A/N: 500 word drabbles. Done a -really-long time ago back in 2007. Don't own one piece, naturally.

Ace Centric.

Look He Rises

He can't help but stare out into sea under the scorching rays of the sun, the chilling cold of night, and the clear breezy skies when adventure and danger co-existed in playful banter. Together the two laughed as drinks pitched together in traditional Kanpai fashion and cried against each other's arms when blood spilt needlessly in its wake. It was the knowing that worried the elder brother of the infamous captain of the Straw Hat crew. Under the fiery exterior personality where his patience ran thin he couldn't help but wonder every now and then whether upon sand, ice, water, or ground if his little bro still breathed the same air he did.

'He's strong Ace. Don't you worry about him and focus on your task. Remember Luffy has his own crew he commands and in turn gets the respect he deserves,' though the latter turned out to be a stranger form of respect he found traveling in Alabasta. After all those years though his bro still gave the wide contagious smile he loved and held no shame being ridiculed by fellow friends and enemies. Possessing such a strong resolve to endure anything was what really made a pirate. Ideals and glory seeking came only after they find a desire. Without those the journey hard fought un doubtfully suppressed the weak to be mere prey for the hardened sea dogs to feast upon.

He was eternally glad Luffy kept to his own ideals and beliefs.

Steadily a frown made its way to Ace's face. Since birth Ace had always, always been at his brothers side no matter what. Looking back on the days when his brother came back to the house for being called names, pertaining to his recent eating of the devil fruit with tears streaming down his young face. It had been a sight Ace couldn't forget even if he tried. He vowed from then on to take vengeance on anyone who made his little brother cry. He quickly found himself being used for every wrong Luffy was falsely accused of. At the rate it had been going Luffy would have lost all self-confidence as he relied too much on him and not enough in his own inner strength.

"And look…. how beautifully the phoenix has risen and will continue to rise," pride swelled inside Ace so powerfully he blamed the watering in his eyes on the scorching yellow ball in the sky. He truly believed when Luffy and him crossed paths again that it would be a fight to remember throughout all of grand line.

And the time when Luffy defied all reasons and became the self acclaimed Pirate King.