A young blond wandered the streets, his pale blue eyes closed. He eventually slid down a wall, sighing sadly. He leaned his head towards the sky, looking at the several bright skies. 'How will I get out of this mess?' he thought, reaching into his pockets and grabbed some clay. A disposal bin hid his actions from others, as he took off his gloves, placing them beside him. Two slits opened in his palm, teeth and a tongue displaying in what seemed to be a mouth on both hands. His right hand's tongue curled around the clay and brought it into the cavern. Chewing could be heard as his hand muscles flexed, the mouth now closed.

Eventually, the mouth opened again, spitting out a wad of now-chakra infused clay, his own fingers beginning to sculpt a figurine. The white earth took the shape of a large bird, and the boy began to smile, his worries disappearing into nothingness. He placed his creation in the tin dumpster before running out of the alley, turning and twisting until he reached the exit. His left hand began to spit out a bird whose wings were outspread and he tossed it on the ground before placing his gloves back on. The boy closed his eyes, his fingers formed in a sign. The little bird began to grow in size, and the boy hopped on it, flying into the air. He hollered hysterically. "FEEL MY ART UN! SEE IT! FOR ART IS A BLAST UN!!!!" His hands forming that same sign, his mouth wording 'Katsu' as his figurine in the dumpster combusted, the whole town blowing into bits. Rock, blood, dust, and limbs flew everywhere, and the boy's crazed laughter could be heard above the screams of terror, the explosions and crumbling rock, the loud blast of the explosion.

"ART IS A BLAST!!!!!!!!" the boy screamed. "Fear me! FEAR DEIDARA UN!!!!!"