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This takes place after the entire series, so it will have MAJOR spoilers, don't read if you don't wanna know.

Summery: Ichigo, shortly after taking his seat as captain in the fifth division, begins to ponder on the history of the seireitei and rukongai. All souls were originally created equal, so who was the first shinigami? Who became the first Hollow? Ichigo's journey starts with curiosity, but that curiosity will take him back hundreds of years, and drag him into a plot more wretched than Aizen's scheme for ultimate power.

Lesson 1: Attention

Ichigo Kurosaki hated history with a passion, as it was always his worst subject. As Keigo had often liked to point out, Ichigo was a study bug and a geek. However, history was the only damn class he'd ever gotten lower than a B plus in. It irked him to no end, and Rukia never let him live it down, especially with those stupid drawings of hers.

So what did life decide to throw at him as he calmly spun in his captain's chair on a mid summer's day?

"Captain Kurosaki?"

"Oi, Momo, just call me Ichigo, how many times do I have to tell you?" he asked irritably, stopping the makeshift office chair and looking at the small girl that had entered his office.

"H… hai, Captain Ichigo."

Ichigo rolled his eyes but let her carry on nonetheless, "If it's about the paperwork I left it on the desk, I made sure you don't have to do any so you could have some free time today. You seem like you haven't been getting much sleep."

Momo smiled softly and walked forward, taking the thick pile of papers from Ichigo's desk, "Thank you," she said softly, "There's also one more thing, Captain Kurotsuchi would like to speak with you about something."

"What does that freak show want with me?"

"He wants to speak with you… about the origin of the souls; at least that's what I think he called it."

"Alright, you have the day off Momo, go talk with Toshiro or something."

Her cheeks took on a sudden hue of pink, "But why would I…" when she saw his knowing smirk her blush deepened and she decided to shut up and retreat as quickly as possible.

Ichigo sighed and stood from his chair when his Vice captain had retired her badge for the day. He was also hoping he could get some much needed rest, and perhaps poke and prod Rukia about her new position as third captain. No matter how much he denied it, it looked like the fates were not smiling on him that day, so he threw on his flashy white cape and exited his office, making his way to area twelve with a brisk walk. His captain's cape helped to fend off some of the heat due to its color, but as he passed his men he could swear that a few of them were sweating their eyebrows off, and his light sun burn did anything but lighten his mood.

By the time he reached the door to Kurotsuchi's office he had become extremely impatient with the freak show, even though he had yet to see him that day. So he did what any angry, impatient, and hot person would do. He kicked the door several times before it slid open and a shy Nemu poked her head out.

"NEMU! What is all that blasted racket!?"

"Apologies master, but Kurosaki Ichigo is here as you requested," she said quietly, but loud enough to where the captain could hear her.

"Well what are you waiting for girl, send him in send him in!"

She nodded and made a slight sound of a yes before sliding the metal door open fully and letting the orange haired captain enter the office. Ichigo wondered why Nemu was still so shy, Uryu was now here to send threatening glances at Kurotsuchi if he even thought about harming her, but maybe it was just in her nature to act that way.

Ichigo shrugged it off and began to ponder on something else… No matter how many times he had been in this office he still couldn't get used to all the metal and experimental tubes laying about. Science usually gave him the chills, especially when it was being performed on animals, as Kurotsuchi only too often liked to do, as he was now forbidden from human or soul subjects.

"Pay attention Kurosaki, I'm saying something important!"

Ichigo snapped out of his daze and sent a glare at Kurotsuchi, who sat, clearly fuming with anger, in front of his data bank, "I'll listen to you when I want you freak show!"

"Don't talk to me like that boy, I've been here three hundred more years than you!"

"Oh yeah? Well that doesn't stop you from being a freak! Uryu all but gladly told me about your escapades eighty years ago, I'd say only a freak would cut his own Lieutenant!"

"I made her, I do with her what I please!"

Ichigo smirked, "That didn't stop Yamamoto from putting the clamps down after Uryu reported your activities."

Ichigo could have sworn that the freak had turned purple with how much anger that comment had brought about, "Enough!" he shouted finally, "I will not have this nonsense, I called you here because Yamamoto wants you on a case."

"A case, me?"

"Well, not really," grumbled Kurotsuchi, "I'm showing you this information and giving you unlimited access to its archives, you do with it what you please. The case was open and shut centuries ago, don't ask me why the old man wants to dig it up, much less give it to the likes of you."

"Just get on with it before I slit your throat and call it an occupational hazard," snapped Ichigo.

Kurotsuchi bit his tongue against another snide remark, the less he argued with the other captain the sooner he would be rid of him. The computer beeped and spat out a thin object that looked somewhat like a disk. The twelfth captain pulled it out and shoved it into Ichigo's hands before shoving him out the door hastily, "Be gone with you, wretched idiot!"

Ichigo stared at the little object sitting on his desk, it was midnight and he had yet to see exactly what Kurotsuchi had given him. Ichigo often charged blindly into situations, but that didn't stop him from having a sixth sense of impending doom. Somehow, that little disk had weighed so much in his hands, and when he set it on his desk and began to stare at it that feeling of weight began to grow in his heart.

"What is it about this?" he muttered to himself, finally pulling a small laptop from his drawer and popping the disk in. A few clicks later the file folder was opened and what Ichigo saw were at least a hundred video files, all dated back at least a thousand years ago. Rushing blindly as he often did, he clicked the first one and the video file began to play.

'Archive date: 1101 AD'

'Recorder: Meiun Kuchiki'

'Recorder Status: Deceased'

"Is this thing on? Heh, what the hell is it? It's like it's recording something."

"Cool, Meiun, didn't you say the head researcher gave this to you?"

"Yeah, that guy's been doing all sorts of crazy stuff. He said, and I quote; 'Only a Kuchiki is worthy to possess something of such technological prowess.'"

Ichigo saw what looked like the Kuchiki manor, but the image quickly slipped to the face of a young man with unruly brown hair and eyes of the same color.

"Meiun, get it out of my face, it's weird to think my face will be imprinted on this thing."

His hand reached up and pushed the camera down, but Meiun only laughed.

"C'mon Norichou, it's not like it's going to eat your soul or anything, besides, could you imagine recording our days with this thing? I tell ya, it's gonna be one helluva ride."

"Alright alright, but don't take it overboard or the captain's gonna eat us for breakfast."

"Yeah yeah, I get it. Smile, it makes you look better."

"Shut up Meiun."

More laughter, and then the screen went blank. Ichigo closed the lap top and sighed, deciding to hit the hay for the night. The first video was normal, but… something about the disk still bugged him, so he decided to leave it in the laptop for after tomorrow's paperwork.

On his way back to his new home, he couldn't shake the feeling that something big was about to happen. Bad or good?

He really couldn't tell…