Parenting Pandemonium

by: swapai munchkin

Summary: Alice people now are rapidly decreasing in number, as a result, the Higher Ups came up with a stupid yet electrifying solution to increase their population. R&R

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Chapter 1: Help!

Population was never really regarded as a problem, but now, it is.

On Mikan's year, the high school year, there are only more or less than 25 students that still has their alices. Even elementary students are short in number. And what's worse, the type of alices that they have are the ones that loses power when they become older.

So the Higher Ups are now focusing to solve this problem and are now discussing things between themselves on how to solve this problem.

"This is really a very serious problem. People of our kind our now decreasing in number!" the High School principal bellowed with a scornful face.

"What can we do? We can't command on what type of alices that they could have when they are born. Furthermore, Alice people are now marrying normal people, as a result, their offsprings barely had any alice at all." the Middle School Principal said with a worn-out face.

"What's the fuss? Shouldn't we be thankful that our expenses would be lessened to it's extent?" the youngest of the group, the elementary principal said.

"You're just a child so you wouldn't be able to understand this problem!"

"So what? Shouldn't we be thankful that expenses would be lessened, as I said a while ago?"

"Our kind is nearing extinction! In other words, we're endangered species. It's something to be worried about!"

"Then let them mate to produce more offsprings!" the elementary principal with an air of arrogance, as though what he said is just nothing.

Both older principals held their breaths, what he said could definitely be the solution to their present situation.

So they bowed their heads together and whispered their plans.


"Good morning, little birds!" an auburn-haired lady said to particularly nothing and nobody as she woke up with a start and stretched her arms.

"Shut up, polka. You're destroying such beautiful silence." a manly voice said irritatedly, which is beside her in the bed.

Mikan froze and realized that --

"Why am I not in my own room?!" she shrieked.

"Give it a rest will you? You slept in front of your door, you idiot!" Natsume said soberly while rubbing his ears.

Then she reminisced what happened the night before.

The reason why she slept in front of her door...

Then it occured to her... She forgot her key...

"Oh," Mikan said, resigned. "Thanks by the way for letting me sleep here." she thanked Natsume and got out of his bed.

She's still wearing her school uniform which is now crumpled. She straightened it with her hands so it looked like it was just newly ironed.

"Thanks again..." she bowed her head and proceeded towards the door after hearing Natsume say "Hn".

When she opened his door, a senior, which is unfortunately a Natsume-Ruka Fans Club member and happened to be a High School student like them, happened to pass by.

Her eyes bulged out from its sockets and her jaw dropped.

"Sakura-- did-- Natsume--" she stuttered, aghast.

"What?" Mikan asked, for she didn't really catch what she was trying to say and approached.

And without further ado, the girl shrieked at the top of her lungs.


"What the hell?" Mikan stood rooted at her spot, still suffering from shock.

Natsume went out of his room to see what's happening with only his pajama's, that made the matter worse.

More girls gathered around the girl who's shouting pathetically. It turned out that her name was Romilda.

Because of the large crowd, Jin-jin decided to look at the commotion going about.

"What's the commotion all about?" Jinno thundered acting high and almighty.

"Sir, Mikan Sakura did acts of laciviousness to Natsume!"Romilda said, unabashed. It appeared that Mikan is the bad girl here now.

"Jin-jin! NO! I can explain.. I--" Mikan tried to explain but then she was cut off.

"It's okay" Jinno said.

"I--" Mikan tried to argue, but then she realized what Jinno had just said. "WHAT?!"

"I said it's okay! I don't want to repeat myself. And may you hurry up you lot, classes are starting soon." he said to the snake-like and scandalous looks of girls which he ignored and he made out his way to his room.


"As you all have been wondering, why I let Sakura flirt with Natsume, is because of the new order imposed by the Higher Ups and will be implemented ONLY on the High School Level." he said as he got a very long parchment-like paper and showed it to the class.

The class gathered close to the paper that Jinno was holding and fell silent for a while before...


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