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Malicious gesture (one-shot)

"N-Nii-san... Will you help me with shuriken practice today? We just started learning it in the Academy, so..."

The young child before him was fidgeting with slight nervousness, a small blush gracing his pale cheeks as a hopeful smile lifted his light pinkish lips. Small hands smoothed out at the hem of a black shirt in attempts to ease away his restlessness. It was a sight that would have sent any mother or grown woman cooing over the boy, had the actions been directed at them, and agreeing to whatever request he had on the spot. Such was the influence a child had over maternal instincts.

But Itachi was not a woman, and did not pay mind to any of those actions, not that he was unaware of them. What had captured his attention the most were the boy's eyes, eyes that had a hidden potential locked away in them...

Eyes that would one day become his.

Every few seconds, the round dark orbs would dart up quickly to meet his adoringly before looking away again, scouting out nothing in particular to fix themselves upon. There was a touch of innocence and naivety within their depths which all sheltered, loved children had, inexperienced to the horrors that came with being a shinobi. Such a foolish child...blindly following his footsteps for the sake of acknowledgement from their father and be seen as a true Uchiha. It was sickening.

He would have to fix that soon...

At the moment, these were not the eyes he wanted. Not the eyes that had not even unlocked their bloodline limit. Not the eyes that lacked the power he so desired to rise above the rest and free him from the grasp of his weak excuse of a clan. The permanent Mangekyou Sharingan, the ultimate doujutsu that would enable him to surpass even Madara himself, his great ancestor and mentor.

The mere thought of such strength running through his veins made him suppress a shiver of anticipation and he thought he saw its form in the eyes of the child. The demon in him stirred and his arm lashed out unknowingly, fingers and thumb slightly hooked to gouge the orbs out of the child's sockets...

...And then he realised what he was doing, a moment of folly that could have ruined all his careful planning to achieve his greatest goal.

So his arm shifted its course ever so slightly, unnoticed by the child, and tapped elegant fingers onto his forehead, pushing the boy with enough force to make him stumble a few steps back.

"Forgive me, Sasuke...perhaps another day."

I will take your eyes another day.

The child pouted in disappointment.