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Am I a Malfoy?

"Will you keep up?!" Lucius Malfoy said to a small girl following him.

She wasn't too small really, just short for her age. Thirteen year old Abelinda Malfoy tried to keep up with her father and older brother, Draco. They were pushing their way through King's Cross Station. Abelinda and Draco had just gotten off of the Hogwarts Express, Abelinda having just finished her third year at Hogwarts and Draco just having finished his fourth. It had been quite an exciting year, ending with Harry Potter coming out of the maze at the third task clutching a student's dead body and claiming that Lord Voldemort was back. Draco had pulled Abelinda away from the scene only to tell her to stay quiet until they talked to father.

Abelinda was about five foot three with long black hair and bright blue eyes. Some people didn't believe she was a Malfoy. It was either her looks or her unquenchable thirst for books that threw them off. Every month Abelinda went through some subject and she became obsessed with it. Right now her obsession was werewolves. Even thought her nose was buried in a book about werewolves, she still avoided running into anyone.

"Come now father, it's not Abby's fault she always has her nose in a book." Draco said and then laughed.

Abelinda looked up and glared at him.

"Just because you can't read, doesn't mean you can be mean to those of us who can." She replied sweetly.

"Enough! I need to speak to the both of you without you bickering!" Lucius Malfoy suddenly burst out.

He grabbed both their hands and pulled them into a corner. Their luggage had already been sent to Malfoy Manor. He quickly apparated them into a parlor in the manor. Lucius took a seat on a couch and gestured for the two of them to do the same.

"I am about to tell the both of you a fact of great importance." He said. "I'll be blunt."

Draco seemed totally at ease but Abelinda stiffened. She had sensed that something had been off when her father had met them at the station. She had already figured it out. She was adopted, she just knew it.

"Abelinda, you areā€¦ you're adopted." He said.

"I already figured that out. I mean, I look nothing like you or anyone else in this family. And I can read." She said, smirking at Draco when she said the final sentence.

Lucius barely smiled.

"Be that as it may, I still have the chore of telling you who your real parents are." Lucius said quietly.

"Well, it can't be that bad. Just spit it out." Abelinda was beginning to get impatient.

Lucius just sat there, unresponsive.

"Father?" Abelinda asked suddenly tentative. When Lucius was silent, he was either angry or hesitant about telling something.

"You really shouldn't be calling him that anymore." Said a cold voice from the door. "He's really not your father. I am."

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