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"–and did you know? Shikamaru's fantastic in bed."


"Mhmmmm," a trippy Ino answered, taking another sip of punch from her red cup. A dizzy smile bubbled to her lips as she giggled at nothing in particular, looping her slender arm around Sakura's small shoulders. They were standing off to the side near the front door of Ino's house, where the aforementioned had caught Sakura almost the second she had walked through the threshold and engaged her in the detailed saga that was her and Shikamaru's sex life, from when they had first started going out to about twenty minutes ago. "And the things he does with his fingers," she breathily moaned, her eyes practically rolling into the back of her head at the thought.

"Uh-huh." Sakura half-heartedly replied, silently running through a mental checklist of her supplies. It was crucial that she had everything she needed; Ino's parties were more high-end–more expensive liquor, than cheap beer–than most she dealt for and allowed her to charge at least ten dollars more than usual. Which meant a whole bunch of cha-ching.

Out of the corner of her left eye, she watched as Ino tilted her head back in a futile attempt to rescue the remaining drops of punch from her cup, then pouted when she realized that indeed, there was no punch left to drink. "Oh... poop," Ino verbalized her disappointment. "Well, it was nice chatting with you," she suddenly announced, and flounced off. Though lights were low, Sakura could see Ino readjusting her tight baby blue halter top, and crimson red mini-skirt in the midst of bodies standing in the entry way of her kitchen. Her black fishnets and cork heels complimented her, tying together the 'hooker' look she had successfully achieved for her costume party.

"How troublesome," a voice suddenly mumbled from her left. Shikamaru leaned against of the robin egg walls and sighed, one hand in the pocket of his purple dress pants and the cradling a half-smoked joint. He taken the place his girlfriend had occupied only moments earlier. "I swear half the country knows what we do at least nine times a week."

She raised an eyebrow at the stoned genius. No wonder he was so laid back all the time. Sakura took one look at the large feathered fedora and plum purple zoot suit. "What're you, her pimp?" she guessed, taking in the yellow tie with the matching feather in his hat.

Sigh. "Yeah." He looked her up and down. "And what are you supposed to be exactly?"

"The proverbial manifestation of temptation and sin," Sakura answered with a grin that could fuck virtue right in its ass. She twirled the faux-satin covered devil tail that was discreetly clipped to the back of her jeans and adjusted the chibi-horns atop her head, then checked if both of her pitchfork earrings were in. Shikamaru gave her a deadpanned look, dropped his roach in the nearest beer can and pulled out another doobie from his vintage suit pocket.

"How appropriate," he mumbled, lighting the blunt with a flick of his zippo.

Sakura scoped out all the potentials with sweeping glance into the crowd with the same grin plastered on her face. "Alright, well I'll see you later Shika... I've got some souls to steal."




Sasuke frowned as he walked across the street to the mansion that Ino's house practically was, with Naruto flanking his side. He was surprised that the foundation of the house hadn't crumpled from the sheer bass of the music, not to mention the combined weight of hundreds of people that seemed to just keep coming dressed as the most obscure things.

Obsidian eyes glanced at the blonde's outfit, then at his. At first, Naruto had wanted them to have matching costumes–inmates, with bright orange jumpsuits–but Sasuke had refused straight out, leaving Naruto a one-man team, preferring simple moldable vampire fangs that attached to his canines. But in revenge, the idiot had dragged him around trick-or-treating for an hour instead of arriving on time to Ino's Halloween party. Dumbass, Sasuke thought vehemently while keeping his outward appearance placid. Every house they had been to, the women swooned wildly, especially when one of his fangs poked out from under his lips when he scowled.

Your back's against the wall
There's no-one home to call
You're forgetting who you are
You can't stop crying

"You came!" a voice yelled excitedly over the music. Ino approached the two and wrapped one arm around each of their necks, then stepped back and appraised them with dilated eyes. She frowned at the Uzumaki. "What the fuck, Naruto?"she voiced and pulled the zipper of his jumpsuit down halfway, exposing a white wifebeater slightly strained by muscular his arms and pecs. Ino nodded to herself, sloshing some of drink onto the floor and turned toward him. "And what're you supposed to be?

Sasuke looked down at her and raised one side of mouth upwards in a smirk, revealing a fang.

"Oh very classic of you."

He nodded. "You know you can the music from across the street," he informed her.

"Oh you can?" She said excitedly, "Fantastic!" and flitted off somewhere.

The duo watched her exit with raised eyebrows. After a moment of silence, as more people flooded through the open door like mosquitoes, Sasuke announced his leave.

"I don't fucking think so," Naruto spoke, grabbing his longtime friend before he could make for the door. He dragged him through the crowd that seemed to be permanently stationed outside the entryway of the kitchen, and in front of a large tub of green liquid sitting in the sink. The Uzumaki dunked two red Dixie cups simultaneously into the fluid and handing one to Sasuke, downing in his in a second flat. Wiping his mouth, he went for a second cup. "Drink the fuck up Sasuke, you're gonna enjoy this party whether you like it or not."

Sasuke warily glanced at the contents of his cup. "... What is this exactly?"

"Fruit punch. Drink it," Naruto ordered uncharacteristically, and then grinned contagiously when his best mate took the plunge and downed it like a shot. "Alright, I'm off to play a couple rounds of beer pong. Wanna join?"

The Uchiha shook his head.

Naruto shrugged. "Suit yourself."

Sasuke watched as his friend wandered around the corner and out of sight, before a distant "HINATAAA!" could be heard. Feeling a bit drowsy, he leaned against the counter and took another cup of oddly colored fruit punch, sipping at it idly. Sasuke closed his eyes and after about a minute, an unfamiliar weight settled itself on his chest. Opening his eyes, he was greeted boobs, unfocused raven eyes, boobs, red hair, boobs, a skanky amount of glitter, and boobs.

"What the fuck."

"You're pretty," the boobs–girl giggled out, pressing closer.

"Get the fuck off me."

Bringing one hand up, the delirious girl–dressed as a naughty kitten, none the less–walked her fingers up his toned stomach, as if counting the muscled sections of his six-pack. She was seriously popping his personal bubble by like a thousand feet, and that was a definite no-no to the Uchiha. None too gently, he pushed her off and didn't stay to watch as she stumbled into some white-haired guy and tried the same tactic, but this time successfully.




You hear the door slam and realize there's nowhere left to run
You feel the cold hand and wonder if you'll ever see the sun
You close your eyes and hope that this is just imagination, girl
But all the while you hear the creature creeping up behind
You're out of time

The cool night breeze washed over Sasuke as it blew gently from the north, sliding across his skin and clothes like invisible hands. He sat on the flat piece of roof outside of the bathroom, in attempt to get some peace and quiet. After that terrible moment with that... bimbo, he had been bombarded by girls either half or twice his age. So sensibly, he went and hid.

The doorknob jiggled.

"Can you please get the fuck out of the bathroom?!"

Sasuke ignored the brash command, like all of the others that come and gone for the past half hour. From his spot, he popped a Mangekyou and watched the festivities. Right next to the patio, about twenty people surrounded a tin barrel chanting uproariously as two guys held their friend upside in attempt at a keg stand. Near the fence, two other guys had their back to the majority and were pissing on the wooden posts.

"Yo, I'm being serious," the guy whined out from behind the door. "I've got to piss so bad it's starting to hurt... dude, chick, who's ever in there, ha-have some mercy."

"Jesus Christ," Sasuke muttered, stepping onto the toilet seat and closing the window. Unlocking the door, he barely the avoided the guy as he ran in after him and slammed the door. Rolling his eyes, he made his way back downstairs with some caution, but noticed that most down here were to busy or inebriated to bother with him. He sighed silently in relief and took a seat at the foot of the stairs, feeling strangely drowsy again.

"So we meet again."

He would've jumped if he wasn't an Uchiha, but since he was all that he greeted his sudden companion was a raised eyebrow and scowl. Focusing his eyes, Sasuke recognized the person's features immediately; pink hair, green eyes, surreptitious smile–Sakura. She looked a bit tempting with devil horns and choppy locks, as she bit her bottom lip.


She rolled her eyes. "Whatever, Uchi–"

"COPS!" somebody yelled suddenly, as flashing lights could be seen in the front windows.

And suddenly the low-key house party descended into chaos. One girl screamed, friends were screaming for friends over the din, furniture was being pushed out of the way and a stampede flooded the stairs from the upper level. Sasuke and Sakura jetted from their spot to the back sliding glass door, while most went through the front door or the convenient window. The carpet was saturated with spilt drinks and squished as they pushed past a couple people.

Because when the cops come, it's everyone for themselves.

It was mad dash, a rat race even as the populace split off in different directions. Sasuke hoisted his partner in crime over the fence, before jumping it himself. He stood there after unsure what to do exactly, he knew that they had to keep moving no matter what but he didn't this area of Konoha for this was the first time the cops had ever crashed Ino's Halloween party. Unexpectedly, warmth found his hand and dragged him in a certain direction. Looking down, he found Sakura's hand wrapped tightly around his.

"Not too experienced at getting away from the cops, are you?" she asked nonchalantly, as they made great headway cutting across lawns and gardens. Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows, he had gotten away from the police before, and he didn't know why he had frozen up like some shitty first-timer.

His vision was beginning to blur a bit around the edges, and it worried him that he wasn't that worried about it. Sasuke realized that they had stopped running and were now at one of the main streets of Konoha, and it vaguely surprised him that Sakura had such extensive knowledge of the inner-workings of the city. He watched as she flagged down a taxi and turned him, a little concerned and waved a hand in front of his face.

"–ke... Sas–... Sasuke."

It finally dawned on him, that she was calling his name. He made a grab at her hand, stopping the back-and-forth gesture–it was making him nauseas. "What."

"I got us a taxi... are you okay? 'Cause you're swaying a bit."

"Hn," he answered her, climbing into the yellow cab.

"Well, fuck me then I guess," she bit out sarcastically – "Hey, no hanky-panky back there!," the cabby barked – Sakura closed the door behind her and settled into her seat. "Excuse me for being concerned. All I know is that your sorry ass better not pass ou–"

Sakura closed her eyes momentarily, breathed one deep breath and opened them again. Slowly, she looked to her left and was met a mess of raven hair resting on her shoulder. She almost punched him, almost.

"You've got be fucking kidding me."




Ssssssst. Ssssssssssssssssssssst.

"Whaa' the... fuck?"

Sasuke groaned quietly, shifting uncomfortably. Everything was hazy... again. It kind of felt like he was floating, but a merciless pounding in his head was slowly bringing back down to earth. Gradually, his senses welcomed him back to the world of the conscious; aching muscles, an overall heaviness in his limbs, a terrible taste in his mouth, and a dry throat. He could feel the sunlight on his eyelids, inviting him to open them.

Squinting, obsidian eyes focused on an unfamiliar ceiling. He shifted and came to realize that he didn't recognize any of his surroundings. Everything was foreign. There was the front door diagonally across from him, one bedroom to his immediate left, a kitchen to the right of the door, and a bathroom he guessed farthest from him. The door to the bathroom was cracked slightly, enough to see a little of what was going on, and an abundant amount was steam was trying to escape through the split.

That explains the noise, Sasuke thought. Someone's taking a shower...

But the question was who was taking the shower? For some odd reason, last night's events from the time he had walked into Ino's and on had been a complete blur and vague jumble of useless memories. He knew Naruto wasn't with him, because if that was the case, he wouldn't have been allowed to sleep this long. Which brought up another question...

What time was it?

Sitting up a bit more, he rested on his elbows and felt the blanket to slip down his chest. He shivered slightly. Looking down, he saw that he was bare-chested and furrowed his eyebrows. Everything was so bizarre. Not bothering to search for shirt, he ears suddenly picked up that there was silence in the small apartment. The scraping of shower curtain and dripping of a recently used faucet could be heard faintly. He saw the faint shadow of the person, then... ass. Red boy-cut undies covered the ass though, and a black lace bra could be seen as the person in question turned and was revealed to be...

Sakura and her hot, hot body.

Sasuke watched her finish getting dressed, feeling like a complete pervert but unable to look away. He observed quietly, as she slowly slipped on a pair loose but fitting bootcut jeans–giving a view of ample cleavage–and a fitted gray abovetheinfluence shirt, with the arrow pointing down. She toweled of her practically dry locks and disappeared behind the door once more.

With the spell broken, Sasuke blinked away, sat up, and almost gasped outloud. Glancing underneath the blanket he realized he wasn't wearing pants either and his mini-Sasu had decided to pitch a rather high tent in his boxer briefs while he watched Sakura. The sensation of the blanket against his tip, almost made him groan. He needed to do something about his problem and the bathroom was currently taken. And he definitely wasn't going to do it out in the open in Sakura's home.

The door swung open.

"Oh, looks like someone's finally awake."


Discreetly, Sasuke dropped the blanket to not garner attention, but it was blaringly obvious. He searched Sakura's face, waiting for the moment when she'd notice and smile knowingly. But that moment never came, and again Sasuke was surprised.

Sakura grabbed a glass filled with water and two tablet white tablets, making her way over to him. She dropped the two pills on his blanket and put the water on the carpet next to him, before walking back to her previous spot. "I'm guessing you have a headache," she explained, pouring herself a cup of coffee.

Cagily, he fingered the small circular medicine and scowled. "You're a drug dealer, don't you have anything stronger then aspirin?" he questioned.

Sakura just smiled. "Unless you're willing to pay for it, I only have aspirin."

Frowning, he popped them into his mouth and chased the taste with the entire glass of water. "I'm sure you have some questions," he heard her say and nodded.

"What happened?"

"Well, the cops showed up at Ino's and booked it out of there. You blacked out once we got in the taxi and since I don't know where you live, you had to come home with me. Once we got in here, you woke up for about two minutes insisting that you had to take off your clothes–" She saw him narrow his eyes, and grinned. "I'm not lying, you were tripping so badly. You would've been better off drinking straight tequila."

"... What do you mean?"

"I'm guessing you drank the green fruit punch." He nodded, and she giggled. "That stuff was laden with all sorts of drugs. Probably some ketamine, a little LSD, cocaine, and of course... roofies, lots of roofies."

As he absorbed this information, Sakura watched him from behind her coffee mug. She wasn't going to lie; he was a gorgeous specimen of man, with his muscular, yet lean physique and handsome features. And she had to admit, him sitting there with the blanket pooled around his hips, perfectly tussled bedhead, and clear view of upper torso made it appear as if he had just finished doing something unmentionable and completely sexy.

She smiled secretly into her coffee. "Oh, and your clothes are on top of the television."

Sasuke sought out his clothes and found them to be across the entire living room, which wasn't that big, but she was right there and he was as hard as a rock. He sighed and stood, his entire profile visible to the rosette, as he quickly retrieved his things off the TV and made his way to the bathroom as fast as possible without losing his composure.

Sakura couldn't help herself as Sasuke made his way through the kitchen.

"Hey Sasuke..."


"... is that a banana in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?"

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