My Life:

It started out like any other Friday morning in Texas. I lived in Dallas, Texas, my dad, a Texas Ranger and my mom, an Assistant District Attorney. I had moved there with my 12-year-old sister, who passed away one year ago from Leukemia. We used to live in Houston with our real dad until he was murdered in front of my face. I'm 17-years-old now and have been living with Walker and Alex for 3 long years. I've made many friends. I was going to my friend CeCe's house for her birthday party after school that afternoon. I was getting straight "A's" and was a perfect student, daughter and friend.

I had recently started going out with one of the punk guys that hung at our school. They had a gang going but it wasn't like a real gang. It was more of a bunch of guys and girls getting together whenever and hanging out at each others houses, clubs, and arcades.

The Nightmare Begins:

After school, we went to CeCe's house and changed into our swimsuits. We started floating down the river behind CeCe's house. We tied a raft to a tree with a long rope and would paddle out to grab the person before they got to the waterfall. When it was my turn, my friends paddled to grab my hands. When I got within there reach, my hands slipped passed theirs. I was headed for the waterfall. I was scared and grabbed for a rock. My friends started to paddle towards me, but it was no use. I went over the fall. At the bottom, there were sharp rocks. I screamed and prayed that I wouldn't die.

As I hit the rocks, I heard the bone in my leg crack. Pain surged through my body. After I came out from under the foaming water, I tried to keep my head above the water. I didn't know then that my friends had gone back to shore and called my parents. I felt a sudden chill at the back of my neck. I knew Kalee was watching over me. I also knew that my friends back in Houston would find out what was happening on the news as I kept struggling. An hour passed and I became cold. Helicopters flew overhead as I floated down the river in the rapids. A large shape flew over my head as I struggled to swim to shore.