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The Minister's Son

He grabbed his hand, stopping him. He wanted answers and he wanted them now. They had been racing through the countryside for hours now, pushing themselves to reach a location he did not know, for a reason he could not even begin to fathom. And to add to his displeasure, Sai had all of a sudden changed their direction completely around without giving him a reason. He was more than displeased, but he hadn't questioned him out loud though it was easy to spot his disapproval in his body language.

Then hours later, when Sai did the same thing—changing directions completely around—again without an explanation, Itachi had finally had enough. He was a patient man, but even this tested his own patience. He would not be lead around like some dog on a leash.

"Tell me what's going on," he said, black eyes on his mate.

He had had enough.

The two stood still, the moonlight shining down on them, light amidst the ever encroaching darkness. Coal black eyes stared back at the taller man.

"Let go of me," Sai replied, pulling on the hand that held his wrist, holding him in place.

"Where are you going?" Itachi asked instead. He would not be denied this time.

Again Sai pulled on the hand, but Itachi did not let go, his dark eyes never leaving his face.

Plump lips slowly turned up in a fake smile, Sai then tilted his head to the side, dark hair falling forward. "I told you before. I go where I wish," he said, not answering him at all.

The older Uchiha was not amused. "Where do you wish to go?"

"Away from you."

His eyes crinkled in fake cheer.

Dark eyes stayed blank, hiding the pain that stabbed at his heart at that statement. He did not have time to dwell on his emotions at the moment. Instead, he went over the facts. With the way they kept turning directions, he knew they weren't heading to a specific location, but following something. Who or what that was, Itachi had no idea. Unlike Sai, he had never taken Gaara's blood, so he could not track him the way Sai could, so he had no idea that his mate was following the Sand Prince. If he had… he might not have been so inclined to follow him so carelessly. He knew of the Sand Prince. Of what had happened 300 years ago.

Gaara was dangerous.

Gaara held Sai's loyalty.

Itachi had enough reason to wish for his death for those two facts alone.


… Itachi did not know Sai's reasons, his intentions.

"What—Who are you following?" he asked, in a collected voice.

Sai knew Itachi was not going to let him keep his reasons to himself this time. He knew the Uchiha would not let him go until he had the answers he wanted. With that knowledge in hand, Sai reacted accordingly.

As soon as those words left Itachi's lips, Sai completely dropped his fake cheer, and with the speed and accuracy of a well trained weapon, he attacked.

One. Two. Three.

Right shoulder. Left hip. Right knee.

As soon as he made those hits, he immediately twisted his wrist to the side, so instead of his hand remaining flat it rotated to the side, perpendicular to Itachi's hold, and thus, making it possible to yank it out of the iron grip.

As soon as he was free from his hold, Sai was already throwing a dozen shuriken at the vampire. Itachi easily dodged them, but by the time he evaded the last on—a feat that took him a total of two seconds—Sai was already gone.

Narrowing his eyes, Itachi disappeared from the clearing on his mate's trail. Sai could not—would not escape him. He chased him through the woods, gaining on the vampire, his pace almost unheard of in their kind. He was Uchiha Itachi after all. One of the strongest Weapons the Council had once boasted, but now, he was merely a pissed off mate.

This was not what Itachi had envisioned his life to be like once he found his mate. When he was young and still naïve enough to believe he would find his mate, Itachi imagined a lovely quiet woman who would listen to him, love him unconditionally. An accomplished young lady, who could stand on her own two feet, yet would still need him, yield to him. He never imagined—Sai.

An uncouth male who did what he wanted, without a single regard for him; his mate. A male who gave him nothing but fake emotions, a male who wanted nothing to do with him, cared nothing for him.

Did not love him.

A dozen meters away, he saw a flash of silver glinting in the moonlight.

A short sword, which meant…


He picked up his pace, and within moments, he slammed him through a tree, landing on the forest floor on top of him, ignoring as the tree toppled over. He pinned both of his wrists to the ground, holding him in place. He made sure to sit on top of his thighs, trapping him against himself and the ground, so he couldn't use his legs to push him off.

"You cannot run away from me," Itachi said, his voice still collected, despite the ball of emotions twisting in his gut.

Coal black eyes devoid of emotion stared back up at him, but he said nothing. Itachi waited a few minutes, keeping his mate pinned to the forest floor with his body, but still the stubborn male would not utter even one word.

"Where are you heading?"

No answer.

"Who are you following?"

No answer.

Minutes passed and Itachi waited. Waited for answers he knew would not come. As he waited, he took the time to examine his mate, he looked beautiful up close. Long lashes, perfect skin. Plump lips, a hard lean body.

And dead eyes.

He didn't want to look into his eyes, something unheard of for an Uchiha. But he knew….

Eyes are the windows to the soul…

He didn't want to confirm that his mate indeed had no soul. No emotions. No feelings.

His mate.


He wasn't strong enough to confirm that suspicion. Instead, he let his eyes roam his face, making sure not to lock eyes with him. Not now. Maybe at a later date, when he had more courage, but now… he couldn't lose him. Not so soon after finding him.

"I can take the knowledge from your mind," he said quietly, his voice soft. "You may deny my claim over you, but that doesn't change the facts. And the fact is we do have a bond. A mind link. I can take that knowledge by force if necessary," he waited for a reaction.

He found none.

"I will ask you one more time… who are you following?"

He waited.

And waited.

Coal black eyes never once blinked.

Still he waited.

No answer.

"Very well."

x x x x x x

"Is he still unconscious?" the Kazekage asked one of the Weapons he had enlisted for help.

The Weapon nodded.

"And the potion. Is it prepared as I specified?"

"It is."

The Kazekage opened his palm, a silent command.

The Weapon understood and moved forward, depositing a glass vial on his outstretched hand.

His hand curled around the item.

"Keep guard over the holding chamber. Don't let anyone in or out. I will be sending in a human soon. Let him in."

The Weapon nodded.

"You are dismissed," the Kazekage said, barely hearing a rustling of clothing as the Weapon disappeared.

Once he was alone, the Kazekage lifted the small vial, taking the time to examine the liquid inside. It was complete. And with it, his plans were coming to a close. Soon Gaara would fall victim to his own demise. The Kazekage allowed himself a smile before he pushed the double doors that lead to another chamber.

Hiashi immediately stood up when the doors opened. "Neji?" he immediately questioned.

"I have found him as I said I would."

A wave of relief washed over the Minster's face. Neji. His son. He was safe.

"Where is he?"

"He is sleeping in a nearby chamber. One of my subordinates will take you to him," he answered, watching as the Minister immediately looked at the doors looking for one of his men.


"Before you go," he said, which brought the man's attention back on him, "I would like to give you something to prevent this from happening again."

White eyes stared at him carefully; distrust lurked just below the surface.

Smart man, the vampire thought. But not smart enough.

Before the Minister could ask, the Kazekage pulled the vial from his robes, holding it out to the man. "This will break the connection Gaara has on your son. If Neji drinks this," the Minister took it from his hand. "It will sever that connection."

Hiashi stared at the vial. He knew Gaara had kidnapped his son… but a connection?

"What connection?"

So… he did not know they were mates. Interesting. He could use this to his advantage.

"Do you really think that a vampire could spend so much time with a human and not drink from them? Not feed off of them?"

He appealed to the Minister's own views on his kind. Give him what he wanted to hear and he could be used for anything.

Humans really were pathetic.

"By drinking from another for a prolonged period of time a connection is formed," the Elder explained. "This is only true if there was more than one exchange of blood. However, the stronger vampire usually has more control of it, and knowing Gaara he would want that control over your son. If Neji drinks the potion I gave you the vampire Sabaku no Gaara will no longer have a hold on your son," he whispered. "Neji will be free of him. Safe."

White eyes slowly looked back at him. "What will it do to Neji?"

Smart man.

"When the connection breaks he will feel the loss of it. It will hurt him. Not physically, but more emotionally. You have to remember that Neji is only half vampire. It will hurt him but only for a moment. He will soon get over it."

"You can go see your son, but remember. He needs to take that potion. Otherwise, Gaara will always have a hold on him."

Hiashi nodded and left.

Humans… so easy to manipulate.

x x x x x x

A bullet of sand raced through the woods, destroying anything that got in its way. Inside the sand, a red haired vampire desperately tried to call out to his mate.

Neji was unconscious. Ever since he'd first sensed him, Gaara had tried call out to him, but Neji had been to far gone in dark emotions to hear his call.

What had happened?

It was the one question that ran through is head as he raced back to him, and when he'd reached the place…


The bullet of sand instantly dispersed as soon as he reached the place he had last sensed his mate. He couldn't sense Neji anymore, not like he could before. Something was blocking him. He didn't know what, but it was enough to stop him from speaking to him, or locating him.

His sands crashed into the surrounding trees in seething rage, an outlet to his darkening emotions. He called his sand back into his gourd and once they returned back to his gourd, teal eyes immediately took in the rest of the damage of what was left of the clearing.

What had done this?

But as soon as those thoughts left him, he sensed them.

Three Weapons, each scattered around the clearing.

His eyes narrowed. Weapons. He knew who must of sent them, his sand swirled in anger inside his gourd an outlet to his darkening emotions. He didn't waste his time. He went to the first Weapon, a long-haired male covered in blood, slashes all over his body. Without an ounce of kindness Gaara grabbed Haku's dark hair and lifted him up.

"Where is Hyuuga Neji?"

Haku was still reeling from the half-breed's attack his mind was muddled; confused. The light. It had been everywhere. Blinding.

It cut through everything.

His head lolled to the side, as he fell unconscious once again. Teal eyes grew cold and he dropped the man without a second glance, already going to the next one. Another bloody one, this time short orange spiky hair, he looked worse off than the last one. He was unconscious Gaara noted, but he could hear his heartbeat. It was slow but still steady. He walked to his side thinking of shaking him awake when a voice broke through the silence.

"… don't."

Teal orbs flicked to the side, locking onto a white-haired male. He was bloody too, probably lost a lot of blood.

"Where is Hyuuga Neji?" Gaara immediately asked, his attention diverted from the other man as he headed for the conscious one.

Kimimaro looked over at Juugo, relief flooding his system as he felt his mate, he was unconscious, but he was still there. Their bond was still in tact.

He was alive.

But he didn't have much time to think on it because Gaara was soon on him and those cold eyes waited for an answer. He knew who he was.

The Sand Prince.

He had fought against him all those years ago. He knew his power, his aura. Even if he wasn't half dead he was no match for him, and Juugo... he had no choice but to protect his mate as best he could. If the demon wanted them dead, there was nothing he could do about it, especially not in this state.

He wanted his mate.

He could understand that, and Kimimaro was not about to lose his own mate for anyone else, especially for an Elder that had left them without a second glance after having found them. They had been under their orders, had attacked the half-breed under their orders and he hadn't even sparred them a glance. He knew the Kazekage, knew how cruel he could be, but this… he had left them behind to die. Juugo had taken a direct hit, he had been mortally injured and if it hadn't been for his own strength of will and persistence, he would have lost him. His mate had been in too much pain to stay, but Kimimaro had been in his mind, had begged him not to go and when that didn't work, he outright forced him to stay. He was strong, stronger than most and he had been desperate. He sustained his mate, pouring his own power through their bond, until his own healing powers slowly started to kick in. And now, they were both drained.

Kimimaro took a moment to catch his breath, he was injured. Badly. He wouldn't die, but that didn't mean it hadn't been close, and combined with the amount of his own power he'd give his mate, he was more than useless right now. He couldn't protect Juugo, hadn't been able too before either.

That attack—the Half-Breed.

He was a monster.

"The Kazekage," Kimimaro began.

Gaara narrowed his eyes. That man. He should have known he was behind this. His hands fisted at his sides, restraining himself—barely.

"He took the half-breed," he finished, but Gaara's cold stare never wavered. "That's—" a small coughing fit cut off his words. He spat out some blood—internal bleeding he noted. Ignoring the blood that he spit out, Kimimaro continued. "That's all I know."

Gaara hadn't wasted his time. He had the information he needed, without a word, he called his sand, and once it encased him, the bullet of sand, sped through the woods in the same direction as before.

End Flashback

x x x x x x

The Minister was allowed entrance into the room by the Weapon keeping guard over his son. He was in a strange room, had an almost ritualistic feel to it, runes on the floor, on the walls, everywhere, and laid out on top of an altar was his son. He lay perfectly still, and for a moment, Hiashi thought the worst, until he saw his chest rise and fall. He was unconscious, his white robes smeared with blood. The Minister immediately went to his side, and checked for any wounds. Finding none, he visibly relaxed. It wasn't his blood… but then whose?

"Neji?" He shook his shoulder, a bit. "Neji you have to wake up," he coaxed. "I need you to take something for me," he said pulling out the small glass vial he'd gotten from the Kazekage.


He waited a few minutes, but his son remained unconscious. He was about to call out to him when he felt the room shake, the force of it knocking him aside, dust from up above fell on the ground.

"What was that?!"

He turned toward the door, ready to ask the guard what had happened when another strong tremor made him lose his footing again.

What was happening?

He could hear voices outside, people running, loud orders being given out. He swiftly went to the door and looked out, the guard to the chamber was busy giving out orders, though he did turn to him in warning.

"What's happening?" Hiashi asked.

The Weapon looked at him for a moment, before he turned around to give more orders. When he was done, he sparred the human a glance.

"An attack. Get back inside," and with that he caught the attention of another small group, information being distributed between the two. Hiashi didn't waste his time, he went back inside, long legs carrying him to his son's side.

An attack he had said. By who?

Sabaku no Gaara?

He shook his head. It couldn't possibly be him. This was the vampire stronghold. Were their leaders resided. He couldn't possibly attack this place. But even as he assured himself, he was still feeling weary.

He didn't know what to do? Wait for Neji to wake up or give him the potion now? Could he even drink it in his unconscious state?

Another tremor, more cries, more orders, more rubble falling down.

He made his decision.

If he waited that vampire would track his son down and find him. He couldn't allow that. He had already taken him once, he wouldn't let him take him again. Making up his mind, Hiashi cupped the back of Neji's head using it to prop him up a little. Pushing the cork off with his thumb, Hiashi slowly poured a few drops into his mouth, being careful not to choke him. Another tremor and the Minister swayed with his son in hand. He ignored it and kept feeding the potion to him.

Slowly, he poured the liquid down his throat and when the last of it was gone he put the vial to the side, pushing his son's hair away as he held him. He stayed in that position for a few minutes before he noticed Neji's hand move.

"Neji?" he said, looking down at his son.

"Neji I—"

Before he could finish the sentence, Neji snapped awake, eyes wide in horror as one word burst from his lips.


The unimaginable grief already setting in as his bond with his mate was severed.

x x x x x x

"Oh no," the words left the wide-eyed male as he backed away from the walls of the fortress. "It's—It's…"

"What's wrong?" another guard called out, wondering why the guard was stepping away from the front wall like he'd seen a demon. He went to his side when he received no answer.

"What did you see?"

"The Sand Prince…" the first guard gulped, his hand shaking. The other guard immediately stopped in his tracks his face paling. "He's come again."

And that was the last words that left his mouth as he was pushed aside by the captain of the guard who had heard his words. The man peered over the wall, hands gripping the solid stone as he caught sight of that familiar yet horrifying sight of a sphere of sand, screeching through the land like a bullet.

Just like before.

It took him all of three seconds to finally get his head together and another two seconds to call out orders—much too long for someone of his experience, for someone who was used to snapping orders out at a moment's notice.




After the orders were given out, the men stopped in place, silence reigned before it finally settled it and then they were running to their posts, their throats all but dried out.

"The Sand Prince!"


"Get To Your Posts!"

"We're All Dead…"

These and many other snippets of words could be heard as the mass of confusion set in. They were trained guards, some of the best, but this, they had gone through this before. They knew they could do nothing and just as those thoughts ran through their heads, they heard the beginning of the end, the same sound as 300 years ago.

Immediately one of the younger guards ran to the main wall, looking over it.



An ocean of it.

Meters behind the bullet of sand, a wave of sand had risen from the ground, moving at top speed, ready to crash straight into the main wall of the fortress itself.


And then the bullet hit the wall, its momentum strong enough to pierce straight through the solid rock, moments later the waves of sand hit them, drenching everything in darkness.

In Sand.

Inside the sphere, Gaara directed the sand, giving it a single command.


The fortress would fall.

He would take back his mate by force and crush everything in his wake.

As soon as the bullet of sand pierced through the wall, it turned directions and hit the ground, grinding everything in its wake into dust, into sand. It went straight down, burying deep inside the fortress. He knew the top level was only the beginning. Deep underground, beneath the fortress was the true sanctuary.

And Gaara's sand burrowed through the layers of earth—of rock, and moved down into the depths of the Fortress where the Elders lived. Where Neji was. He could feel his presence, but still he could not locate him. Their bond was being interrupted.

Cold teal eyes narrowed.

Not for long.

He pushed through the earth until he reached the lower levels, broke through the walls until he found a familiar passage, and followed it, using his memories to steer through the maze of the underground until he reached the familiar double doors.

His Father's chambers.

He blasted through the double doors of his chamber, the Weapons guarding it were buried in sand, constrained by it, crushed by it. He would not have them interfere.

When the doors were blasted open the Kazekage turned around, his robes fluttering behind him as his door was literally torn off its hinges.


His eyes darkened. He didn't run, it was beneath him. He simply stood where he was, his eyes on the swirling sands, and watched as that sphere of sand slowly started to open up, watched as a red haired male stepped outside.

He mentally grinned. He had left his sphere of protection.


"Sabaku no Gaara," the Kazekage called out. "A dramatic entrance as always… my son."

The sand swirling behind him crashed into the walls, tearing them down in protest at being called that name by THAT Man.

The Kazekage raised an elegant eyebrow. "Have you come to destroy this place like you did before?"

"That was you!" Gaara immediately snapped, the sands crashing around the Kazekage, wrapping around his foot, his leg.

"That's what you say, my dear son," the Kazekage bit out, feeling the sand scraping off his skin. He didn't make an outward sign of discomfort though.

"Hyuuga Neji. Where is he?!" he growled. He would not play this game. He had come for his mate. He would kill his father afterwards.

The Kazekage smiled, a venomous smile. "He should be getting his medicine just about now." His eyes flared in amusement. "Tell me Gaara…" he took a step forward, ignoring the sands that were making him bleed. "Can't you still feel him?"

As soon as those words left his mouth, teal eyes widened. Gaara staggered back as he felt something rip through him, cut him in half, ripped away part of his soul.

And then…


x x x x x x

"Sabaku no Gaara," Itachi said venomously. "He's the one you've been following."

Sai stared at him. But said nothing.

They were standing in the forest, Itachi having let go of him once he had extracted the information he needed.

Itachi looked at him for a long moment before he finally spoke.

"We are going back to the Uchiha compound," he stood up. " This was a mistake."


His first words in hours. Itachi turned to face him.

Sai stared back at him with those blank eyes. "I have to help him."

Dark eyes narrowed, bleeding into red.

"You do not!"


Sai stared at him, surprised by the intensity of those words. He hadn't thought the Uchiha was capable of such strong emotions, but then again, he wasn't one to judge.

"He saved my life."

Itachi turned to him, stepping close until he was towering over him.

Sai continued, not intimidated. "I have to help him."

Red eyes stared back at him, Sharigan spinning.

Sai stared back. "Use your Sharigan on me and take me back by force, and I will never recognize your claim."

Slow breaths.





Itachi was using all of his willpower not to lash out at those words. His own unstable emotions hitting his mate, in response, Sai staggered back a bit as a menacing aura rolled off the taller man and crashed into him in waves.

Rage. Fury. Anguish.

He could feel them all, but he never turned his gaze away. Their eyes locked.

A minute passed in silence before Itachi felt he had enough control to talk.

"After this is over, you will return to the Uchiha compound with me."


A hand instantly snapped out grabbing onto Sai's right hip, but before Sai could protest, he was instantly yanked forward, his lips crashing into Itachi's in a bruising kiss as the older Uchiha's control finally snapped and he took what was rightfully his.

Waves of unknown emotions poured into his mind through their bond. His knees giving out from the force of both Itachi's emotions and his dominating kiss. But before Sai fell, Itachi broke the kiss, easily catching his mate. He looked down at him. "We will find him. Help him, then I will claim you as mine."

Sai opened his mouth to say something but Itachi stopped him by placing a single finger on his lips. "Say one more word and I'll claim you right here," he leaned down, dangerously close. "Right now."

Sai stayed silent.

x x x x x x





Gaara was out of control, the demon inside—Shukaku—dangerously close to the surface. It was just the same as back then, the vessel thought. It was happening all over again. And this time he couldn't control it.


Another wave of anguish hit him. The severed bond like a gaping wound in his heart, tearing him apart. He couldn't stand it. He was destroying everything in his agony.


He knew it well. Embraced it.

And then he sensed it.

His Father's escape.

The beasts snarled in in uninhibited fury, and he took off after him, annihilating everything in his way.

x x x x x x

What a beautiful sight, the Kazekage thought as he watched his son lose control, saw the Shukaku slowly breaking loose. This time he would get him. This time he would take him down.

While Gaara fought with is anguish, fought against the demon inside, fought against his despair—his grief—the Kazekage left, heading toward the chamber that held his son's mate. And just as Gaara' caught wind of his escape, he was blowing the doors open to the chamber that held Neji.

He needed to hurry.

When he blasted into the room, he found the Minister desperately trying to comfort the half-breed. He would have laughed if the had the time for it, instead he moved to the male's side, slapping the Minister aside. His usefulness had ended. Hiashi hit the wall and crumpled on the floor, unmoving.

The Kazekage didn't spare him a glance, and soon was at Neji's side, slamming the grieving vampire back onto the altar, his hand pulling out a sharp dagger just as Gaara and all his sand crashed into the holding chamber.


The bond between mates was strong, stronger than any known force in their world.

Strong enough to stop a raging beast in its tracks.

On seeing his mate still alive, Gaara stopped momentarily, his eyes immediately locking onto Neji's just before the Kazekage slit his throat in front of his eyes. His momentary lapse giving his father enough time to slide that sharp dagger across his throat and before his raging sand reached him, the Kazekage slammed the dagger through is heart, the sands crashing into him moments before he reached his goal.

And Kazekage was thrown across the room, hitting the wall at top speed, the sand crushing him in place, but his son was in too much shock to properly finish him off, and the Elder wasted no time. He called out to his Weapons.


Moments later, the entire room lit up. Runes sparkling to life. Trapping the suffering demon.


The Weapons who had been standing by even with all the chaos around them, started the ancient chant, each pouring their power into the seal.

And Gaara raged within the seals as he desperately held onto his dying mate as the sand created a sand storm within the room, but slowly, the sand was pushed back by an invisible shield until they were pushed all the way back to a circle of powerful seals encircling the altar, confined inside that space and unable to attack those outside the barrier.

And inside the barrier, shielded by his sand from all prying eyes the two men stared at each other, Gaara's tears falling like an endless river onto Neji's cheeks as his mate's blood seeped into his sand.

Unable to talk, and looking paler by the minute, Neji had enough strength to lift his hand, gently cupping Gaara's cheek, as he coughed up blood.

"G-Ga-arra," pale eyes that were quickly losing focus, looked up lovingly. "My… mate."

And Gaara felt his heart break with those three words. He was losing him. He could feel it. He needed to do something. But it hurt too much. He couldn't think. His mate was dying in his arms, and he couldn't do anything about it. All his powers, and he couldn't do anything to save the one life he'd give anything for. He raged inside his sealed cage, feeling powerless as his mate quickly lost consciousness, his head lolling to the side as his heart started to slow down.

Gaara cried out in agony as his heart literally broke.

And the sand swirled around them for what seemed like hours but was really only minutes. It crashed into the seals over and over until a flare of unimaginable power disrupted the runes for a moment, but the raging sands did not pour out as everyone present thought they would, instead they remained in the confined space, creating a temporary Haven for the lost couple until the disruption ended and the Weapons were able to finish the incantation.

The spell complete.

x x x x x

Two dark haired males stood outside the fortress in silence.

Everything was covered in sand.

"Itachi," Sai finally broke the silence.

"Let's go," the Uchiha said as he headed for the once great fortress. He had said he would help the demon prince.

Sai walked after him.

Using their years of training, cunning minds, and mixing in a bit of luck, the two managed to get through the chaos that was the Elder's Sanctuary until they managed to find the chamber that held Sabaku no Gaara no more than an hour ago.

All that remained was his dead mate on the altar, probably forgotten in the need to lock up the Sand Prince in his new prison.

Sai walked up to the Minister's Son, his eyes on his face for a long moment before he turned to Itachi.

"We should bury him."

Itachi nodded, moving forward to carry out the male himself. They couldn't stay long. He was sure someone would come to dispose of the body soon enough.

When he reached the man lying as still as death, he moved to take him into his arms when something stopped him, his tattered bloodied robes, once pristine white had a large hole just above his heart. But that was not what had stopped the Ex-Weapon. Just above the wound that had taken his life, a single red mark stood out on the pale skin.

The Kanji Ai.


Itachi stared at the symbol wondering why it was there before Sai's voice broke through his curiosity.

"I found a human. He's alive."

Itachi nodded. "We take him too."

He then bent down to pick up the body of the only half-breed to have ever existed as his mate picked up the human. The two made it out, and reached the edge of the woods before they were detected. They walked into the forest, disappearing with the two bodies, and behind them…

Far off into the distance, nothing but sand could be seen, covering up the once looming Fortress.


The Sand Prince.

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