Woot! Anousa, people! Koneko-chan is back in town, safe and sound! Ha ha ha! Yosh, I'm making a new story! I got the idea of this story when I was watching an episode of Doraemon last night! Ha ha! It was about magnets. South and South pushed each other when they get close while South and North stick to each other! Get it? S and S, S and N! Yatta, that's my new story!

Gaara: S stands for Sasuke, the other S stands for Sakura and N stands for Naruto...

Koneko: Hait! That's right! You're so smart! (pats Gaara's head)

Gaara: Don't pat my head... (furious)

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Pairings: SasuNaru, implied KakaIru, ShikaTema and of course, GaaNeko!

Warning: Contains boyxboy actions! You don't like it, then go to hell this instant or I'll chop your head off! (takes out two katanas)

Disclaimer: I know, this is Masashi Kishimoto-san's work, but I like to do it! Please, don't sue me!

Note: May contain OOCness, AU and some other stuff...

Prologue: Magnets!

"Naruto-sensei! Naruto-sensei!"

"Un? Oh, it's you guys," he grinned at the children. "Nandayou?"

"Konohamaru-sensei taught us a really cool subject today!" one of the students, Aoi said.

Another student by the name of Hime nodded. "Yeah! Yeah! You got to know it! It involves you, sensei!"

"Really? What did he taught you?"

"Look at this!"

Aoi took out two magnets that he held in air using two pieces of strings. Hime and the others started to giggle. Naruto lifted a brow, wondering what was so funny about two magnets pulling away from each other. Still, he continued to watch the magnets as they glued to each other immediately.

"See? When S and S look at each other, they run away from each other," Hime said. "Because they are not meant for each other!"

"But when S and N look at each other, because they love each other..." Aoi fingered one, two and three.

"They don't want to stay away from each other!"

And they all giggled again, making Naruto frowned in confusion. Still, he tried to smile and clapped. Then, he began to walk away as he had some more works to do, but he was stopped by the kids. He turned around and noticed the sly grin on their faces. He cocked a brow.

"What now?"

"You don't want to know the rest of the story, sensei?"

"There's more?" he cocked his head. 'But I thought that is that, done... Anyways, it's kinda weird, though. Why do they have to make up a love story for two magnets? Guess I'd better listen to know about it...' "Okay, what's that?"

"Come on! Follow us first!"

They all pulled his hand, insisting him to follow them. He sighed and followed the kids until they reached the ninja academy compound. Then, Aoi ran towards the building and went inside. Meanwhile, the others asked Naruto to sit on the swing. He did as told and took his seat on the swing he used to sit on during the old Genin days.

After a while, Aoi returned with a piece of paper in his chubby hands. All his friends gathered around him and giggled. The kitsune got up form the swing and approached them, wondering what was it that they were laughing about. Aoi then handed the paper to him. He observed the doodling carefully.

All of a sudden, heavy red tints appeared on his whiskered cheeks. It surrounded his whole face, making him look like an overripe tomato. Immediately, he ran away with the paper still in his hands. All the Genins giggled and laughed in amusement again. Suddenly, they heard the sound of a twig cracking behind them.


The four friends gulped, recognising the low voice that belonged to the most serious person on earth. Slowly, they turned around to face the last heir of the Uchiha. His dark eyes stared at them coldly, giving them a shiver along their spines. As the Chuunin neared them, they backed away. It continued until they were stopped by a tree.

"What. Did. You. Do. To. Naruto?" he spoke, letting the words out one by one.


"What did you do to him?" he asked again, lowering his voice to a murderous tone.

"Actually, Konohamaru-sensei taught us about magnets today..." Hime said. "And, and...he drew a scribble on how to remember the formula easily..."

His eyes still didn't show any emotions. "So?"

"Well, well...he drew a picture of Sakura-sensei, Naruto-sensei...and you, Sasuke-sensei..." another boy, Ichi spoke.

"The three of us?"

"Th-that's right," the last of the group, Saaya nodded. "You and Sakura-sensei are South...and...Naruto-sensei is North..."

With that, Sasuke went away without saying anything. All four of them sighed in relief when he didn't do anything to them. But still, they were worried about what the raven was going to do to the poor little kitsune. So, they tailed him quietly, making sure that he won't detect their presence. After a few minutes, they finally caught up with him. He was entering Naruto's apartment.

"No!" Hime squeaked. "We have to stop him!"

"Wait, Hime-chan! I don't think Sasuke-sensei will hurt Naruto-sensei..." Aoi stopped her.

Saaya stared at the blue-haired boy, eyes tearing. "H-how do you know that?"

"I know...Konohamaru-sensei said so..."

Meanwhile, Sasuke had already entered the five-storey building. He went to the fourth floor where Naruto had been living since he became a Jounin. His new home was much more spacious than the old one, and it has its own separate kitchen too. He had painted the walls pale orange, the ceiling sky blue and the floor navy blue(yup, he painted it!). In his room, there was an orange couch, a mahogany three-door cabinet and a queen-sized bed with an orange-and-blue sheets.


At the same time...

'Stupid little brat! Why does he have to come up with such an idea! Stupid fucking idiot!'

He panted as more images of a very seducing duckbutt-hair raven appeared in his head. Immediately, his pants started to tighten. He yelped and threw himself onto the bed. He panted again. Unexpectedly, his hand began to wander towards his private region. Unzipping his pants, he started to pleasure himself. At the same time, even more images of a hot, naked Sasuke come to his vision.


Yes, he had already known the fact that he was a gay since a few years ago when the Uchiha had returned to the village. He started to feel awkward whenever the raven was nearby, and he would blushed everytime they were alone. It was the same when they accidentally came in contact with each other. He didn't know if Sasuke noticed this, but he always prayed that the raven won't notice it.

Unfortunately for him, Sasuke knew all this too well. He himself was a gay too, and he had been craving for Naruto ever since they were Genins. Since he was parted away with his love, he had been dreaming about him every single night. And when he finally returned to the village, he realised that Naruto was the same as him, only that the kitsune either didn't realise it or he didn't want to show it.

"Ah...ah..." Naruto moaned, coming close to orgasm. "Sasukeeeeeee, aaaahhhhhh!"

White milk burst out from his manhood, leaving a limp shaft afterwards. He panted for breath, licking some of the cum around his hand. Then, he sighed as he put another hand on his forehead. He was about to drift away to his dreamland when he heard the door being knocked. Still dizzy, he got up from his position and wen to get the door. Before he opened it, he zipped back his pants.

"Who is it? ...huh?"

"Oi, dobe..."

Naruto widened his eyes as red tints started to creep back to his cheeks. In front of him stood a well-built, slightly muscular, pale-skinned Uchiha Sasuke. His lips formed a smirk, and his usually-emotionless eyes glinted with amusement and lustfulness at the same time. Naruto gulped and backed away as the raven slowly neared him. The kitsune only got back to his senses when the door was slammed and locked by the taller guy.

"Uh...what are you doing here, S-Sasuke?" he stuttered.

"You don't know?" he touched the blond's pink cheek, caressing it gently. "Okay...let me give you a little hint..."


'Bingo, I got you now, my little Naru-chan...' "Magnets..."

With that, Naruto widened his eyes again...

-- ((to be continued!)) --

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