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Pairings: SasuNaru

Warning: Contains boyxboy actions! You don't like it, then go to hell this instant or I'll chop your head off! (takes out two katanas)

Disclaimer: I know, this is Masashi Kishimoto-san's work, but I like to do it! Please, don't sue me!

Note: May contain OOCness, AU and some other stuff...

Epilogue: After Fifteen Years

It had been fifteen years since I was born into this world. And in this fifteen years, never once had I regretted my joyful life of being born as one of the powerful Uchihas, and as the Rokudaime's first son. My name's Uchiha Hikaru, and this will be my part of this story...

Fifteen years ago, after nine months of being in my 'mother's' protective ball of chakra together with my twin sister, Kaoru, I was transported from the chakra ball to a uterus, where I continued to stay for several minutes until my 'mother' gave birth to me. I don't know if this is true or not, but my parents told me that I was born beautiful, just like a small sun, whereas my cute sister was born as the 'moon' of our happy family.

I always complained and whined when my parents told me that I am beautiful, but I guess I really am - with my nape-length orangeish-golden hair and my sparkly sea-blue eyes. Maybe even you would say that I am a girl, or maybe a tomboy, if you don't know me. Haha...but as beautiful as I might be, my sister is way more beautiful than me. Her long purple hair and enchanting gray eyes are just too captivating - and even I would fall for her if I'm not her brother.

But anyhow, enough about the two of us! About five years after the both of us were born, we received another pair of twins in the family. They were just like Kaoru and I, a boy and a girl, whom my parents named Uchiha Kaito and Uchiha Haruko. Kaito, my brother, looks just like my father, except that he had a pair of bright blue eyes, an exact copy of my 'mother's', and Haruko has my looks, but she has father's dark eyes.

Right now, my 'mother', who in reality is actually my father, is still working as the Rokudaime Hokage, and my father is the captain of the ANBU - and I have to say that I'm very proud being their child. And I'm very grateful that I have my father's talents, and I was able to finish my studies in the ninja academy at only six, and currently, I'm training to be a Jounin as well as an ANBU. I can't wait to serve under my father's command!

My sister, on the other hand, chose to be a medic nin instead. So, after she finished her studies at seven, she became a Genin, trained to a Chuunin and went to study to be a medic nin with Sakura-san. Speaking about her, she always told me to call her Sakura-baa-chan, but I couldn't, as it would make her look old. Haha.... Anyhow, back to the story, my two younger siblings, are now training to become Chuunins, under Konohamaru-sensei's supervision.

Speaking about Konohamaru-sensei, well...I can't say much about him, except for the fact that I am very thankful towards him for he was the one who actually got my parents together - even though I have to say that it was quite an embarrassing incident. Nonetheless, he, although still slightly perverted, has very much grown ever since he got married to Moegi-san, and he had gotten a triplet a couple of years ago. Good for them, huh?

Konohagakure is now a peaceful place, after the Akatsuki - whoever they were - were destroyed almost twenty years ago. Everyone in this village now lives happily and joyfully under Uchiha Naruto's governance - that's my 'mother', alright. Sakura-san and Lee-sensei is married with three children, Hinata-san's happy with Kiba-jii-chan and their two kids, Ino-san with Shino-san, expecting their first child and so on so forth. Everyone is happy.

As for my parents...well...they're still the same like the older days, always behaving like two rabbits in heat - especially my father, Sasuke. Kaoru and I are already used to hearing them every single night - and day - but...really...sigh.... Oh well, as long as they're happy.... I just hope that I wouldn't be like them when I become an adult. Doing 'it' more than ten times a day supposed to be tiring, right? ...I guess that's not really true... (sweatdrop)

Oh, before I end my story - just to inform you guys - I'm currently dating this hot guy named Kai. He's a nice guy, with a fiery spirit and a breath-taking smile. He has bright red hair, just like his parents, and a pair of mesmerizing green eyes just like his mother's. Wondering whose son he is? Well...he's the Kazekage first son, and yes, he's younger than me - what's the problem with that? None, right? Besides, I'm happy with him!

And last but not least, I just hope that my happy family will remain unchanged forever and ever...amen! Chow!

"...I didn't know you can write this long, dobe..."

"...Kai-teme, don't call me that!"


"Gah! Teme!!!!!!!"

-- ((OWARI)) --

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