A/N: In October, I asked readers of my LiveJournal to provide a sentence that I would use to begin a story. This story is 125 words, beginning with the sentence provided by iorhael of LJ.

"Don't go away."

Rosie stopped dead in her tracks at the whisper from the bed. She had thought Mr. Frodo unconscious, ill again from that adventure of his. She returned to his bed and grasped the limp hand that rested on the hobbit's barely moving chest. "I'm right here," she assured him, snagging the chair with her foot and dragging it closer to the bed.

"Thank you," he breathed, his eyes struggling open just enough that she could see him looking at her before they closed again. "It helps to . . . know I'm not there anymore."

"I won't be leaving you," she promised. "You just rest easy now." When Sam came to find her much later, she was dozing in the chair, still holding Frodo's hand.