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18 reasons to leave you

8 the people who advise me to leave you

500 reasons why I should hate you, you cold bastard

14 samples of you hairs that cut me like kunai's

81 times I said I could leave you with no regrets

80 times I ran back to you

24 hour i waited for you to apologize

48 i cried because you didn't

7 freaking Mondays in one week

30 winters in this month with out you

31 days until I went to look for you

3 knocks on the door before you opened

5 minutes for our clothes to be discarded

1 week before we were seen again, by our friends

2 very tired people

31 gifts you gave me one for each day we were apart

1 time I was mistaken in this summary of numbers

81 times I ran back to you

I was going to make it depressing but this just somehow made me feel better so here it is hope you liked it.