I Will Not Lose You 08 I Will Not Lose You 08

Pairing: Al/Scorpius

Rated: PG-13 (for now)

Notes: Post-epilogue, so that means that this fic has some spoilers for book seven.

Albus Severus Potter, Scorpius Malfoy, and Rose Weasley are eleven. James is a third year. Lily and Hugo are nine.

Other siblings (I discovered on JKR's site):

Dominique and Louis (and Victorie): Bill's kids.

(Dominique is a boy or girl's name, so I made it a boy. I'm guessing that Rowling probably made it a girl, though, but oh well)

Molly and Lucy: Percy's kids.

Fred and Roxanne: George's kids.

Warnings: Possible (un)intentional innuendoes

Disclaimer: Harry Potter and its characters are not mine, but I'm only playing around with them. However, the Original Characters in here are mine and won't be used by anyone else without my permission.


Two months had passed without too much happening. Al and Scorpius studied a lot, hung out together, and got to know a few other friends; Patrick Patil-Peterson (especially after Al defended him), Henry Thomas, Rose Weasley, and Kenneth Chamberlain (although Scorpius was a little annoyed by him, he still didn't mind) hung around them the most.

There were even times when, mostly after band practice, when Scorpius found himself hanging out with Tam Fletcher, whom was good friends with Harold Kemp and Cal Chandler. They all hung out in the Ravenclaw common room, talking or doing a bit of homework. Harold was very nice and what one could consider a nerd; he wore glasses and had a really bad haircut, but he wasn't ugly. Cal had lighter hair that hung just below his ears and he sported a few freckles on his cheeks and nose. The three Ravenclaws were a lot quieter and more composed compared to the Gryffindors, even though Harold was into Quidditch and hoped to get on his team next year.

Sometimes when he was in the Ravenclaw common room with his Ravenclaw friends, Rose would come sit with them. Tam and Harold didn't seem to mind too much that a girl was with them, but Cal always looked annoyed whenever Rose was around. This confused Scorpius for a while until later when he asked Cal what was wrong with her.

"I don't know," he had answered. "I just don't like her."

"Well, she's my friend, so you better get used to her." Scorpius snapped back.

Since then, Cal hadn't said a thing about Rose. Scorpius didn't think it was a good idea to tell Rose about what Cal said either, just in case that made her not want to hang out with him anymore.

There was even a time when Scorpius got a chance to see what the Hufflepuff common room looked like. He hadn't even really wanted to because of what his father had told him about Hufflepuffs, but since he was friends with a couple he might as well indulge them.

"Here we are," said Kenneth Chamberlain. "What do you think?"

"It looks like you've been digging escape tunnels," said Scorpius, eyeing the rounded out common room and burrow-like dormitories. "Is it really that bad to be in Hufflepuff?"

"Oh shut it," said Kenneth half-heartedly, pushing Scorpius's shoulder lightly.

Samuel Bones (Elizabeth's so-called twin), Harris Duncan, and Melanie Meriwether joined them on the floor beside the fireplace. Scorpius helped them with Potions and Charms, and together they did some Herbology homework, and studied for Defense Against the Dark Arts.

"So, where's your other half?" Harris teased.

Scorpius colored. "Who?"

"You know who!" Harris laughed. "Albus!"

"Oh, him," said Scorpius, staring down at his parchment. "He's busy."

"Busy doing what?" Kenneth asked.

"Homework or something, I don't know. I'm not his shadow."

"Never said you were," said Kenneth.

"No, but you are all thinking it. Just because I'm his best friend doesn't mean that we're joined at the hip."

Melanie giggled, and Scorpius couldn't help blushing even though he was glaring at her.

"Sorry," she muttered.

But what they had said made Scorpius long to be with Albus again. Once they were done with their homework, he made a hasty retreat, telling them that he should be back to his common room as soon as possible. They didn't give it much thought, and Scorpius ran as fast as he could to Albus.

When he entered the Gryffindor common room, Albus was sitting there with a few of their Gryffindor friends, working on Defense Against the Dark Arts. When Albus saw him, he smiled brightly and signaled to him to sit by him. Scorpius sat, only too pleased to do so. Al's smile was contagious.

"Why're you out of breath?" Al asked.

Scorpius nearly wrapped his arms around Albus, but he contained himself and just settled for smiling like a loon.

"Just wanted to make it back before curfew."

"Oh," said Al. "Well, now that you're back you can help me explain a few things to Henry."

Henry looked embarrassed. "I don't understand…"

"No problem," said Scorpius.


Before they knew it, snow had blanketed the ground and frosted the trees, and Christmas was upon them. Scorpius couldn't wait; he missed his parents.

"Going home for the holidays?" Albus asked him, and he nodded.

"Yeah. I can't wait to go home and see my mother and father again. How about you?"

"Yeah, I can't wait either. Although I would rather not be around so many, it'll still be fun."

"That's right," snickered Scorpius. "Your family is huge."

"You scoff, Malfoy," said Albus, pretending to be put out. "But I get more presents!"

"I get about as much as you!" Scorpius protested.

"That's because your parents give you about a gazillion gifts every year! I only get one gift per person."

"That's too bad," said Scorpius, pretending to feel sorry for him. Albus then snarled teasingly and they ended up chasing each other around the common room.

"Boys!" a prefect scolded when they had accidentally tripped and knocked over a table that had someone's homework sprawled on it. "That's enough rough housing!"

They sat on the sofa, embarrassed but still smiling and panting.

After packing a few things to go home, they stared at each other, finally realizing that they wouldn't see each other for about a week or so.

"Write to me, at least once," Scorpius told him.

"I will," said Albus.

"And, er… have fun, ok? Just because I can't be with you doesn't mean you're allowed be a wallflower."

Albus laughed and nudged him playfully. "Shut up."

They boarded the train to take them home. They sat beside one another, and Rose sat across from them. She had taken a book out right away and began to read. Henry and Patrick had joined them. Scorpius's hand was so close to Albus's that if he moved even an inch he could be holding it.

Albus sat back in his seat, eyes closed and a bright smile on his face. "I love trains."

"Oh?" said Scorpius. This was new information.

"Yeah," said Al, blushing. "Ever since I first saw the Hogwarts Express when James had to go for his first year."

Scorpius filed that bit of information away for future use.

When the train stopped at the station and they stepped off, Albus and Scorpius didn't move away from each other right away. They stared at each other, even as Henry and Patrick said their goodbyes.

"Guess I'll see you…" started Albus.

"Write to me," Scorpius reminded him.

"Al! Rose!" shouted someone. They turned. It was Albus's mother, and she was waving at them. Rose was next to them, waving back at her.

"I better go," said Al. He made a jerky movement toward Scorpius, but stopped. It was almost as if he was about to hug him. Scorpius decided to meet Albus halfway, and stepped forward.

"Scorpius," called his mother. He stopped and looked up.

Suddenly, both set of parents where there, and he looked up and saw that Mr. Potter and his father were eyeing each other coolly.



"Hello," said Ginny. "You must be Astoria."

"And you're Ginny," said Astoria politely. "A pleasure."

Draco snorted, but Astoria nudged him with her elbow.

"Ready to go home?" Harry asked his son, ruffling his hair.

Albus nodded. "Yeah. I can hardly believe that I actually miss grandmum's cooking."

"Have a good first year so far, Scorpius?" Astoria asked, tucking a stray hair away from Scorpius's face.

"Yes, mum," he said, blushing. Albus was looking back at Scorpius and was smiling. Scorpius couldn't help smiling back.

Draco cleared his throat and straightened his back. "Well, let's be on our way, Scorpius."

Scorpius nodded, but the moment he took a step toward his parents, he remembered something. He turned around and faced the Potters.

"Albus," he said.

Albus turned.

"Um, have a good holiday."

"You too," said Albus. The two families watched the exchange.

Scorpius screwed up his courage and moved forward. Albus figured it out a second later, and then they were hugging each other fiercely.

Draco looked away, and Astoria smiled and said, "Oh, how sweet." Harry and Ginny smiled, not one bit surprised; their little boy was pretty affectionate.

A minute passed, and they haven't let go of each other yet.

Rose nudged them. "Um, guys? Time to go."

They slowly released each other, blushing. "Er, sorry about that…" said Scorpius.

"It's all right," said Albus automatically. "See you after the holidays."

"Right. And don't forget to owl me, ok?"

"Okay, I get it, Scorps." Albus laughed.

They left with their respective parents, and before they were out of sight, they turned their heads back and gave each other one more smile.


The house was big and nearly empty, but Scorpius still felt happy to be home again. He missed Albus, but he knew that they would see each other again when he went back to school.

The Christmas tree in the sitting room was huge, and the star on top of it was bright and gold. There were dozens of presents lying under the tree, most had Scorpius's name on them. He sat next to it, right by the biggest present with his name on it, and stared at the ordainments and blinking fairy lights.

His father came in and sat down on the armchair. Scorpius looked up.

"Hello, father," he said.

"Scorpius. Are you all right?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

Draco raised an eyebrow. "Oh, really?"

Scorpius sighed. He'd picked up Albus's ways of telling others he was fine when he wasn't.

"Well, I do miss Albus… but it's OK, because he said he'd write."

The corner of Draco's lips twitched. "Yes, well… you'll see him at school after the holidays."

"I know," sighed Scorpius. "I just haven't been away from him for this long before."

"You'll live."

Scorpius nodded and went back to staring at the tree. It really was beautiful; the House-elves outdid themselves this year.

"Would you like a biscuit?" his mother asked when she sat down on the sofa with a tray full of treats.

"Sure," said Scorpius. "Thanks, mum."

Although they had tried to get Scorpius to call her 'mother', he couldn't help calling her mum. They tried to get him to break the habit, but it was futile. They gave up when he turned eight. After all, there were times when Draco himself had called his own mother 'mum'.

The next day, an owl from Al had arrived.

"Doesn't wait long, that Albus Potter, does he?" said Astoria, smiling.

Scorpius colored as he snatched the letter from the owl, opened the envelope and read the letter to himself.

Dear Scorps,

As you can tell, I didn't waste any time writing to you. I hope that makes you happy. I'm glad to see my family again, but I already miss your company. My little sister Lily was extremely happy to see me again, and she's been bothering me almost non-stop since I came home. I finally got her to leave me alone long enough so that I could write to you.

Do you have a big Christmas tree? Ours is pretty big. It has all sorts of ordainments and lights on it, along with an angel on the top. Does your tree have an angel, or just a star? I think we just had a star on ours last year. The colour for the tree this year is gold, silver, and red. It's very pretty. I almost wish I was here to help decorate it, but Lily and my mum had that pleasure.

So far, I'm counting five presents under the tree that are mine. I'm sure there will be more as more people come over for Christmas Eve and Day. How many did you count? I'm sure you have more than five!

I know that we didn't talk about it before we left, but I want to get you something for Christmas. You don't have to get me anything, if you don't want, but I won't say no if you do! It looks like Lily and James have about as many presents as me, but I'm hoping that if you get me one, that will be one more pressie than them! Not that I'll gloat or anything. I'm not James.

I could ask you what you want, but then it might spoil the surprise, and I know that you like surprises. I'll just get you what I hope you'll like, and if you don't like it you can always just send it back with a Howler or something. (I'm kidding about the Howler! Mum would go ballistic I think)

Anyway, I better cut this short, because Lily is bothering me again, plus I'm running out of parchment. I'm going shopping with mum and dad in a couple days, so you know, in case you have a certain day to go too; wouldn't want to bump into each other and spoil each other's surprises, huh? Well, write back very soon! Have a great holiday. Say hello to your parents for me.

Your Best Friend in the whole wide world,



Scorpius didn't waste time and wrote back to Al right away. He told him about their tree, the colors, the lights, and his presents. He told Al he would see about getting him a present, but not to get his hopes up. Scorpius was teasing, of course, and hopefully Al knew that. He also told Al that whatever he got for him would be fine, as long as it's not something that would make his mother scream. His mother did not like creepy, crawling things, and would often freak out at the sight of wiggling worms. Scorpius guessed that his mother had a phobia of creatures that were slimy or something.

After sending off this owl, Scorpius went through his homework to see what he had left to do. He'd finished most of it before the holidays started, but he knew there was at least one assignment that was due after the holidays that he wasn't done with.

In three days, they were going to buy some presents for other family members. That was a relief to Scorpius, because then he won't have to bump into Al and spoil the surprises.

He knew just what he wanted to get Al, and he immediately went toward the shop that would have it.

"Don't dawdle, Scorpius," his mother said. "We have a tight schedule."

"Yes, mum," he said, and then ducked into the shop.

It was here; Al's Christmas gift. He bought it immediately.


Christmas Day came before he knew it, and he ran downstairs excitedly. His parents were already awake and sitting in their respective chairs by the tree.

"Happy Christmas, Scorpius," said his mother. "Would you like to open presents first, or eat?"

He was hoping to open presents, of course, but he didn't want to sound too eager. He shifted from foot to foot, hands clasped behind his body and eyes on the floor in front of him. He had showered and dressed the moment he woke up, because Christmas Eve last night was the night for sitting around in your jammies and sipping hot chocolate and opening the stocking presents. Christmas Day was the formal family affair.

"I would… well, it is up to you, mum…"

"No, it's up to you," said his father. "That is why we asked."

He was supposed to know patience, like his father had taught him and his grandfather had taught his father, but he'd been around Gryffindors (and Al) for too long to put up with being patient.

"Er, presents… if that's ok."

Draco shook his head, hopefully not in too much dismay, sighing, and his mum smiled and clapped her hands.

"All right, presents it is!"

Scorpius wanted to jump and shout for joy, but he held himself in check as he sat down on the floor with his family and they began to unwrap gifts.

Right before he got to his last present (which was from his grandmother), an owl came into the sitting room and landed next to Scorpius. Whenever they would get owls, the house-elves would always let them in and send them to wherever the person was.

"It's from Al!" Scorpius whooped, and grabbed the package off the owl right away. Draco gave his son a disproving look at the way Scorpius was acting, but Scorpius tried not to let it bother him too much. "Sorry, father… I'm just excited."

"Open it," said his mother. "Let's see what your best friend sent you."

Draco snorted, but they ignored him. Scorpius opened his present quickly, too impatient, and ended up ripping the paper into pieces. It was an ordinary looking box underneath.

He was nervous now. What if his parents didn't like what Albus had sent him? But it was too late to dwell on that; they were watching him. A bit more slowly, Scorpius opened the box.

It was a book. Scorpius was fond of books, but sometimes books could be boring as all hell. When a book was interesting, yet somewhat boring at the same time (with how it's written) it can be the best kind of book to read in bed. Then there were some books that absolutely fascinated him. He was sure that Al knew this, and hopefully didn't send him one that would take him eons to finish.

"Oh, how original," said Draco sardonically. "A book. What does he think you are, a Ravenclaw?"

Scorpius chuckled at that, but his curiosity got the better of him, and he picked the book up and turned it around to read the front cover (because for some reason, Al had placed it face down into the box).

"Wizards Who Love Their Strings and More," Scorpius read. He blinked and stared at the dark mahogany cover, feeling his throat tighten. "It's… it's a book mostly about string instruments."

Scorpius was in such awe of the gift he felt his eyes prickle a little. His best friend knew how much it meant to him to be able to play in band, and that he loved his violin; this book was perfect, and he would place it on the shelf in his room along with the rest of his books and music sheets.

"What a lovely gift!" his mother said, smiling.

When it was time to go back to school, Scorpius decided to take the book with him. After all, he needed something to read for enjoyment in between schoolwork.


Was it really possible to be sad and happy at the same time? Standing on the platform, about to board the train back to school, Scorpius said his goodbyes to his parents. He really liked being home again, but he also missed being at Hogwarts, and so he was torn between relief and despondency. Another bright side would be that he'd get to see Al again, and that was something to look forward to.

"Remember to keep studying hard," reminded his mother. "Practice your violin as often as you can, and don't cause trouble."

"Yes, mum."

His father pat him on the shoulder. "Remember what I told you at the beginning of your year: don't go looking for trouble; leave that to the Potters."

"Yes, father."

"Write to us when you can," said his mother. "I would like to know how things are going."

"Of course, mum."

She kissed his forehead and fixed a stray hair that kept getting in his face, and then together they walked to the train.

"Scorpius!" cried an excited voice. Scorpius turned just in time to see a flying Albus Potter coming at him. He anticipated the hug, so he spread his arms out to catch Albus. His friend buried his face into his neck, and Scorpius couldn't help enjoying the contact, even though it wasn't as long as he'd hoped for. Albus was beaming, eyes bright and twinkling and hair sticking up every which way. Scorpius couldn't help smiling back.

"Miss me?" he asked.

"Of course I've missed you!" said Al, his arms still around Scorpius's shoulders. "And thank you so much for that present! Where did you get it, by the way?"

"Oh, just in some shop. You really like it?"

"Like it? I love it! It must have cost a lot though."

Scorpius waved his hand away. "Don't worry about it. As long as you like it."

"You know I do! I'm so glad that I told you that I like trains."

Scorpius had bought Albus a working train set. It wasn't the Hogwarts Express model, but it was just as good. He'd even bought him the train tracks and the mini station to go with it.

"Best part about that set is that you can get other little towns to go with it, and figurines."

Albus bounced into his arms again. "You're the best!"

Scorpius said goodbye to his parents before boarding the train. He watched with amusement as Albus said his final goodbyes to his parents and little sister.

"I can't wait to go to school when it's my time!" Lily Potter exclaimed, bouncing around. Scorpius wondered if Al's parents were giving their children too much sugar every morning.

Mr. Potter surprised Scorpius by looking at him and saying, "Enjoy the rest of your first year, Scorpius."

Scorpius looked over at his father, who was looking slightly gobsmacked by the fact that Mr. Potter was talking to him. Scorpius had failed to mention to his parents about the time when Mr. Potter came to the school because he was worried about Al, and he finally got to meet Mr. Potter face to face. He tried his best to look proper and dignified, but he was smiling.

"I will, Mr. Potter."

Albus finally boarded, smiling and energetic. He waved a final goodbye to his parents before walking down the aisle behind Scorpius.

"Did you see the look on your father's face when my dad talked to you?" said Albus, grinning. "It was brill!"

"Yeah, but I'll bet he's going to question your dad about it," said Scorpius. Then he felt some dread. "Crap, he's going to owl me about it too, I reckon."

"Don't worry," said Al. "I'm sure you won't be in trouble. Come on, let's find a compartment."

"You don't understand, Al," he said, allowing Albus to take the lead. "I haven't told my parents about that time we went looking for you."

"Oh, I'm sure it's all right," said Al, then excitedly he exclaimed, "Here's a spot!"

Scorpius and Albus entered an empty compartment. Scorpius reached up to put his schoolbag away, and then sat down heavily, thinking about what Al had said to him. He was sure that he was thinking too much on it, but he didn't tell his parents about that incident and it was hard to say what his father will think. Lately, his father had been good about him being sorted into Gryffindor and becoming friends with Harry Potter's son, but not telling him about this? He'll be forgiven, yeah, but he was sure to get a good talking to about keeping things from him.

Maybe he should owl his father before his father got a chance. Then again, would that make things better?

Later, they had bought treats from the trolley and talked about other things besides what had just transpired.

"I can't wait for this year to be over with, actually," Scorpius said, opening his chocolate frog. "Then we'll be learning more bigger and better things."

"Is second year that much different?" said Albus. He caught the frog when it leaped out of its wrapper and handed it to Scorpius. "I'm mostly excited about starting Quidditch. I talked about it with my parents, and they're all right with me trying out. I—I told my dad about how I felt… sort of. About playing Quidditch, I mean."

"Oh," said Scorpius, remembering that Albus was afraid that he wouldn't be as good as his dad. "What did he say?"

"That I had nothing to worry about," said Al, frowning slightly. "It figured that he'd say that."

"You don't have anything to worry about," said Scorpius as he popped the chocolate frog into his mouth. "You're a great flyer; it's in your blood."

"Yeah, but I kind of wish that you were on the team too. It would be fun to go flying together, training together…"

"We could still fly together," said Scorpius. "I could ask my father for a broom next year."

"That would be great!" Al beamed. And just like that, Albus was all smiles and bouncy again.

Scorpius shook his head, somewhat amused by his friend's strange and opposite personality. It was any wonder why he hadn't turned so energetic and bubbly yet.