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Review: Bella likes a guy named Brian. She is confused because she finds another guy named Mason staring at her. Bella begins to doubt herself liking Brian and begins to like Mason. She is at a sleepover with her friend Lynn, who was talking to her boyfriend who she is obsessed with. Bella was looking at a picture of Mason in her yearbook when Lynn questions her about who she was looking up.


"Can't you even say please?!" I added to show some sarcasam.

"Please?!" Lynn mocked. I sighed and began the story. I would skip over the part in Algebra for now. It might freak her out a little.

"To be honest, not really anyone," I said with my utmost sincere lying voice. I had conviced her. It was pretty sad considering I was a horrible lying and a monkey could have told I was lying.

"Okay," Lynn said and flipped the pages over to where Jacob was.

"You know that assembly we had today?" I spat out. Lynn nodded. "Well, I want your opinion. I. Saw. Someone. Maybe. Staring. At. Me?"

I was wacked upside the head by my yearbook. "And, why when I have been here for a total of five hours am just hearing about this? Who?!" Lynn questioned with excitement. There was not escaping it now.



I nodded. "What do you think that means?"

"Well, maybe he likes you," She said. I concealed my excitement behind a frown. I almost never broke my code of not showing my feelings about guys I like to anyone.

"Do you think so?" I whispered.

"Honestly? I don't think he would like you." Lynn said lowering her smile. I flinched a little. She acted as if no one of his status could possibly like me. But the fact is, its generally true. The fact was the reason I didn't like like popular people. I stayed 'within my league'. I hate the hippocritism in that but its the truth. At this moment I wish someone would back me up.

"Ya. I guess I'm stuck with Jason liking me. Why me?" I said sarcastically to hide my hurt. Jason was another boy in my Algebra class. He flirted with me constantly and to be quite honest he was off. As some might say he isn't exactly my cup of tea.

"I don't know. I do feel sorry for you though. Instead of Jason, how about Brian?!" She nudged me. I rolled my eyes. I have gotten so good at lying about Brian. I have had too much practice.

"How many times do I have to tell you and everybody else! He is nice and my friend but I don't like him!" I spun off another lie. I did like him. Maybe someday, if I ever gained enough courage. With my luck I will be graduated and living in a shack before I get that much luck.

"I thought that with Jacob at first! But now look how that turned out! I mean he is so perfe-" Lynn went off into another speech on how perfect Jacob was and how she wishes she meet him last year. I had heard this at least hundred times. This was going to be a long night.

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