxaplenty appears in front of them.

"What do we have here?" Remy asks with a malicious grin. "Two Fairy Godparents in a cage? Any news from Juandissimo?"

The two fairies look at each other, surprised. "H-h-how do you remember Juandissimo?" Amber asks. "You're supposed to have forgotten him when the Fairy Court sentenced you to lose him and all memories of Fairy Godparents being real."

"A few days after that the Head Pixie used his Pixie magic to restore my memories of Fairy World." Remy explains. "He grants some wishes of mine and, in return, I must look for a way to give them the power to grant a wish that includes them taking over Fairy World. Of course, tricking a fairy's godchild into wishing kids ruled the world is out of question since the Pixies once used this on Turner."

"You won't get away with that." Ashley exclaims.

"We'll see about that." Remy says and then notices the lava lamp. "And what's with this lava lamp?"

Upon closer inspection, HP realizes this is Norm's lava lamp. "Remy, this is a magic lamp. A genie named Norm lives inside it. Rub the lamp and he'll grant you three rule-free wishes. However, one must be careful about having a genie to grant wishes because genies like to interpret the wishes on a way that will annoy the wishers."

"And why would a pair of Fairy Godparents bring me a magic lamp?" Remy curiously asks.

"We came here to offer you a deal." Amber explains. "We'll give you this lamp so you can wish Juandissimo Magnifico to be your Fairy Godparent again but in return you must use one of the other rule-free wishes to turn Timantha back into Fairy Timmy."

"Great idea." Remy replies. "And I can use the other wish to make the Pixies rule Fairy World."

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooo." Ashley and Amber yell in unison.

"Yes." The Head Pixie dully replies. "Go me. Go me. It's my birthday."

HP was about to PING the lava lamp to Remy when a BOOM is heard. "Not so fast, Head Pixie." Jorgen Von Strangle says as he blasts HP and Sanderson with his wand staff. The two Pixies are now in a block like the one Mandie locked Cosmo and Wanda the first time she came to Earth.

"Jorgen, how did you wake up so fast?" Ashley asks.

"Big Daddy went to my house because of the delay on his contracts to Fairy World." Jorgen explains. "And now you both are in a big trouble. For your actions you'll be sent to Level 14 Probation." He says and then blasts the two fairy girls away. "As for you, Remy Buxaplenty, Da Rules can't prevent you from associating with Pixies but if you ever try anything against Fairy World I'll scramble the fairies against you."

Remy knows that Jorgen would scramble the fairies just for the pleasure of doing so. This and his common sense kept him from replying as Jorgen BOOMs himself away. After that, HP and Sanderson get themselves free.

"Well, it seems that we'll have to use another plan, HP." Sanderson comments with his dull voice.

"Don't worry, Sanderson." HP replies. "We'll think a plan. Perhaps using a godchild and a Fairyversary Muffin."

A few days later, when it becomes public knowledege at Carl Poofy Pants Fairy High School.

"Can you believe that?" A girl asks another one. "How low Ashley and Amber can get?"

"I know." The other girl answers. "After that, accepting Timantha as a real girl doesn't seem that bad."

Sorry if it took a long time to update. I had a problem with my computer. Honestly, I don't know where else to go with this fic so I'll stop it here. Expatkiwi, since it was based on a series of your fics, you may feel free to use any character of mine from here in any fic of yours. Just don't forget to give me credit.