AVP a parody

It keeps in my head, the bloopers of AVP, enjoy.

Predatorship scene 1

The Pyramid was showen on a holoform. Celtic and Chopper were watching closely. Suddenly the holoform was changed to cartoons.

"SCAR!!!!" said Chopper and Celtic.

"What?" said Scar.

"And cut"said the director.

Predatorship scene 2

The predator took their helmets.

"Guys, mine is a bit strange." Said Celtic.

"Alright, who replaced Celtic's helmet with a darth vader helmet?"asked the director.

Alien chases humans scene 1

Lex and her team were running away from the aliens. Everybody turned around the corner but the alien slipped right away and bumped into a wall.

"And cut." said the director.

Alien chases humans scene 2

Lex and her team were running. They turned around the corner and watched.The alien didn't show up.

"GRID!!!!" they said.

Grid came running coverd in dougnut cream.

Scar meets Lex scene 1

Lex ran after Scar. Scar stopped and Lex bumped into him.

"I'm not going to work with the human female when she is in her period, she's gonna kill me!!!" and he ran away.

Scar meets Lex, scene 2, a week later.

Lex ran after Scar. He stopped as she bumped into him again.

"What now Scar?" asked Lex.

"You smell aroused." and he tackled her.

"SCAR!!!" eveybody yelled one the scene.

Here's part one, if I have to make more, please tell in a review.