Author's Note:

Please don't be mad, but I had to do a fic about this.

Ruthie's Cell:

"Hey Ruthie, did your parents give the okay for me to come over this weekend?" I asked.

"Yeah, Rachel Lynn they did so stop pestering me about it. Geez, I swear it's like your trying to get out of your house!"

"Well I sort of am. My parents are throwing this huge party for all their friends and they don't want me anywhere around them. My father gave me permission to drive over on the interstate. So I should be there around three pm tomorrow afternoon. If not you can call my cell and I'll tell you when to expect me. You know how the interstate is these days. Busy, busy, busy. Well I gotta go; mom needs to use the phone. Talk to you later."

"Yeah see you tomorrow. Oh, and bring your Irish Step Dancing Tape. I wanna know what's got you in a huff about learning this knew hobby of yours."

"You got it, bye Ruthie. See you tomorrow." We hung up and I gave the phone to my mom. I proceeded to pack when both my parents came in. Dad gave me the keys to the car and mom told me to be careful. I told them that I would and went to the garage to put my gear in the passenger side of the car.

"Rachel Lynn Sanchez!" I turned toward my parents.


"Be careful no matter how excited you are to spend the weekend with Ruthie. There's no need to get hurt while driving over there. I don't want to be getting a call from the hospital saying that my daughter is in the hospital."

"You won't I promise. See you on Sunday night." With that I left the house and headed for the interstate.