Full Summary:

Derek & Casey throw a party with the permission of their parents. Will a new band bounce D-Rock all the way back to the second grade? Or can they co-exist in the same school?

Asking Permission:

Derek & Casey came downstairs together. They had agreed to have some friends over, a small party, if their parents allowed them to. They had to ask first. They took one last look at each other, then at their siblings who mouthed "GOOD LUCK" to them before retreating to the kitchen. Derek & Casey entered the living room where Nora & George were watching TV.

"What did you two do now?" George asked.

"Nothing, honest dad. But we kind of want to ask you something."
"What? And this better not just be your idea, Derek."

"Oh it's not only his idea, George. I want this too."

"Okay, so Casey, Derek, what do you two want?" Nora asked.

"We want to know if we can throw a party. Just a small one, to promote D-Rock & have some fun."

"I don't see why not. Besides you can invite the new neighbors over as well. I've heard they're a great basement band. I even heard they performed live a couple times on TRL." Nora hinted. Derek & Casey's mouths fell open & the other kids were in the room within a couple minutes.

"You mean the new neighbors that just moved in down the street?" Lizzie & Edwin asked. But the conversation was interrupted by the doorbell ringing. Nora got up & answered the door, then ushered the kids into the living room. All were wearing baggy clothes.

"Can we help you?" Derek, Casey, Edwin, Lizzie & Marty asked at the same time.

"Hi, my name is Maze. This is my brother Harry, our sister Jennifer, younger brother Henry & the twin cousins Jake & Josh. We just moved in down the street. We wanted to introduce ourselves, just to let you know that were new in the neighborhood."
"Well we were just talking about you. My kids were going to ask you if you might want to perform at their party on Saturday."
George said.

"Sorry, but we already have plans. We're heading over to Iraq to do a live concert for the troops. It's been planned for a couple months now. It's what we do, & just because we moved here doesn't mean we're going to quit. It was nice to meet you folks."

"Maze, is that a guys name?" the little boy asked.

I pulled by hat off & my long black hair fell down past my waist. "Actually, it's a girl's name. I was born in Africa. I'm the oldest, to say the least. It was either Maze or Abeni. I like Maze better. It feels more sophisticated, you know?"

"No, we don't know. Now parents can we have the party?"

"Sure, why not. Have fun in Iraq kids." Nora said.
"What sort of fun are we supposed to have? Even the insurgents are going to love us. HeHe! We've gotta go. See ya'll later!"

We left and once the door was shut behind us, Derek & Casey turned towards their family.

"Jeez. She's a little stuck up don't you think? I mean she's even worse then Casey!" Derek said.

"I'm not stuck up! But at least we get to have the party!"