Title: Orange

Prompt: Tie-Dye

Rating: PG, PG-13?

Summary: Poor Sasuke has a migraine and all these bright colours aren't helping.


Sasuke hated orange.

Well, if he thought about it hard enough and was in a good frame of mind, he'd have to concede that it wasn't that awful. But it was just so damned bright, and after generations of selective breeding and of course being in the possession of the Sharingan, Sasuke's eyes were exceptionally sensitive. On top of having a migraine, Naruto jumping up and down in front of him was just too much.

His arm shot out and grabbed the bouncing ninja in front of him. Naruto paused mid-babble.


"Naruto," he bit out. "Go away."

Bad decision.

"Teme! Why do you always have to be so cold hearted, eh? I'm trying to tell you about my day here and how I found out that I had another free Ichiraku pass and…"

Oh hell, he's jumping again. The sheer horror of seeing so much orange seared itself into Sasuke's poor half-awake, migraine-afflicted brain and he very nearly went Sharingan on Naruto. The only thing that stopped him was the swift recollection that he did not posses the Mangekyo Sharingan (although if Naruto didn't stop bouncing, he might) and therefore being unable to do any lasting damage to his friend (Sasuke was rethinking this title very carefully), he would just intensify the orange even more thus increasing his pain.

Naruto was still moaning about what a bastard Sasuke was as the Last Uchiha™ clamped down on the section of body he held (a shoulder, apparently, although there was so much orange Sasuke couldn't quite tell) and started to steer him towards the door.

"What, what? Sasuke-teme, the hell are ya doing?"

"Migraine," Sasuke growled, bundling Naruto out the door. "Come back when you're less orange."

"But all I own is orange!" the other teen bemoaned as the door was slammed.

"Don't care," he pointed out through the thick wood before stalking away. Apparently mindful of the fact that Sasuke did indeed feel like chopping off his head and handing it on a platter to Itachi, Naruto did not hammer on his door for hours as he was usually wont to do.

The Uchiha fell back into blissful sleep and dreamed. Naruto featured prominently, but he was not wearing orange.

In fact, he wasn't wearing anything.

"Oi, oi! Sasuke! Wake up and let me in! Sasuke!"

He jerked upright as he woke, homicidal intent boiling in his veins. It took him a few seconds to get his bearings and realise that yes, it was Naruto banging at his door and no he wasn't allowed to kill him.

Damn it all.

Muttering dire threats under his breath, he padded towards the front door. Well, if murder was out, he'd just castrate the idiot. But he rather liked that part of Naruto, so maybe…

Yes, that was it. He'd tie him up for a week and force-feed him vegetables. Sasuke was almost sure Naruto would prefer the castration.

He grabbed the door handle and nearly yanked the whole thing off its hinges. "Dobe, this had better be – gah!"

"Ne, ne teme don't I look awesome? A real Hokage, yeah?"

Sasuke stumbled about blindly, searching for the handle. "Out!"


He found it. "Out!" The door slammed shut and he leaned against it thankfully, ignoring Naruto's pounding at the thick wood.

It appeared Sasuke needed to find someone else to kill. Who on earth had introduced Naruto to tie-dye?