A/N: Not mine… well some of it is

A/N: Not mine… well some of it is. I love you guys but would it kill you to give me some feed back? I know that you like the story because I get the e-mails saying that I am on an alert list or favorite list or my story is, but could you please review?

Abelinda is 14 and Fenrir is 18. Just to clear that up.

Chapter 16

They stumbled out of the fireplace and into a large parlor. A man suddenly stopped what he was doing and bowed.

"Alpha." He murmured and left the room.

"Great. Is everyone afraid of you?" Abelinda asked as Fenrir started to lead her out of the room.

"I am their leader. I wouldn't say they were scared, just respectful." Fenrir said, nodding to three men that had stopped in the hallway to bow.

"Well, if they are so respectful, then why do I have to meet everyone? Can't they just take your word that I'm a good person?" she pleaded, digging her heels into the carpet.

"They would just take my word on it but I think that you need to meet everyone. And they need to know what you look like so that if they see you wandering the castle alone, they won't harm you." Fenrir said, turning into a large room.

There were lots of people there. Men, women and children all looked up from their activities to watch us. They stood and bowed to Fenrir, and he bowed back. I stood there looking out of place.

"My friends, I am sure you know why I have called you here for this meeting. I wish for you to become acquainted with my mate and future wife, Abelinda Riddle." He said, pushing me forward.

I stumbled and then caught my footing. I looked up nervously and smiled. Most of them smiled back, with the exception of a few of the men who leered at me. Fenrir put a protective arm around me and then started speaking again. He went on to talk about how we would be living here and how tonight would be my first transformation. He then led me through the castle, showing me everything. It had an amazing view. Apparently, the castle was in Scotland. As the sun set, I began to get nervous. Fenrir led me outside and away from the main pack. We stopped in a clearing.

"Your transformation will hurt. I just hope not too much." He said and then he disappeared.

I assumed that he went to change but my thought didn't get very far as pain ripped through my body. My hands shook, my arms shook, my whole body shook. Needles were being thrust into my skin. My bones were cracking and becoming longer. My scream made the transition into a howl and then… it was over. The pain was gone. My hearing and sight was sharper. A large silver wolf suddenly burst through the trees and circled me. I took a deep breath and recognized the scent of Fenrir. He took off into the woods and I followed. We hunted down deer and ate. We ran through the moonlight around the lakes and streams. When I finally became tired, we stopped. I curled into a ball by a tree and Fenrir lay beside me, his body radiating heat. And then I knew that I was safe, and loved. What more could you ask for in life?


THE END! I might have a sequel, I might not. I thank all my avid readers. Especially Brunette-In-Black and Aeieo.