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Chapter 3- The show.

Marie, the nurse took her nightly rounds around the hospital until she came to the very last room she was tasked to check.

She knocked 3 times and entered the room, surprised to see that the light on the room was dim. The door suddenly closed and two pairs of hands tore her nurse uniform into pieces and also her undergarments leaving her with nothing.

"Ahh!" she screamed in terror, especially when stranger 1 mounded her breasts while fiddling her nipples. Stranger 2 on the other hand, fingered her while licking her clits, making her extremely wet.
When they were satisfied, stranger 2 brutally forced her to go on all fours and he slammed unto the nurse's ass. stranger 1 kneeled in front of the nurse so when stranger 2 pumped in, the nurse would be forced the fully take the length of stranger 1 in her mouth.

She was about to cum when...


"Oh damn it, my panty's wet again," the real Marie woke up from her wet dream and proceeded to the bathroom while making introduction.

Hi, I'm Marie, a Nurse at the Kotou Medical Hospital. Being a nurse is my dream and sometimes, I use my body to the doctors so that I won't be kicked off the hospital.


Mikan stared wide-eye at the screen. She could feel wet under her panty just by the first part of the show.


Marie then dressed and went into the hospital.

"Marie, you were being called by the head director." a nurse said. Marie then proceeded to the room to come face to face with a mature yet a handsome guy.

"Lock the door," he said. Just that simple statement and Marie immediately knew why she was being called for.

The director sat on the sofa with his legs spread wide open. He didn't need to instruct Marie on what to do.

Marie unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants and brief and his cock bobbed up and down. Marie took the length unto her mouth and sucked it up and down. While the director grunted.

"Why so early, director?" Marie said while continuing to blow job him.

"Morning sickness," the doctor said as an excuse. He then pushed Marie's head away from her cock and ushered her to seat down in front of him since the sofa is big enough to accomodate 2 people to seat in front of each other.

Their current postion right now is that the director was on the back while Marie was in front of him, facing the same direction the director was.

The director then grabbed her right breast with her left hand as his right hand threatened to enter the small gap between her legs.

"I really like it when you don't wear a bra," he said. "The clothe's on the way," he added as he unbuttoned her upper buttons enough to release her mounds. He then grabbed it and moved it in a circular motion while gradually fiddling her nipples. His right hand succeeded as it found it's way on her core and is now pumping a finger, Marie's not so wide legs opened further as she pushed her hips outside as to let him gain more access on her pussy.

"ooohhhh" she moaned breathless as she threw her head backward, on the director's shoulders with a flushed face when he inserted 2 fingers and his left hand is now busy fiddling her left breast.

"You never fail to arouse me," he said as he could feel his member standing up.

"Director, I'm about to cum!" Marie hackled.

"Oh no you don't, not yet." he said as he pulled down her panty and threw it on the carpet. He raised her and slammed her in his.

"aaah!!" Marie screamed in delight as she went up and down, increasing her pace.

"That's right, that's it, yes." the director said while his sex drive is intense.

"Director, I'm about to cum!" Marie said with a look of pity on her face.

"Not yet, I still can't feel my momentum," he said. Marie pushed a little more, controlling the urge to cum. When the director could now feel the heat, he brutally placed his hands on her hips and slammed her with much force that Marie was having a hard time to control her cum.

"aaahhh ahhhh ahhhh" she screamed loudly at every slam her hips could make.

"I'm coming," he said and after a couple of seconds, the director screamed as he cummed his seeds inside her womb, Marie followed suit.

Marie then lied helplessly on the floor, panting.

"Thank goodness, now it's over," she said softly while panting.

"That's what you thought," the director said as he crawled unto her, spread her legs wide open and licked her.

"ooohhh director, did your wife did bad last night? ooohhh"

"yes" was his only simple reply and they did it up to 3 rounds with different positions.

Mikan watched their breathless, she really felt hot down there.

After the passionate love making, the director gave her an envelope full of money. She's always rewarded for the "extra services" that she made. On her way to the nurse's station, she noticed a good looking patient getting wild as the doctors tried to stop him until he got on his room.

When he was placed on his room, a doctor approached Marie and said that she was tasked to be assigned on the patient to be checked on the night.


She knocked on the door and went inside the patients room.

"Hello, Mr. Kusanagi isn't it?"


"Are you feeling hurt anywhere?"

"Yes, my whole body hurts."

And with this statement, Marie immediately ran towards him and asked him what she could render him.

"Are you willing to render anything?" Kusanagi said, in fairness he's a good looking person with about a year older Marie.

"Yes, I'm a nurse and my task is to give relief to patients!" she said energetically, more like Mikan-ish way.

"Then, could you relieve this feeling right now?" he said as he lowered his pajama and his cock then came standing.

Marie's eyes widened, she never let a patient to be able to use her body, but then seeing that it is the only medicine to his agony.

She agreed.

"If this could relieve you" she said as she sucked the head of the penis first and then she took it fully on the mouth.

Kusanagi then moaned and grunted, when the heat is starting to get out of him. He then threw Marie on the bed, Marie on the other hand closed his legs tightly so he won't see her thong.

Kusanagi then urged her to open her legs while his hands tried to separate her legs.

"No, Kusanagi-kun. It's not part of our contract! I didn't agree on this!"

"I thought you'll give me relief?"

Kusanagi succeeded in spreading her legs as he kissed her inner thigh going up and up.

He then stopped when his face was in front of her panty.

"Hmmm.. I really like this smell, so young," he said as he pulled down her panty and licked her inside out.

Marie can't help but to moan loudly, after all, it was her favorite when somebody licks her core. She can't help but feel all giddy. She cummed once but Kusanagi won't stop and it's torture for her, she could feel her hole twitching and aching for a cock. So without warning, Kusanagi slammed unto her.

"So tight," he said as he closed his eyes, feeling her inner walls around him. "But I have the feeling that you always do this"

"Yes, I just recently did it this morning," she didn't deny as she panted. "Your good in bed!" she complimented him when he unbuttoned her and started sucking her breasts.

Marie cummed twice but still Kusanagi isn't coming.

"You have high tolerance in sex!" she shouted as Kusanagi slammed hard on her, feeling that he was about to come, and he did, after a couple of minutes.

He then lay sprawled on the bed beside Marie.

"Thanks, Miss Nurse." he said as he slept.

Marie just can't help but smile. He has high tolerance on sex but he has weak stamina.

Marie then put her panty on and braised herself. She also fixed Kusanagi who is now sleeping in bed.

She went out of the room and headed to the nurse's station when someone buzzed.

"Miss Marie could you come in here for a while?" a female voice said in the speaker.

"Ok, I'll be coming Ms. Paola" Marie replied as she walked to her office. Paola is a female doctor.

"Please lock the door, we have something important to talk about," she said as she sipped the cup of coffee.

"Please sit down. What do you want? Tea or coffee?" Paola offered.

"No thanks" Maried refused the offer.

"I'll be getting straight to the point, I know what you did this morning and a while ago." Paola said while directly looking her eyes on Marie.

Marie can't be helped but be shocked. Now that somebody knew what she has been doing, then she would be kicked out of the hospital.

"I know, what you're thinking. But I guess it would be a little merciless if I try to kick you out of this hospital," Paola said, placing down her coffee cup.

"What can I do so I could stay in this hospital?" Marie begged pleadingly.

"What I would ask from you is a little of your time," she whispered seductively in Marie's ears.


It gave creeps to Mikan.


Paola then kissed Marie fully on the lips. Marie couldn't help but feel grossed as she saved all her strength and push Paola away.

Paola then laughed and gave her a choice.

"Do you want to stay in this hospital?

"But... But you're a girl for God's sake!"

"I don't care"

"Well, I just love this hospital so I would rather choose, you." Marie said as she blushed.

"Drink this," Paola said as she gave her the coffee cup. Marie obliged and after a few seconds, her body started to feel hot.

"Is this a sex enhancer?" Marie said as her forehead has very big sweat.

"Yes," Paola smirked and got a dildo from her cabinet.

Marie tried to reach for it, "Let me just borrow for a while," she said weakly but Paola grabbed it out of her reach.

"Masturbate in front of me," she said imperiously.

Seeing that she has no other choice, she stripped off all the clothe's she's wearing, Paola smirked when she could see the cum on her high white stockings.

"Then please excuse me for giving dirt on your carpet," Marie said as she threw away her clothes at the side and lied on the carpet.

"I don't really mind,"

Marie then began to fiddle her own breasts and inserted 2 fingers wholly in her core while the 3rd finger brushed her clits. She can't control her moans and let it all out. Being under the stem of an aphrodisiac was not easy.

Marie can't help but feel embarrassed, she was doing such immorality in front of someone. Paola enjoyed the show and seeing how Marie's face was so flushed.

When Marie cummed. Paola removed all her clothes and crawled above Marie.

"The director always told me that I couldn't give him pleasure as much as you do, and now I'll see if this is true." Paola said as she kissed Marie and they engaged in a tongue fight.


"Yuck!" Mikan can't help but feel grossed.


Paola fiddled Marie's breast while licking her earlobe.

"So, you also did it with the director?" Marie said, she was having a hard time speaking since pleasure was overpowering her.

"Yes," Paola said as she sucked Marie's left breast.

Marie moaned wildly.

After a while, Paola sucked Marie's core. Marie can't help but shout at times, she's doing her favorite.

Paola then switched to a 69 position.

"Please do it also with me, Marie" Paola pleaded and she continued licking Marie's core.

Marie then tried to lick Paola's, surprisingly, she got the knack of it that Paola just can't help but shout loudly.

After a while, they stopped, Paola picked up the dildo and fingered Marie's pussy with 3 fingers, when her core adjusted, she slowly inserted the very big dildo inside Marie's core. And pushed it in and out of Marie. When she saw the Marie is now the one pumping in and out of the dildo, Paola then spread her legs wide open and inserted the other side of the dildo in her pussy, she can't help but groan. The dildo was just too big.

And now, their bodies started to move in synch with the dildo in the middle of them, they pumped and pumped until they released and that's when they ended.

What they fail to notice is that 7 pairs of eyes were watching them.

Marie then started to feel exhausted, she had sex 3 times in a short span of 8 hours, and she was scheduled in a 32 hour shift and was assigned to be on guard on a ward with 7 males who is almost done with the recovery.

She walked up the ward and introduced herself.

"Hello minna-san. I'm Marie, your nurse for the whole night, if ever you have something to ask then please tell me." she said with a smile and she failed to notice a patient locking the door of the ward.

The next thing Marie knew, she was being attacked and was now naked on the floor.

"Hey what are you doing?!" Marie hissed angrily.

"We saw you doing "it" with Doctor Paola, if you want us to keep quiet then follow our orders," a patient said.

Marie can't help but keep quiet. She glanced at the clock and saw that it's 1 o clock in the dawn, still 8 more ours till her scheduled off.

That night, she became a sex toy in the ward.

"Ok I agree. But please don't tell anyone what I did and what we will do," Marie negotiated.

The boys immediately agreed and boy 1 sat on a chair with his cock standing. They let her seat on him, his cock entering her ass.

Marie can't help but twitch her face in pain. She was still a virgin in her ass. Once the cock entered her ass, they guy immediately guided her hips on pumping, after 5 minutes, boy2 entered his cock on her core, Marie was on ecstacy mode when they pumped in synch, she can't help but shout loudly, with 2 cocks inside her, it's impossible not to.

The 5 others who were watching felt envious of the two as they approached Marie and found their places.

boy 3 rotated Marie's head to the side and placed his cock in her mouth, drowning her loud moans. boy 4 sucked her left breast while boy 5 sucked her right.

Marie opened her eyes and saw that boy 6 and 7 can't feast her body so she urged them to be by her side, boy6 on the right and boy 7 on her left, she then grabbed their dick and hand jobbed it while continuing to blowjob boy 3's cock.

After boy 1 and 2 cummed 4 times inside her, they insist that they should rest and needed substitution.

Boy 3 took the place of being below Marie as his cock was inserted on her ass. Boy 4 was the one in front of Marie, inserting his cock in her core. Boy 5 placed his dick in Marie's mouth, boy 6 on her left breast and boy7 on her right breast.

Since she has no one to hand job, she just busied her hands by clutching boy 6 and 7's hair and pushed them deeper into her breasts in which they happily obliged.

She can't take it anymore, she's so exhausted, and without caring of the bastards that's having a feast around her body, she slept.

She woke up and glanced at the clock, it's already 4:30 in the morning but still, it's still boy 6 and 7's turn to be inside her pumping up and down, she was still in the same position before she slept, she glanced around him and saw that the other boys were knocked out. Her eyes were still drooping and without warning, she slept again and fell into a very deep slumber.

Marie woke up feeling numb, her body hurts, and she has a very sore vagina and ass. She looked around her and saw that this is not her room, she glanced at the clock and saw that it is already 10 pm in the evening. She's been unconscious for that long?

Someone then opened the door and saw that it was Ms. Paola...

"Good evening, Marie" she said.

"What happened?" she asked.

Paola then explained that she's lucky that she's the one who found her first. She's the one who cleaned up the mess and fixed things in order before Marie would be in deep trouble.

"Thank you so much Paola! I'll do anything to pay you back!" Marie said gratefully.

"Well, you know what to do," Paola said in a seductive way.

And the night ended with Marie being exhausted again.


Mikan stood there rooted on the spot. A very dreary realization hit her.

So that's how to make a baby.

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