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All you DMC fans that also watch Bleach, the new character Nero is voiced by the same guy that does Ichigo in the English dub! I heard that voice and I freaked out and started babbling about it to my mom. It was awesome, and fret not, for Nero plays well, and Dante is not a background character, so go pick it up already!

Lesson 6: Vocabulary Time

The book was heavy, that was all that Ichigo noticed as he poured his Spirit pressure into the effort of holding the damn thing together. Rukia carefully guided him by holding onto his shoulders given the fact that what he was doing took pure concentration. The old man that Urahara mentioned in his record was very kind and happily showed them the dilapidated building where the book had resided all these years. As they passed several residents backed away from the immense spiritual pressure, and some of them were completely unable to move until Ichigo had disappeared from their sight completely.

It had been so long since she had been to Rukongai that Rukia hardly recognized it, but it was still as feral as ever, and some of the citizens looked so torn down she didn't think she could bear to stay here any longer. Her thoughts traveled to the times when she had constantly told the souls they would be going to a peaceful place, however, Rukongai was anything but peaceful these days it seemed.

The trip back to Ichigo's office was relatively safe save for having to fend off a battle ready Kenpachi. The book was laid gently on his desk and Ichigo sighed with relief as his power once again withdrew to his body, "That takes me back to cannonball days," he said with a smirk, only to have Rukia flick him on the forehead.

"I'm the one that had to stand up under all that."

"That's right; you're a little weakling, aren't you?"

Ichigo suddenly collapsed and held his groin, gritting his teeth in pain while an angry Rukia stood over him, "Don't you talk to me like that, if it wasn't for me you wouldn't be a Shinigami at all Mr. High and Mighty!"

"That was a cheap shot," he grumbled, standing up and resting in his chair with a sigh of relief.

"I got another one if you want it."

"Just shut the hell up and let's get on with this," he growled, opening the cover of the book gently as Rukia leaned over his shoulder. "What the hell is this?!" he shouted, causing Rukia to jump.

However, when she regained her demeanor and peeked over his shoulder again she saw what he was on the fringe about… it was in some weird language. Forget Japanese and English, in fact, there wasn't a single kanji or roman letter on the page as far as she could tell. "It's in some weird language," she muttered.

Ichigo looked at her and scowled, "Naw, like I can't see that captain obvious!"

A quick smack to the back of the head silenced him temporarily, "We don't have a choice; we have to take it to Kurotsuchi."

"What?! That freak show again? I've already had to deal with him once, don't make me go back again, we'll take it to Urahara; you said he translated some of it already anyways!"

"Fool! Urahara's in the living world, you're lucky you managed to snatch that date, going back and forth for a book that can be translated by a captain who's already here wouldn't make Yamamoto the happiest person in the world!"

"Fine! We'll take it to the freak, but don't expect me to bite my tongue at all!"

When Ichigo Kurosaki once again showed up to his laboratory Kurotsuchi was not happy at all, but it was on the investigation he and Rukia Kuchiki were conducting, so he had no choice but to let them enter. That didn't mean that he had to give the any hospitality though, "What do you want?" he growled as they entered the metal infested area.

The heavy spiritual pressure finally died down when Ichigo had placed the book on top of one of Kurotsuchi's servers, "We want you to translate this gibberish," he said, wiping the sweat from his brow.

"And why should I do that, I'm sure there's more than one person capable."

"Because you're convenient freak show!"

Kurotsuchi didn't notice when Rukia stepped harshly on Ichigo's toe, "Fine, but on one condition, when I'm done I better not see you within range of the Gotei twelve for at least five months unless it's on DIRECT order!"

"Fine by me, I don't wanna be seen near you either, it'd kill my reputation."

Kurotsuchi glared but bit his tongue, choosing instead to examine the book closely, "Hmm, I've never seen this language before, this book was probably written hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. It will take some time, Nemu, show them the door!"

Before they knew what had happened they had already been harshly shoved outside with the door slamming abruptly behind them. Rukia glared at Ichigo and he shrugged, "What, you got a problem? He IS a freak you know."

"Yes, he is, but my problem is you berating fellow captains!"

"What's the matter with that?! We've got Mr. Freak back there, we've got someone who's even shorter than YOU, we've got a guy who's racked up a thousand sick days, a blind guy always ranting about justice, an old man who always sleeps when you need to talk to him, a midget with a temper (read: Rukia), and don't even get me started on Zaraki and that pink ball of doom!"

"So? We've also got an idiot with spiky orange hair that refuses to follow any sort of conduct!" she yelled, bonking him on the head with her fist.

He grabbed her fist before she could retreat it and pulled it around his waist, and before she knew it her face was pushed against his chest, "Oh yeah? You seem to like that in a guy though," he whispered.

"I never said that," she breathed.

Suddenly, Ichigo pushed off of her, causing her to fall while he jumped back himself. Before she could scold him for suddenly assaulting her she looked up just in time to see a jaggy katana hit the ground and create a crack twice her size. Ichigo stole the words right out of her mouth, "What the hell is wrong with you Zaraki?!"

Zaraki stood and flashed a grin in Ichigo's direction, "You know Ichigo," he said, shouldering his Zanpakuto, "PDA is strictly forbidden within Seireitei."

Rukia swore she could see the vein on Ichigo's forehead burst, "That doesn't give you the right to randomly assault me for flirting, and if I hadn't noticed you Rukia could have been hurt!"

"Ah, but therein lies the hole in your argument, you DID sense me in time to save the little lady, and now, as punishment for PDA, instead of reporting you, I'm gonna make you fight me."

Rukia sighed and shook her head, "Men," she mumbled.

"Kenpachi you loon! I don't want to fight right now!"

"Seems to me like you don't have much of a choice," responded Zaraki before charging forward and bringing down his sword.

Ichigo rolled out of the way and held up his hands, "Are you insane?! If we battled here everything would be destroyed!"

"Where's the fun in not destroying stuff? You didn't complain when we annihilated all those buildings in our first fight!"

Ichigo growled, "Fine, but just for kicks," he said, pulling Zangetsu from its sheath, "Zangetsu will stay in its first form. I won't let any of your attacks get past the handle!"

"That's more like it!" shouted Zaraki.

Before Ichigo could fully adapt to the swing of things their swords were already clashing and vibrating against each other, "You learn your Zanbakuto's name yet?"

"Yeah," said Zaraki, pushing forward and forcing Ichigo to try and keep his ground with his toes, "But I'm not tellin' you."

Ichigo brought his right leg up and swiftly kicked down Zaraki's sword arm before thrusting forward with Zangetsu. He drew back and took a defensive stance, smirking at the light cut he had inflicted upon Zaraki's cheek, "Well, you wanted a dance, I'm giving you one."

Zaraki wiped the blood and smiled, "You just keep getting better and better Kurosaki, but maybe there's something you should know."

"Oh yeah, what would that be?"

"So do I!"

With that final shout Zaraki charged forward once more, and Ichigo tightened his stance.

Cloud: I wanted to get a fight in there, but the monster hasn't revealed itself yet, so I figured Zaraki would be the perfect candidate.

Oh, and DMC4 has my heart forever, Dante's Shakespeare scene has to be my favorite one. If you want to see it go to YouTube or buy the game. It's my favorite scene in the whole thing and it had me grinning the whole time.