Little drops of sweat dotted the woman's forehead, as she breathed heavily. Who knew that cleaning an old well house could be such laboring work. Then again it was the middle of summer and the well house didn't exactly have any ventilation other than the door. Halting the broom as a thought struck her. "Who the heck builds a house for a well, not only that but why build a house for a well? And would it be to much to ask for them to put windows in the stupid building?" She hissed as she began sweeping the floor once again.

Her mind was so busy questioning the sanity of the person that would build a house for a well that she failed to notice her brother standing behind her. "Hey Kagome!" The boy yelled out. His older sister let out a screech dropping the broom, as she spun around with her hand on her chest to see who it was that gave her such a start. When her widened eyes landed on her little brother, they narrowed to dangerous little slits. "Little brother, you are going to die!" She hissed as she reached out a hand to grab him.

The boy dodged the threat of the hand and ran out of the well house yelling that his sister was stupid, and annoying, and any other names a teen with an older sibling could conjure up. Kagome glared at retreating form of her brother from the well house doorway and had to wonder whatever happened to her sweet, innocent little brother. Now he was rude and just down right irritating. Puberty was to blame she was sure of it, but had she known that it was going to change her sweet little brother into satan in disguise she would have murdered him the upon the arrival of his first zit.

Going back into the well house she sat down on the lip of the well to ponder the true origins of the little fiend known as Sota. She was sure that at some point during her mothers stay at the hospital there was a mix up and her real brother was out there somewhere completely unaware that he was living with the wrong family. Then there was the possibility that her mother was never pregnant, and when she went into the hospital, she went to have a tummy tuck and on her way home she found a bundle laying in a gutter somewhere, picked it up and called it Sota. If the cretin was abandoned in the gutter there was a reason and her mother should have just left it there, and if there was a mix up upon his birth then her mother should go back to the hospital and demand that they give her, her real son. Along with all the money she spent giving birth to her missing son.

She once put the question of the true origins of the thing called Sota to her mother, and was received with a trip to her room to think on her disrespect of her family. That day made her wonder that if it was indeed Sota that was the mix up and not her. It was completely possible that she was swapped at birth and her real, loving, sweet family was struggling with an out of control 19 year old, while she their real daughter was trapped in hell questioning her bloodline.

If she was honest with herself, and nobody wants to be that, but if she were going to be, she would admit that she was just as lippy and brash as her demon of a brother. Yet she didn't want to be honest with herself, she liked living the lie that she was sweet and innocent and that the family she lived with had the personality trait problems.

She was so lost in her thoughts she failed to notice the entrance of her cat Buyo, who walked past her leg letting the tip of his tail brush against her calf. Her mind being monopolized by thoughts of her real family instantly took the tickling sensation as a spider crawling up her leg, causing her to jerk. Her little body spasm against the sensation caused her to fall backwards into the well. The girl screamed knowing that either she was going to die or be in for some very serious pain for a very long time. She began to apologize for her negative thoughts on her family in hopes that it would be death that would take her with very minimal pain. It really was too bad that she was going to die. There were so many things that she didn't get to experience, such as a man.

Kagome laid there wondering if she was dead, for she didn't feel any pain upon her landing at the bottom of the well with the exception of a few rocks digging into her back, but for the most part she felt relatively fine. She decided that she would attempt to open her eyes just to make sure she was really alive, but when she was greeted with blue that looked suspiciously like a sky, she quickly slammed her eyes shut and surmised that she was indeed dead.

How was it possible for there to be blue sky at the opening of the well and not the familiar darkness of the well house? The only conclusion to such an enigma was that she was irrevocably, completely, and totally D-E-A-D dead! This brought forth a strange line of thinking. She wondered why people were so afraid of death, if when you die you felt completely fine? No pain, with the exception of rocks digging into your back, and nothing but the beauty of a blue sky looking down upon you. She then wondered where her ancestors, that should have greeted her upon her death were. Was it normal to die and not have someone there to help you adjust to your afterlife? Show you the ropes of floating through the heavens so that you could enjoy those things that you weren't able to during your life on earth. And just where the hell was her father, who of all people should have been there to greet her upon her death?

Then a sinister thought hit her, maybe she didn't make it to heaven. Perhaps she was in some level of hell where you're convinced that you're completely fine and you have to suffer through horrifying realities that really aren't real. Things that make you wish you went to a different level of hell where pain and torment are the norm. Cracking her eyes open once again and still seeing blue sky, she decided that she couldn't lay at the bottom of the well all day or for all eternity if she was dead; besides the rocks digging into her back where really beginning to annoy her, so she slowly stood up.

Now she was faced with a new problem, apparently with death you weren't automatically given the ability to float or fly or whatever modes of movement were granted with those who died were given, so that meant she had to find her own way out of the well. Looking around and seeing nothing but vines creeping down the inside of the well, she began grabbing a hold of them testing them to see if they could support her weight so she could use them to climb out. Finding a group of three that seemed to be rooted deep enough into the ground to support her she began her ascent to the top of the well. Half way up she was sure she was in hell, and was sure that it had been hours since she started her climb up based on how loudly her muscles were screaming at her that they didn't approve of this kind of activity.

After what seemed to be days later she finally made it to the top of the well, almost to fall back in when her eyes landed on the man standing there as if he'd been waiting all day for her. Letting out a scream her hands released the sides of the well. Just as she began her decent back into the well, a strange black tentacle thingy wrapped around her waist and pulled her out of the well, and held her up before the black haired, red eyed, very muscled man. Then she noticed that the tentacle thing was attached to his body, yes her first hours in hell were going to be spent with Amatsu Mikaboshi the god of evil. Although… he was a rather good looking god and if you were going to be tortured by a god, you might as well be tortured by one that was easy on the eyes.

Her little mental drool was interrupted by his questioning of her about who she was and where was the jewel. She stared at the hotty of a god with a blank expression, and a question of her own. "What?" The god gave her a death glare, and she wondered if you could die again once you were already dead. "Girl you will give me the jewel." He hissed at her.

So not only will you suffer pain in hell as she was now, since his tentacle thing was squeezing the breath right out of her, but you must suffer being questioned about things you don't know about as well. "Jewel?" Her mind screamed that answering a question with a question wasn't helping her in the least. The evil ones eyes narrowed at her, as he raised his claws to strike her down and take the jewel from her. She closed her eyes and waited for the pain that was to come when he struck her and wondered what it was that she did in her mortal life that caused her to be sent to hell and tortured. She mentally began apologizing to every person she could remember, whether she did anything to them or not, in hopes that being sorry for what she may or may not have done would set her free from the pain she was about to suffer.

She must have apologized to the right person, for just as the devils claws were about to make contact, a voice, one she could only describe as heavenly, entered her ears. "Hanyou you will release the girl." Kagome looked over to where the masculine voice came from and was awe struck. If she thought satan was hot, then there were no words to describe the being standing off to the side.

He was dressed in an all white battle kimono, which of course meant purity, with red boarders on his haori, which meant that he also had a slight bad side to him, as most gods do. His long silvery hair touched the back of his calves and somewhere inside her she wished she was the back of his calves just to feel the shiny silky stuff glide against her. She then noticed the strange markings on his face, the four magenta stripes, two on each cheek, and the moon on his forehead. She wondered what they meant, being she never heard of any god with markings on their faces, but then again no one had actually ever seen a god in real life to describe them perfectly. But what caught her attention the most was his eyes. The deep golden color, and the coldness in them that only seemed to enhance the strange color. She was glad for the moment that his icy glare wasn't directed at her.

Her little drooling session over the new comer to the party was cut unceremoniously short as she was suddenly dropped to the ground into a heap of arms and legs. When the pain of hitting the hard ground hit her, she momentarily forgot where she was and who she was with. "You didn't have to drop me like that you know!" She yelled at the evil god before her as she scrambled to her feet. Once she realized what she had done, she slapped her hand over her mouth. Neither man gave her a glance, as they were both too busy staring the other down.

Kagome didn't know if she should be put off or not. On one hand, she wasn't the center of attention to the evil one, on the other her sense of womanly vanity thought that both men should be paying complete attention to her. It was about then her hentai mind reminded her that in all her years of life she never once felt the hands of a man upon her skin in a very NC17 way, and began producing images of her and her two god figures in some very compromising ways.

Getting lost in her own hentai mind, her body began to produce a scent that she wasn't aware that the two gods before her could easily scent out. Finally her womanly vanity was sated, for now both men had their eyes locked onto her.

The beautiful god off to her side was the first to come to his senses and with a silence that only millennia of practice could do, unsheathed his sword and lunged at the devil before her. Her hentai mind was quickly shut down in favor of self-preservation as she jumped behind the well crouching down and covering her head with her arms. Her movement caused the evil one to notice that the other was coming at him, and instead of fighting back as a brave warrior, he disappeared in a black cloud of miasma.

Kagome coughed and choked as the black putrid stuff entered her lungs. Between her wheezing gasps she managed to voice her question to the other being there with her, who was currently glaring at the empty space before him that once contained his enemy. "What… cough… choke… the hell…. wheeze…was that…. hack… that stuff?… snort. The god creature took his steely gaze off the empty spot before him and turned it upon her.

In a movement far too quick for her to see he was standing in front of her with the tip his sword pressed against her neck. "Girl" Kagome could tell that he meant more by that one term to describe her as a female, than it did anything thing else. The problem was that she wasn't exactly sure what he meant by the use of the description of what she was. As she looked into his eyes, she noticed that the death glare he had given the god that mysteriously disappeared, was now directed at her.

Two sides of her were in a war. One was telling her that she was already dead and a dead person can't get any deader… can they? The other was telling her that as dead as she may be, it was quite apparent, based on the pain the tip of his sword was causing her, that he could inflict a pain on her like one she could never imagine. So in her circling thoughts on death and pain she spit out the only thing in her head that made sense. "Yes, I am that. A girl." She was really shocked at how calm her voice sounded.

She watched as his perfect lips, lifted up to reveal perfect fangs, just to give her a prefect snarl. Now she was just down right confused. Not only was she having a hard time understanding why she was in hell, what she did to wind up here, and which was worse being dead or being deader and in pain, she was confused as to the mannerisms and the gorgeous looks of the gods. Which lead her to only one conclusion, which she whispered out unconsciously. "These people are insane."