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Summary: The different reactions from the crewmates and others over the captain's and the first mate's love affair. See how they all react. But in the end, isn't it whatever makes you happy the most the best choice?

Whatever Makes You Happy

Luffy Loves Zoro

Luffy loved the way Zoro held his head in his lap when he took a break from training or was just relaxing.

Luffy also loved the way Zoro's fingers ran through his dark hair. It made a shiver run through him, all the way to his toes. It made his stomach clench in a warm feeling and he loved it.

That tingly feeling sound appeared soon after Zoro joined his crew and continued till this day.

At times that tingly feeling would hurt his heart so badly, like when Zoro would get hurt or when he and Zoro were fighting. That tingle hurt everytime Zoro was hurt and he couldn't save him from that pain.

Luffy tried to wash Zoro's pain away with one of his infamous smiles and his silly antics.

Luffy loved nothing more then when Zoro would smile and laugh at what he was doing or join in with his fun.

He loved everything about Zoro. His stubbornness, his hair, the way he smelled, his laugh, the way he never cried, (which also annoyed him to a point) and even the way he argued with Sanji. That was always entertaining, unless he was about to be involved in it. Then it was run-for-your-life-mode.

But anyways, that's off topic. But one of the best things was the way Zoro held him when he needed to be held. Or the way he kissed him to make things better. It made Luffy feel safe and protected.

Because Luffy knew. He knew that as long as Zoro held him in his arms, he would always be safe.

Zoro was his guardian.

And Luffy loved him for it.

End Chapter

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