Chapter 1

Hermione looked out the window as the snow fell heavilly on the ground and sighed and turned slolwy to Ronald who was looking out the window the same as her and sighed looking at the beautiful snowflakes fall to the Earth was like the heavens themselves had opened up and shone its beauty. A smile spread accross her face as she watched them. Ron was pretending not to notice how happy the snow made her but he did notice.

"It's so beautiful isnt it Ron?" She whispered in awe and he looked at her as though he hadnt heard. "What?" he asked looking at her with a look he hoped was convincing of confusion and she sighed.

"Nothing Ron never mind..." she whispered seemingly disapointed he never listened to her. For once Ron was staying at Hermione's muggle house (Arthur thought it would be good for him) for fun and it hadnt stopped snowing and Hermione's parents were stuck in an airport leaving the kids alone in the old house.

Hermione pulled her sweater sleeves down and shivered cold shuddering through her body as she looked out the window still sitting on the window sill.She got up and went to the kitchen slowly and Ron watched feeling bad

She grabbed a cup and filled it with water from the tap, and rubbed her forehead with her palm and sighed she was getting a headache again she could feel it. Ron who had followed her went to her slowly.

"Hermione?" he asked looking at her worried, "Are you ok?"

She looked down at the sink tears were forming in her eyes. "Im fine Ron!" she said and wiped her cheek as the tear fell and stayed turned away so he couldnt see her and sighed again pouring out the remainder of the water in her glass and turning around slolwy to look at him.

'I think I will just go to bed early tonight!" she whispered and began her way to her bedroom and knew it was rude to leave a guest out there but ROn looked at her with sad eyes.

"Ok hermione..." He said "Feel better soon..." she nodded and went in her room slowly and closed the door sitting down on her bed and layed down slowly holding her stomach as she felt a few cramps and sighed falling into her nightmares as darkness overcame her.

; 4 hours later

Hermione screamed and tossed and turned in bed sweat sticking her clothes to her body and she was tangled in her sheets and Ron woke with a starter hearing her moaning and screaming.and crying and worried got out of the bed and went to her room and knocked on the door slowly and still heard the crying and opened the door and slipped in. He walked to the edge of the bed and stroked her hair.

"shh" "He whispered "Dont cry..."

"Ron?" she whispered in her sleep.

"yes im here..." He whispered and stroked her hair more trying to calm her down and she stopped whimpering and calmed down still asleep and he smiled kissing her cheek softly he stood and turned to walk away and she started to whimper again softly.

"Dont leave!" she whispered in her sleep and he walked back to her slowly and began to stroke her hair again and she went limp again and slept on and he sat on the edge of the bed stroking her hair and smiling keeping her calm while she slept.

He slipped out early the next morning with a small smile going back to his bedroom in the house and she stirred as the sunlight came into her room shining down upon her the snow had stopped and it had started to rain and Hermione slipped out of bed to start another day not even aware Ron had been with her all night.