Title: I Will Not Lose You 01

Pairings: Al/Scorpius

Rated: PG this chapter

Notes: Post-epilogue, so that means that this fic has some spoilers for book seven.

Albus Severus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, and Rose Weasley is eleven and getting sorted. James is a third year. Lily and Hugo are nine, Teddy Lupin is eighteen, and Victorie is seventeen (and in her seventh year).

This fic was written mainly for fun, so there won't be much angst in this.

Summary : It's Scorpius's first year, and he plans on making friends with a Potter... maybe even a Weasley. He finds he actually likes Al Potter, despite his original goal on getting Al to like him. It's not as hard to like someone from a different family than he thought.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and its characters are not mine, but I'm only playing around with them. However, the Original Characters in here are mine and won't be used by anyone else without my permission.


He was nervous, but it was understandable. His father was expecting great things from him, and even though his father had never really said anything like: "You better be sorted into Slytherin, or I'll disown you", he knew there was that looming over him.

Scorpius wasn't sure, though. He would like to please him and be sorted into the same House as his father and his grandfather had been in, but if the Sorting Hat had a better place for him, then who was he to argue?

Ravenclaw was looking pretty good, but he'd also heard good things about Gryffindor. Was he really brave enough to be in that House? Only the Sorting Hat would know, really… right?

But he knew that if he were to survive, he should make the right friends and connections. One of those connections he was sure he should get was the Potters.

His father would always skim over the issue of Harry Potter whenever Scorpius would ask, but he did recall that his father told him to be wary of those Weasleys. He knew that his family and the Weasley family didn't get along real well, but did that mean that he should alienate himself from them? He didn't think he should base others on their parents or family.

So, here he was, scouring the compartments for a Potter or a Weasley. The world had become a bizarre and warped place.

"Go away, James!" He heard someone shout.

"Will ickle Albus be fine all by his lonesome?"

"Bugger off!"

"Don't let him bother you, Al," said a female voice.

James left, laughing all the way. Al was glaring at the back of his head.

"So, you're Albus Potter," said Scorpius. He didn't think he'd have the courage to actually talk to Harry Potter's son, but then again, he did want to see if he could become friends with him.

Al turned around in surprise and stared at him. "Yes, I am," he said, blinking in astonishment. Wow, his eyes were so green!

"Scorpius Malfoy," he said, sticking out his hand for Potter to shake. "I heard a bit about you."

"Really?" said Al, his cheeks flushed. He seemed to consider Scorpius's hand for only a second, but then he grasped it and shook hands with him in the way that his uncle Ron had taught him. "I only heard a little about you too."

"Oh? Did your father tell you to stay away from me?"

Al blinked. "Er, no. I don't think so…"

"Oh," said the girl next to them. "That's right! My father told me not to get too friendly with you." Her cheeks went pink.

"And you are?" said Scorpius.

"Rose," she said softly. She brought a hand up and Scorpius took in into his and kissed the back of it. She giggled. Albus rolled his eyes.

"Let's just find a compartment so that we're not blocking the aisle anymore."

Agreeing, they followed Al down the aisle. He found an empty compartment and opened it. Rose went in immediately, and Al started to follow, but then he looked back and saw that Scorpius was standing a little ways away, as if he weren't sure if he should be with them.

"Come on, Scorpius," said Al. "You can sit with us."

"Are you sure?" said Scorpius, slowly inching closer to Al. "I am a Malfoy, after all."

"Yes, I'm sure," smiled Al. "Come on."

Scorpius followed him in slowly, nonetheless. It was nice, though, he thought; it looked as if he were becoming friends with Albus Potter.

When Al sat by the window, Scorpius automatically sat next to him. Rose sat across from them with a book already opened in her hands. He could hardly believe how well things have been going so far. He felt as if he were throwing caution to the wind, as it were, because even though his father hadn't told him to stay away from the Potters, Scorpius was still feeling somewhat nervous about befriending one. Would his father approve of his decision, or would he get disowned?

"You know," said Rose suddenly, closing her book. "I could care less what our fathers think about each other. From what I've heard, they had a heck of a time getting along because of their history. Well, I say phooey on that! Besides, the Houses aren't as in war with one another as they used to be."

Al nodded in agreement, and Scorpius hummed to himself, thoughtfully. Rose had a point.

"Yeah," said Al. "Besides, they didn't seem to hate each other that much."

"They did when they were younger, during their school days," said Scorpius.

"But does that mean we should hate one another?" said Rose, gesturing.

"She's right," said Al. "I think we should be friends." He smiled at Scorpius, and he could feel warmth spreading through his cheeks.

"Even if we're sorted into different Houses?" Scorpius asked, a bit fearful.

There was stifling silence for a minute. Then, suddenly, Rose spoke up.

"Don't worry, Malfoy," she said, smiling. "We won't shun you… even if you do end up in Hufflepuff."

They laughed. The ice was broken.


With the Sorting Hat nearly over his eyes, Scorpius gripped the edges of the stool with both hands, his heart pounding.

Hmm, this is curious, said the Hat. You have much potential to becoming a great wizard for any of the Houses.

Oh, thought Scorpius. He wasn't sure if it was relief or dread. He thought about his father and what he would think.

Yes, said the Hat. Your father was very easy to sort, but you're a whole different type of person.

'Don't I know it,' Scorpius mentally sighed.

So, where should I put you?

'Not Hufflepuff!' Scorpius chanted in his head. 'Not Hufflepuff!'

This is true, said the Hat. Well, then, let's see…

The Sorting Hat seemed to be taking its time deciding. Scorpius wanted to just shout at it to hurry or just pick any old one, since he would do well in any of them, but he didn't really want to rush it. He wanted to be placed into the House that would best suit him.

The House that will best suit you? The Hat said, sounding as if it was smirking. That's easy…

Scorpius gulped anxiously. This was it.

The Hat opened its mouth and shouted, "GRYFFINDOR!"

The entire room fell silent. Scorpius's jaw dropped.

The Sorting Hat was taken off his head. "Go to your table," said the professor doing the sorting. He didn't hear the professor at first, he just sat there, stunned. But then, someone started to clap in the group of un-sorted first years, jolting him back to reality. It was Al! That got the rest of the others clapping, and then the whole Gryffindor table was cheering.

Scorpius slowly stepped off the stool and made his way to the Gryffindor table. Great, what was his father going to think? What was he going to say? Would he disown him? He was the first Malfoy to ever be sorted into anything other than Slytherin!

But the Hat didn't think he belonged in Slytherin, so why argue?

It didn't take long, and Potter was sitting on the stool, the Hat falling over his eyes. Scorpius watched him nervously. He hoped Al would be in the same House. Not that it mattered, really.

Finally, after a couple minutes of silence, the Sorting Hat shouted, "GRYFFINDOR!"

The whole hall cheered. Scorpius stood and cheered just as loud.

Pink cheeked, Al made his way over to the table. What made Scorpius even happier was that Al sat down right next to him.

"Congratulations, Al," said Scorpius, patting his back (feeling some guilty pleasure in able to do so).

Al looked down the table and saw his older brother. James was whispering with his friends. He was probably gossiping about them. Both Al and Scorpius hoped that James wasn't going to start something now.

It finally came time for Rose to be sorted. She wasn't a bad sort, Scorpius thought. He wouldn't mind being her friend.

But then the Sorting Hat shouted, "RAVENCLAW!" and she was walking over to the Ravenclaw table with a smile on her face.

Scorpius didn't know what got into him, but he stood up and waved at her. She saw and waved back, grinning.

"See you later!" he shouted.

"Yes, see you sometime!" she shouted back. "Perhaps in the library!"

Most definitely.


"Hey," said Al, sitting on the couch. "What's up?"

Scorpius smiled at him. It had been a week already, and he hadn't had the courage to write home yet. He had a feeling that his father wouldn't wait too much longer for him to owl him, but he wasn't sure if he could really tell his parents. What would he say? 'Sorry, but your one and only loving son is a hasty, hardheaded Gryffindor and not a Slytherin, which the whole family had been for centuries'?

"Just thinking," he finally said to Al.

"About what?" Al said. That damn smile of his was so brilliant and radiant; it made Scorpius's insides flutter. Was that normal? And don't even get him started on Al's eyes.

Scorpius scrubbed at his face, the tip of his quill nearly going into his eyeball. "Just thinking of what to write in my letter to my parents."

"Did you tell them that you were sorted into Gryffindor yet?"

Scorpius's stomach churned in a not-so-comfortable way.

"No, not yet," he sighed. "I'm dreading what my father will say, actually."

Al shrugged, as if it really weren't such a big deal. Scorpius wasn't sure if that should annoy him or not.

"I got it," Al suddenly said. "How about I tell my dad in a letter, that way he could tell your dad?"

"I don't know if that's such a good idea," said Scorpius, feeling doom looming. "He might get upset."

"Well, how else are you supposed to tell him? Isn't there a way you could tell him in the letter without even saying it?"

"I dunno…"

Scorpius didn't want to tell his father, but if someone else told…

"Look," said Al. "I'm writing to my dad again tonight. I already told him in my last letter that you're my friend. I don't know if I said specifically that we're in the same House. I'll do it in the letter tonight and see if he says anything to your father about it."

Scorpius frowned. He knew he should tell his father in his letter, but he was so scared of rejection… "No, that's all right, Al. I'll do it."

He wrote to his father that night, but he didn't necessarily tell him what House he was sorted into.


About a week had gone by since Scorpius had written to his parents, and he hadn't got a response. He wondered if his father actually figured it out and this was his way of disowning him. He didn't sleep well for the past two nights, and he couldn't eat a single bite.

Albus noticed, even though Scorpius was doing everything he could to show that he was fine. Obviously, it was so apparent that even Rose noticed. During one of the classes that Gryffindor first years had with Ravenclaw—which was Charms—Rose had approached Scorpius about how he was feeling. Scorpius accidentally snapped at her, but then later apologized for it. He knew that if he'd been his father, he wouldn't have gone soft and said the 'S' word, but he was feeling guilty. Plus, in a way, Rose had become a friend—even if she was a bit of a teacher's pet.

During one morning, Scorpius was feeling even worse, because Albus had gotten a response to his letter from his father.

Mr. Potter had said to Al that he was very proud of him, and not just because he was sorted into Gryffindor, Scorpius was sure. He wasn't sure what the entire letter said, but that was OK, because it was none of his business.

"No owl this morning?" Albus asked, looking sympathetic.

All Scorpius could do was shake his head and frown into his oatmeal. Why hadn't his father written back? Why?

His answer finally came the next day. Sitting at breakfast, next to Al again, he watched very carefully for the family owl to bring news, but there wasn't one. It looked as if James finally got a letter from home, though, and was grinning like a loon (Scorpius was madly jealous). On the other side of the hall, Rose also got a letter.

For some strange reason, James came over and sat across from Al, waving his letter in his hands and talking about something, but Scorpius wasn't paying him any attention. He was too busy moping and glancing up at the ceiling for the familiar Eagle owl that his father was sure to use. Still nothing.

"Ok, James," said Patrick Patil. "You've said your piece, now go away."

"Why so mean, Patil?" smirked James. "I can sit wherever I wish."

Patil didn't answer, only furrowed his brows and frowned at his eggs.

Scorpius recognized that surname, but he wasn't sure from where. Patil had darkish skin, but not as dark as Henry Thomas's skin, whom was sitting next to some brown-haired boy with a large chin. He couldn't remember his last name. Fink-Fleching, maybe?

Just as James was about to open his mouth and start spouting more nonsense, or whatever it was that he liked to blab about, there was a familiar clearing throat behind Scorpius.

He froze. Never in his life had he felt so scared as he did in that moment.

"Stand up and face me, Scorpius," his father said. Oh, bugger.

"Yes, father," Scorpius said, scrambling to get on his feet and nearly tripping over his robe doing so.

It seemed that the entire Great Hall had gone silent. Scorpius wished the floor would open up and swallow him whole.

"Now," his father said. "Mind telling me why you, yourself, didn't tell me about which House you were sorted in, and why I had to learn this from Harry Potter of all people?"

Scorpius's eyes widened in surprise, unable to hide it. "Mr. Potter contacted you?"

"Yes, and don't change the subject. Explain to me why I had to learn of your sorting from someone other than my own son?"

Scorpius's entire face went bright red. "I was—I was…"

"You were what?"

Scorpius wondered over and over why his friends weren't saying anything. Then it hit him; of course they wouldn't want to disrupt their conversation. This was his father talking, and no one interrupted Draco Malfoy when he spoke. Sure, his father wasn't as frightening as his grandfather, Lucius, but he could really look intimidating if he really wanted to.

Although wishing he could be anywhere but here, his vocal chords finally decided to work.

"I—I was scared."

He was expecting his father to start yelling, or tell him that he was disowned, or something. What he wasn't expecting his father to do was laugh. For a second, Scorpius thought it was the sort of laugh that got him punished, the one he used when something greatly amused him yet he was still annoyed. But no, his father didn't do any of those things. Instead, Draco went down on one knee to look his son better in the eye, and that startled Scorpius so much he almost fell over.

"Scorpius, if you're going to be a Gryffindor, then for Merlin's sake, act like one! A Gryffindor isn't scared."

"Actually, Mr. Malfoy," piped up a Gryffindor girl that was sitting nearest them. "Gryffindors do get scared, but bravery is where you overcome your fears, and…"

"Yes, I know that!" Draco snapped. The girl jumped, went red, and turned back around to stare at her breakfast. Draco went right back to looking his son in the eye, and Scorpius gulped. "I understand why you were afraid of telling me, but you mustn't worry; I won't disown you."

Scorpius's eyes widened again, this time with incredulous shock.

"Thank you, father."

"However," said Draco slowly. "If I hear that you went running off to do something incredibly stupid and brash without thinking things through first, I won't hold back on my punishments."


"Hasty, foolhardy, reckless, irresponsible, careless… understand?"

Scorpius hung his head. "Yes, sir."

"Good." Draco patted his son on the shoulder. That took Scorpius by surprise. His father rarely showed any emotion like that in front of others. "Remember, just because you're a Gryffindor doesn't mean that you have to go off doing dangerous stunts, or try to be a hero. You leave that to the Potters. They have more lives than a cat."

"Yes, sir."

"And try to get a few friends from Slytherin, too. I don't want you always hanging around these Gryffindors."

Scorpius nodded. "Yes, father. Um, I'm already friends with a couple Ravenclaws, and a Hufflepuff…"

Draco sneered at the thought of Scorpius befriending a Hufflepuff, but didn't say anything about it. He stood and pointed over at the Slytherin table. "You see that dark-skinned young man at the end of the Slytherin table? That's Zabini's kid. You'll do well to be his friend."

"Yes, father."

"From now on, if anything happens, tell me. I don't want to hear it first thing from Harry Potter again."

"Of course, father. But, father?"


Scorpius hesitated for a moment, and then finally said, "You didn't say anything about me being best friends with Albus Potter."

It was silent, except for a few coughs here and there, and some whisperings. Scorpius hoped that not everyone had heard their conversation, but he doubted he'd get his wish.

Finally, Draco sighed and said, "I don't really like it much… but I know that I can't force you not to be friends with him."

This time, his father finally looked at Al, and Al blushed from the way Draco's eyes were looking him over.

"Don't get my son into a lot of trouble, young Potter, or your father will be getting a Howler every time you do."

Scorpius expected Al to be nervous, but Al just sat there, back straight and eyes shining with something unfamiliar.

"Don't worry, Mr. Malfoy," said Al. "I won't let anything happen to Scorpius."

Again, his father surprised him: he smiled somewhat and nodded.

"See that you don't." Draco turned, and before he left to be at the head table, he looked back at Scorpius and whispered, "Don't lose him."

Then he left.

Don't lose him? Scorpius stared at Al, whom was staring back. Why would he want to lose his best friend?